1. George M says

    Since BP pumped all those unsafe oil dispersants that are not even legal in the UK into the Gulf I have refused to eat anything coming from the Gulf of Mexico. If the seafood came from that region or if it is not labeled where it came from I will not buy it. If the restaurant cannot assure the fish did not come from the Gulf I will not order it. I think the stigma is what killed off one of our local restaurants, The Gulf Coast Grill. I think they really should have changed their name. It wasn’t long after the Deep Water Horizon that they went under.

  2. David Hearn says

    George M.- I’m curious if you eat seafood from elsewhere and if you have thoroughly researched the various issues with it.

    I myself will not eat seafood from China or Thailand. I do not trust their standards. All the frozen fish in the grocery stores these days comes from China except the whitefish which is wild caught from Chile (that’s what I buy). The crab comes from Thailand. Do they treat sewage properly in Thailand and China?

    Almost all of the garlic in store now comes from China. There is no excuse for that. Canned pineapple, which used to come from Puerto Rico and Hawaii now comes from Indonesia and Thailand. Puerto Rican rice which used to be labelled “product of usa” now reads ” product of usa, india, thailand or china”. Take a guess on that one.

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