1. Joseph says

    What makes this movies so important? If you want to see guys with no personality do stuff then I’ve got news for you……You’re on the internet!

  2. LLM says

    I got the clever reference to the excitement and hyperbole that has surrounded this movie’s release and appreciated it. And frankly, for allbthe reasons it *should* be bad, it counters with things like a multi-Oscar winning director and screenplay by a very talented writer. That alone make it intruiging, and legitimately so. But as a bisexual man who came of age during the height of the Chippendale era (as cheesy as they were, when they went on Geraldo or Sally Jesse or Donahue and performed it was heaven for a gay/bi kid in a world that only objectified women normally) and I was in college in the early 90s when actual stripping was a big part of gay clubs…not go-go boys on boxes or in cages, but guys who picked a song and an outfit and then stripped out of it…getting rewarded for theory skill and creativity as much as their nakedness. Fun fact, everyone at the University of Texas who wasn’t a homophobic ended up at some point at the home of the best stripshow in town…Oilcan Harry’s. I am almost certain that my fellow classmate Matthew McConnaghey ended up there at one point or three in his years there, too. I wonder how much inspiration he too from OCH’s stripshow emcee, Dale.

  3. Dave J says

    I’ll wait for the video, if only to avoid the shrieking ‘large groups of girls’ who will inevitably be watching this movie in theaters – while texting.

  4. jomicur says

    I know Towleroad thinks its readers have the mentality of a 15 year old girl reading a fan magazine. But really…IMPORTANT?!?!? Oh well, I do like starting my day with a good laugh.

  5. jpeckjr says

    It IS the “most important male stripper movie of the new millenium.” Keep in mind . . . that’s a very, very short list in a genre that has no social or cinematic significance. I think Andy meant for us to laugh at the description.

  6. Reggie777 says

    I don’t understand… If someone feels that “Towleroad thinks its readers has a mentality of a 15 year old”, then what is that person doing coming back to this site?

    Anyone who does not like this site, the attitude of the host, the topics covered, should feel free to leave it to those of us who DO enjoy the site. Making snide remarks about our host just seems to be the height of rudeness.

    I recall a student I had in a class who got up an suddenly went into a rant against the professor and his teaching methods. She went of for about 5 minutes, criticizing him in detail, and in a loud and shrill manner. He said nothing, and showed no anger, no hostility. Finally, she ran out of steam, and stopped speaking. He very politely said…”There’s the door.” And pointed. She left, and the class resumed with those of us who did not have a problem with him. No one was keeping her there.

    Sorry, it just bugs me when someone takes at dig at Towleroad.

  7. ratbastard says

    Alright, he is kinda hot. But I still don’t get the concept of going to a bar/club and staring at strippers do goofy moves and routines. And I can’t imagine watching a full movie about their lifestyle.

  8. Gregor says

    Channing Tatum is pretty hot. Not sure about an entire movie about the life of a stripper (“Showgirls” tried that, didn’t they? Didn’t work out too well). This sounds like a great movie to watch drunk.

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