1. Brad says

    And, as usual, these cowards turn off the ability to comment or dislike their video. It just proves the people who sponsor “day of dialog” so they can supposedly promote dialog instead of silencing people, want nothing of the sort. Every righting a-hole on YouTube seems to silence dialog. It’s probably because Newt knows very few people want advise on the sanctity of marriage from an immoral man like him.

  2. norseman says

    OK, the legislation is evil and no one should support it. Yup. But still, who better to speak in support of hetero only marriage ? Newt is somewhat of expert having done it three times.

  3. Vint says

    @Norseman…. the trouble is he’s pretending to be an expert in marriage between one man and one woman, and he’s seldom been in a marriage that didn’t have an “extra” woman on the side.

  4. kit says

    It boggles the mind that anyone, anywhere, anytime would take this cretinous hypocrite seriously. He’s a living, breathing Onion article. But, terrifyingly, there are people out there who actually vote for this man.

  5. HadenoughBS says

    For a man without pride or scruples, this is a brazen if not laughable message from the Newton bastard.

  6. Chadd says

    They are saying essentially that marriage is the worlds oldest institution – one that has been around since Adam & Eve (which is totally false, of course). According to them, the institution of marriage has survived for thousands of years, yet it is so fragile that it cannot survive the inclusion of any two people who love each other.

  7. says

    truly. TRULY. scumbag. this man is a vile waste of flesh.

    hey, children of america, when this man finally croaks you have permission to go out for a big greasy fast-food dinner and defecate all over his grave. truly. he’s earned it. a cemented position as one of the biggest pieces of s**t to ever venture into american politics.

  8. Xopher says

    Shouldn’t Newt and Callista be having children? Isn’t that what marriage is for – according to them.

  9. My2cents says

    OLD. FAT. STUPID. SERIAL ADULTERER. The perfect spokesperson for the “sanctity” of marriage.

  10. mary says

    As a social consevative I’m so appalled by Gingrich’s personal behavior that I’m not even going to call Kiwi out for his suggestion of what should be done to Newt’s future grave. I can’t figure out the people at Free Republic. More of them were supporting Gingrich than even Santorum. Tell me in what universe socially conservative Republicans would allow any Democratic presidential candidate to dump TWO wives for younger more appealing women and get away with it? Gingrich is even more of a parody than Palin (the famous “social conservative” who paraded around a pregnant unmarried teenage daughter on a convention stage and made the rest of the movement a laughingstock.)

    I’m sure glad that Romney is the nominee. Because my dignity can’t take much more of the “socon clown show.” Truthfully, I’d sooner vote for Fred Karger than either Newt Gingrich or Sarah Palin.

  11. David in Houston says

    Adulterer that sleeps with whores says what now?

    We’re going to need a stronger word for hypocrite if this walking canker sore keeps opening his ignorant pie hole.

  12. Swiminbuff says

    How odd that people would take marriage advice from a man who cheated on his first and second wives with the women who became his second and third wives and who apparently at one point wanted an open marriage with his second wife. When ever a man marries his mistress he creates a job opportunity so I wonder how closely wife number three monitors her husband.

  13. Malaysian Ho says

    Newt, please enable the like option on this YouTube upload so Youtubers can show their support for you . =]

  14. Charles says

    You people speak as if you know all about Newt Gingrich. By simply reading these name calling, finger pointing, accusatory entries about him and his personal life one can tell you not only know nothing about the man and what he’s all about, so you should just not say anything about him. If you’re that ignorant about any subject don’t subject the public to your vicious, slanderous gossip. Yes indeed there are people who would vote for Newt Gingrich. People who love this country, who love their children, and wish to have their children grow up in a wholesome, thriving, and God fearing nation will all vote for Newt Gingrich. No one has to be an expert on marriage nor of hetrosexual marriage to know enough to understand that so-called same sex marriage (which doesn’t really exist) is very harmful to the moral health of our society as a whole. It’s one more step down that slippery slope of moral decadence. We’ve had a enough of that kind of sickening “tolerance” the destroys us as a people. We would do ourselves a great favor to seek what Jesus Christ has taught us about how we should live together and how we should marry one another. It does not include so called same-sex marriage. Two people of the same sex in a union is not marriage in the first place. One only needs to know what marriage is to know that. It may be some kind of union or other but it can’t be called marriage due to the fact that it doesn’t fit with the definition of what marriage is. Duh!!!

  15. Charles says

    If you gays can marry what will stop me from marrying my dog? No, seriously. I want to know. I sort of want to marry my dog. But it’s a female dog, so it’s not like there’s anything gay about it.

  16. SebastianQ says

    Charles you ignorant tool. Whether you agree with marriage equality or not, you can’t deny that it is hypocrisy of gigantic proportion for Newt Gingrich of ALL PEOPLE to make a video promoting this vile measure in North Carolina. He knows less than nothing about the sanctity of marriage and has proven that time and time again.

  17. says

    Oh, there’s that fallacious “slippery slope” logic as presented by Charles, a.k.a. Chuck to his friends. What’s up Chuck?! Your lack of cogent reasoning skills make me upchuck, Chuck.

  18. jjasonham says

    I’ve been saying it all day: this is probably the most convincing ad to vote AGAINST Amendment One.

  19. jack says

    Whenever I look at Newt, I can’t help but wonder how such a physically unattractive man not only got three women to have sex with him, but to marry him.

  20. vanndean says

    @Chad–wrong gaul
    gall-something bitter to bear such as Gingrich speaking on the sanctity of marriage.
    Gaul-Roman name for the area now known as France, Belgium and Switzerland.