1. Ricco says

    They are right, it does get better, but not by going to a Brigham Young University, where gays are not respected. You cannot kiss in front of the Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City without being assaulted by Mormon thugs . . . so while there are confused young gay Mormon men telling you it gets better . . . you would be well advised, young gay people, to steer clear of the Mormon church.

  2. HomoMomo says

    As a gay BYU alum, I can honestly say, I never thought I would see the day when coming out wouldn’t get you expelled, disfellowshiped and or sitting in front of an honor code hearing. Kudos Cougars and alies!

  3. Joey Y says

    While I agree that BYU isn’t welcoming to gays in the least, I have to say that just about anywhere in this country you run the risk of being attacked by thugs of some type for kissing in public, so it’s a little dumb to pretend like it’s something that would only happen there. Should gay people avoid going outside? No.

  4. says

    This is like watching a bunch of battered wives saying “its’s not so bad…he only hits me when he’s drunk…”

    I’m sorry for your tortured souls and all that noise but you’re still Mormons. Just because you’re gay doesn’t excuse you from that. Just like being “part black” doesn’t excuse you from being a member of the KKK, being gay and having people who “support you,” if not your legal equaltiy, doesnt excuse you from giving money to one of the most racist, sexist and homophobic cults In the world.

    Yeah… You’re gay, good for you. But you’re Mormon. Lie down with dogs, get fleas.

  5. Jack M says

    I would be very interested in a follow up to this story. Who produced the film? Did the Mormon Church approve of this? What will happen to these kids now? I really don’t think this is some kind of breakthrough – something will follow as a result of this.

  6. says

    This film was put together by the Far Between project, which recently released a slew of videos centered around being gay and Mormon :

    I think this video will be more significant to those who relate to Mormonism. Videos like this are significant because they promote conversation. And when conversation occurs, ignorance disappears.

  7. Jacques says

    One thing you can say about the Mormons is that they have historically been good at reading the handwriting on the wall (see: polygamy). These young people are the handwriting on the wall.

    Yes, it will get better – because they will make it so.

  8. BobN says

    I actually wish the Mormon church weren’t as flexible as it is. In a decade, they’ll be gay-friendly. Just like they’re now spreading all over the world two decades after deciding whites are the superior race.

    At it core, the religion is dangerous. That might change, too, I suppose. But the brainwashed today sound just like the brainwashed of three decades ago. The soap formula’s been changed a bit, but it’s still scrubbing out whatever isn’t “approved”.

  9. says

    I really wanted to like this video, i mean i REALLY wanted to like it. then I watched it.

    I was depressed to see that this film gives off more of a Mormon-defense message than an LGBT-inclusive one. There are messages that “it got better”, but no strong applicable messages or plans of action HOW.

    Some wonderful nuggets of truth….but the aftertaste…. it might as well have a coda saying “Don’t worry, you can still get your own planet”

    I hope, like Evan says, this at least gets conversation going. I hope it gives LGBT Mormons the hope and courage to at least Come Out and address these issues. But I’ve yet to meet, in my life, a truly HAPPY adult Mormon. Gay or Straight. The happiest mormons are ex-mormons.

  10. says

    And you know that this is just part of the Mormon-sponsored “Image Repair Campaign” that hopes to make people think nice things about Mormons.

    Just like that ghastly “And I’m a Mormon” ad series, this is just another video that was commissioned by, approved by and probably edited by the highest places in the Mormon cult.

    Don’t think this was done by a few university kids. It wasn’t.

  11. says

    the “and I’m a Mormon…” campaign was pathetic to the extreme.

    “Hi, i love to paint, and i also love surfing! And…I’m a Mormon!”

    great. now about you address the real reason people think you’re a brainwashed member of a bats**t cult – which aint got nothing to do with surfing.

  12. Bob says

    THOSE WHO SEE THIS AS PURE MORMON PROPAGANDA ARE CORRECT — Yes, it is lovely that they are being much nicer PUBLICLY to their Gay kids, but the kids would not be so tortured if not raised in a culture where uniformity is required.
    THERE IS NO MECHANISM IN THAT CHURCH to accept Gays as equal members, if they are not celibate, or marry heterosexually.
    THIS IS THE CHURCH THAT INVADED CALIFORNIA WITH PROP 8, and is deathly afraid of the upset that Gay family members cause by being absent in the afterlife

    SO BYU, IN ORDER NOT TO LOOK BAD, will promote an atmosphere where those “afflicted with same sex attraction” can feel a bit better than before.

  13. Clint says

    C’mon guys, lets chill with the conspiracy theories just a tad and appreciate the video for what it is: young gay Mormons reaching out to others with the message that “You are not alone” and that there are people out there who love and accept them.

    I personally know the people responsible for the film and a couple of the kids in it. Trust me, this isn’t some part of some orchestrated church PR campaign – they were acting on their own and putting forth their own message. I feel like they did a great job and showed a lot of courage.

    If change is ever going to happen in the Mormon church, this is how it starts.

  14. Bob says

    @CLINT, yeah, sure, the kids did it on their own, sure.
    — remember last year, the planted story about the Black non-mormon basketball player who screwed his mormon gf, was kicked off the team, and later redeemed?

  15. SayTheTruth says

    You know gays are becoming more accepted in society when they begin to dare to conciliate their stupid religious belief with the normalcy of their different sexuality. Rational evolution, not without conflict OBVIOUSLY.

  16. Clintint says

    Thank god for these kids. I’ve been following this story on a few sites and the vast majority of the comments are filled with hate-filled vitriol and are left there not by mormons, but by gays. At least they are reaching out to their fellow students and trying to build a community while standing up to the friction of many around them.

    One could argue that they should simply leave their environment, but where should they go? A scan of the attitude in the gay community, especially from comment sections like these, confirms every negative thing that they have been taught about gays and leaving the church for the gay community would just be trading hate for a different hate.

    I commend them from trying to create a home for themselves where they can be accepted for who they are when both groups yelling over their existence demand that they change in order to be accepted.

  17. Daddy Todd says

    Yeah, it WILL will get better — when you leave the Church. They hate you and want you dead. Why continue to kiss their ass?

    Mormonism, like all religion, is just a scheme to separate stupid people from their money — and thank them for taking it. Just walk away and be free.

    –BYU grad and former Mormon.

  18. Kyle in Madison says

    My my my , look how accepting and inclusive the diversity – embracing gay community is being! Well played gentlemen, you are now both hypocrites AND f*ckwits.

    This thread is EXACTLY why no one likes us! So these guys have a different religion than you do… so what? We want religious groups to be accepting of us, yet we attack the people who make overtures to connect and create a dialogue. How does that not strike you as a counterproductive practice? Seriously.

  19. Josh says

    This is video is deceptive especially to non members. If I was a none member watching this video and had a limited knowledge of the LDS church I may actually believe you could be actively gay and attend BYU and be a member in good standing in the the church. I really dislike this video. It is like a woman stating she only gets beaten when her husband is drunk. I feel so bad for these guys. They made a video with the best of intentions in their shattering souls, and now it will be used for political propaganda for the church. I am sure they will love this. I am sorry, but being gay and mormon will not work. Every single one of those guys will crack and become sexually active with another man, same goes for the women. You cannot live a a sexless life. It just will not work. When they do finally crack under the pressure it will either be the best thing that has happened to them or they will ultimately emotionally lose it. It makes me cry, but it not a cheerful light.

  20. says

    Oh please. This cult is the reason there’s gay suicides, gay prejudice, and anti gay driscrimination. They can take their pathetic “it gets better” video and take it to their elected officials/Church and make THEM believe it. Until that day, this is empty promises, and falsehood coming from people ALIGNED with homophobia.

  21. Clementine says

    Bob: It isn’t just that gay sex is immoral in the eyes of the LDS, but that any sex outside of wedlock is immoral. This is true of most religions, but the punishment meted out by BYU can be particularly severe, even if you are not a Mormon. Ask Brandon Davies:

    What saddens me more than the psychological trauma the students in the video have withstood in their short lives, is that should they participate in sex with a same-sex partner, they risk being expelled from school and shunned by the church should their behavior become public knowledge.

    In other words, the school and church are saying its okay for you to say that you are gay, but you can’t participate in any sexual behaviors unless you are married. Since same-sex marriages are not recognized by the church, any sex acts between same-sex couples (in the context of love or otherwise) are punishable offenses; not just by God in the afterlife, but by the church here on Earth.

    Still, I am heartened that these brave students have found solace in school-approved camaraderie and are able to openly discuss the issues they face. It has gotten better for them, but they still have major mountains to climb. I wish them well….

  22. Bob says

    @Clintint — SURE, they can be happier while at BYU, which is progress, and may even be patted on the head by mormons, but when they graduate, and their siblings marry, their world falls to bits.
    @Clementine — yes I know that, thanks for the link to exploitation of Black athletes, but Brandon Davies GAINED by being a shill for their publicity when they “redeemed” him through the magic of lds

  23. jack says

    Gay people are a great example of the strength of the human spirit. We can survive and even thrive in such inhospitabe environments as Brigham Young University.

  24. Peter M. says

    Wonderful young people, too sad they have to grow up in such a homophobic environment.

    From the BYU *current* (2011-2012) Honor Code: “Homosexual behavior is inappropriate and violates the Honor Code. Homosexual behavior includes not only sexual relations between members of the same sex, but all forms of physical intimacy that give expression to homosexual feelings.” (…)

    I really hope it will get better for them, they deserve it. Maybe they can provoke a change of heart by staying in the church. But their best chance for a happy life is still to leave the cult.

  25. Chuck Mielke says

    @ “Kyle in Madison:” The gay community is, in my experience, more “diversity-embracing” than a good many other communities. That being said, our community has its own prejudices (“no fats, no femmes…” in personal ads) and hypocrisies, just as every other has.

    I think that, after the critical role played by the LDS church in the Prop. 8 events, we are justified in being suspicious. It’s likely that church leadership approved the release of this video for their own purposes. The students clearly imply that, through prayer, they found acceptance of themselves. Conversely, they say nothing of what the expect for their future lives. Do they expect to marry a same-sex spouse? Do they expect to have fulfilling same-sex relationships? Do they expect the University to support them if someone attacks them on campus? No word on those things. They simply imply they’ve become comfortable with being gay at BYU.

    This probably was a sincere effort on the part of the students who produced it, as Clint stated above.

    But: that the Church would allow it to be released means only that the film serves some purpose of the Church: good PR, most likely. This is not conspiracy, this is business as usual: promise nice things, change nothing.

  26. rick says

    Mormon-haters really should shut up about this video. The target of the video are the gay Mormons that are stuggling with their identities – what any other person thinks about the video doesn’t matter. I applaud the students for making the video, and hope they helps others to come to a place of clarity and hope for themselves. They had the courage to go to BYU – as I did not – and that deserves respect.

  27. joe says

    People that have to deal with same sex attraction. Need all the support that can be given. The LDS church is considered homophobic by many but those individuals who criticize are really a bunch of fools who have hijacked a serious social issue to hurl abuse at an organisation that spends millions of dollars and thousands of man hours each year doing what they will not. Caring. So people, either step up or step off. But trying to destroy the credibility of another’s beliefs is gross arrogance. It is my hope that these guys find the peace they seek.

  28. Roger says

    I wasn’t a huge fan of this video because I think it gives the wrong idea about the church’s standing on homosexuality, but I especially am not a fan of the ridiculous comments that people have left. It’s a shame that everyone has to be so over dramatic and extreme. Yes, the mormon church doesn’t believe in sex before marriage or homosexuality. Yes, that’s just like any other normal Christian church.

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