1. Michael says

    First off, Tebow is not a gay virgin, he is as gay as they come. However it rocks this guy said this and its a safe bet he is more serious than not.

  2. Gregv says

    @Michael: I don’t think Tebow has ever said publicly whether he is gay, straight or bi and his publicist won’t let him answer questions about gay people’s rights, but I believe he’s claimed to be a virgin.
    Such claims don’t really mean a thing to me, though since any individual making the claim always seems to come up with their own definition of “virginity” (and even “born-again virginity”) so that whatever sexual experience they DO have doesn’t count. The definition of what IS “sex” always seems to depend on what the definition of “is” is.

  3. Rick says

    Now why on earth would he say that when he and everybody else knows that Timmy is just a good Christian boy with perfect morals who is, of course, not gay? LOL.

  4. Javier says

    Rob Gronkowski’s comments are vile, disrespectful, and vulgar. He has shown himself to lack the character of Tim Tebow, and the average person in the NFL who would not have disrespected someone’s deeply held religious beliefs in such a crude manner. No class, no morals. Sick.

  5. till the world ends says

    @Javier is a white republican that comes on here as a spanish named male. I’m calling on his BS. Sad character. It’s all in jest and you always have a negative comment never once had he had something nice to say. go stick your head in the ground somewhere. better yet go fly a kite in a thunder storm!

  6. ratbastard says

    He’s just being the goofy frat boy he is. Said it because it sounds ‘edgy’ and he probably had little else to say.

  7. Michael says

    Btw, anyone who questions if Tebow is gay…. Would you please point out where biblical morality states a man must not date women? I knew Tebow was a ‘mo two years ago when he blamed morality on his nonexistent dating life.

  8. says

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