1. Tonez says

    You are such a size queen. This video isn’t remotely sexual. I can’t wait for this movie.

  2. uffda says

    “What makes you sad?” he’s asked. “War, cruelty…blah blah.” Then he tells us he can’t feel emotion. Stupid. Can he put himself in the trash and then take it out? I hope so.

  3. endo says

    UFFDA, you’ve have quickly become one of the stupidest commenters on this site. Congrats! If you troll just a little harder, you may surpass RickJason and Ratbastard. Good luck, buddy.

    He’s a robot… he’s PROGRAMMED to simulate emotional reaction to war, poverty, etc.

  4. Chuck says

    The irony, and the fiction, is this: “I understand human emotion, but I cannot feel them myself; it makes it easier to interact with my human counterparts.” In fact, those counterparts would experience David as a cold, perhaps controlling and threatening, presence. (Although, I must say, any actor could tell you that experiencing an emotion and portraying are two very different things. Can David portray emotions?)

  5. atomic says


    Anyone with a brain would have understood the intentional irony of that aspect of the clip. It’s meant to illustrate the way in which a robot could be programmed to know about “sad things”–even to imitate human reactions to such things–but not actually experience the emotion. “David” even alludes to the reasons why this is so, at about 1:40. “This allows me to be more efficient, and capable–and makes it easier for my human counterparts to interact with me.” It’s a common and well-known theme that is explored in many sci-fi stories–(a) that knowledge and emotion are not the same; and (b) androids are made to look and behave like humans for the purpose of facilitating natural human interaction, but that doesn’t MAKE them human.

    The fact that you didn’t comprehend something so simple is a reflection of your extreme stupidity. It’s a concept that’s been around for a long, long time–is there a point at which knowledge becomes something more than a collection of facts and data, and becomes something that an entity feels? What is emotion, exactly, if it is not merely knowledge, or a set of reactions?

  6. Mhmm says

    Um, he represents the sleeping divine in humanity. Which is 99.9% of the population. The inconsistency in him is simply a projection of yourselves.

  7. Outward projection of one's own elbows says

    @Tom :)

    This looks cheap coming from Scott. He already touched the subject with much more subtlety in Blade Runner.

  8. uffda says

    Yo a**holes ATOMIC/ENDO.

    For me this all gets pretty messy and inexpressible. In years of acting I have never expressed an emotion I didn’t actually feel…except for sci-fi style horror. It’s too unbelievable, everything about it is fake. How can you “understand human emotions without feeling them yourself.” You can’t. You can only simulate understanding. That’s possible, yes, of course I agree. The simulation of sadness without emotion I can’t do, though perhaps a robot could.

    “What makes you sad?” I expected him to say “nothing” because that’s the truth of a robot, and then to say “I can simulate emotion” and if he could really do that he would be in perfect camoflage. Yet, I begin to falter – it all becomes rather a hall of mirrors for me ( I cannot tell thought from feeling either, another hall of mirrors). What can possibly be the matter?

    I concur then, I must be “one of the stupidiest commenters on this site”, certainly a man of “extreme stupidity”. If you gentlemen could recommend the proper duct tape…?

    In the meantime I feel certain that ENDO can never hope to back up into Rick for the simple reason that he’s not qualified.

  9. David in Chelsea, Massachusetts says

    @UFFDA The robot is LYING when he says that war and poverty make him sad. That’s the SCARY JOKE.

    This is evidenced by his comment that he doesn’t have emotions.

    He understands them superficially, i.e. people who cry have tears streaming down their faces, and people who are angry look and act a certain way. His makers have explained this to him, and so he “understands” human emotion on this simple superficial level.

    Don’t overthink what he’s saying.

  10. atomic says


    One nasty comment deserves another, so F*** YOU. You are too STUPID and UNEDUCATED to get the meaning of the clip, so in order to defend your ignorance and lack of a brain, you get angry and indignant that anybody else would dare to expose your failure to comprehend it.

    However, just because you get angry and worked up and outraged; just because you insult others and try to rationalize your amusingly obvious idiocy, does not somehow magically absolve you of your ineptitude and ignorance. You are, and always will be, the same backwards buffoon with no brain who wants to believe you know more than you actually do.

    Your behavior is all the more hilarious and worthy of derision because even a CHILD would get the point of the video. So go put a bag over your head and end your misery you waste of a life.

  11. uffda says

    O ATOMIC, why don’t you just go to bed and cool off. I’m not angry or worked up at all. You are.

  12. TomJckOff says

    I guess different strokes…love Scott’s work, but this actor looks about as sexy as a cadaver that’s been on ice for three weeks. Ewwwwww.