1. bandanajack says

    maybe the concept would read as trite, but i would have far rather used the element of cognitive dissonance to suggest an opposite sex reunion only to have him pass the female and move into the arms of his intended husband. that unexpected shift would make the point more graphically. i found this surprising bland.

  2. DRG says

    @bandanajack, i completely disagree. the use of the straight beautiful girl coming up to cute guy is the cognitive dissonance. But seeing her go to another man in a natural loving way emphasises the right the gay couple has to to do the same. his look of longing towards the married couple is the need for equality. all of this is highlighted by the proposal and the message all men can be husbands. It shouldnt be gay vs straight, it should be gay and straight together.

  3. ZineLondon says

    It’s a shame that this message has to be conveyed via a soldier returning from war. It seems that the gay movement wants to portray gay men solely as hyper-masculine nowadays to appeal to the masses. I think we’ve got our priorities twisted.

  4. Justin says

    Why did the military transport plane land in a park? That was a distracting odd note to an otherwise nice ad.

  5. jim says

    Loved it, I just wish the others, shown in the beginning, would have been on set, looking on with happiness, in the pullback shot at the end!

    Using a soldier isn’t some twisted way of portraying gay men as hyper-masculine, it’s a way of conceptualizing the slogan “all men can be heros. All men can be husbands.” If you only watch this thru pink lenses, you’re missing the entire point, and the fact that the gay community isn’t the target demographic for this piece. Sheesh.

  6. ZineLondon says


    War time patriotism and heroic mythologizing of soldiers fell out of favor in most European countries after the World Wars. Why not view this through pink tinted glasses? This is a representation of gay people after all. Gay people may not be the demographic for this advert but why should we alter the portrayal of gay people in order to assimilate to the mainstream. Acceptance under the facade of gay soldiers is not acceptance. A real life story of gay people wanting to get married would be much more powerful than this advert which as good as the cause may be is essentially propaganda. We don’t need to stoop to the level of our opponents.

  7. John P. says

    Damn, there are so many a-holes on this site that I don’t even want to check the comments any more. This video is beautiful. Take your bitchy-ness elsewhere. Nothing is ever good enough. Please produce something better and we can talk… Silence.

  8. khan says

    the conflation of homoeroticism into the wider implications of imperialism will cost dearly on an international scale in the long run, as it should. this conflation is a grave mistake and will come back to haunt those who were too willing to root root root for the home team as long as they were finally allowed onto the playing field.

  9. Tristram says

    I like this. If it were a straight couple it would be called soppy, but I’m glad it was made. There is a genuine chemistry between the two guys, and that IS beautiful to see.