1. Seattle Mike says

    And he’s not the biggest star in the world, but Jim Caviezel has one line in “My Own Private Idaho” – he’s working at an airline counter and sells River and Keanu two tickets to Rome. “Here are your tickets.” But those cheekbones and those blue eyes are unmistakable.

  2. gr8guyca says

    My favorite is Bruce Willis in “The Verdict.” He is an extra sitting in the back of the court room during Paul Newman’s summation to the jury.

  3. Rick S. says

    They could have done a more imaginative job; some of the “famous faces”, Eddie Murphy, Woody Harrelson, et cetera, were already famous via television. It is more interesting to see these young celebrities in roles before they were famous, and before they developed notable “pesonalities” attached to their public image.

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