1. jim says

    i’m geoff. watching these guys look at the floor for their lyrics is just sad. how hard is it to the learn the words to a cheesy pop tune? No use in doing anything if you arent going to do it well.

  2. Adam says

    I’m hooked on this blog and, mostly, really enjoy it. I’m also increasingly frustrated by how much attention is paid to people who seem profoundly narcissistic. Madonna, James Franco, his brother, ricky martin, the brittney mash up guy, the above video filled with self-consciously preening dudes… goes on and on. I’m saddened by how willing people are to embrace celebrities/pseudo-celebrities who literally seem like they have narcissistic personality disorder. Everyone in this video is trying sooooo hard to be cute/sexy and, what’s devastating, is that this seems to actually be what defines attractiveness now. Argh.

  3. alguien says

    completely generic sounding track with anthemic chorus, female vocalist who sounds like hundreds of other female vocalists today.

    i turned off the sound and watched with my own music.

  4. TJ says

    I watched the video and was amused. I even liked the song, for the cotton candy that it is. Then, I read the comments. OMG! The guy I thought was cute as can be is actually fugly! What I thought was coy flirtation – looking down – was actually evidence that they were reading the words! I thought that for the most part, the lip synching worked. Then, I find out that they did it so poorly that they never should have turned on the camera! Phew! Thanks guys! I would have been so uncool without you!

  5. allan says

    1. Boring
    2. The screen-captured guy is the cutest
    3. Oh my god try to memorize the lyrics!
    4. Probably the only interesting person in this video is the one in the tank top that says “OUT”

  6. Jackson says

    Seriously, what’s with all the bitter old queens on here constantly kvetching about everything? No one wants to hear your constant negativism. Get a life already and stop boring the crap out of everyone else. I feel sorry for anyone that has to put up with you negative nancy’s on a day-to-day basis.

  7. ty says

    The chest rubbing and backwards baseball caps put me over the edge. Street hooker chic?? The drag queen and animal costumes were cute, but where are the sets. Why am I wasting time commenting?? Oh yea, at work bored with no customers…..

  8. Will says

    I agree with Bryce Ageno….I think the people in the video are having fun and the song is light and happy and the vid made me feel good. What more could you ask for?

  9. Darrell says

    Being Canadain I’m now very tired of the song since it song by a Canadian Carly Rae Jepson and it is played to death up here.

    The guy the the t-shirt reminided be of Hugo Weaving in Priscilla Queen of the Desert from 1994 and they need a old bus in either the Australian Outback or the Canadian Rockies to give this clip some humour. LOL.

  10. ajjones says

    kind of cute although I agree with a comment above that these videos show how narcissistic society has become (do you really need to lip synch sans shirt and rubbing yourself?)Yes, the world should know how cute you are – move on

  11. Kevin says

    Geez, lighten up. This was cute and enjoyable. Period. Nothing further needs…oh, wait, those were some CUTE guys…Sorry, that needed saying.

  12. Contrarian says

    The “look at me” narcissism of our culture is not limited to LBGT people so I can’t understand the blowback on here when some of us call it out. If anything, on cable these days it’s a whole hetero sub-culture on “reality” (actually semi-scripted) shows. Hard to believe as it may be, people of modesty and good taste still exist.

  13. bzimmerman says

    Wow. Are these comments from a bunch of bitter drag queens? Poor lip syncing? That’s the take away from this? It’s a fluffy homemade video, and it’s part of a current phenomenon that’s being discussed on everything from NPR to TMZ, which is probably why it made it onto this blog. Cheer up people.

  14. RoadWayYur says

    I could’ve done without the drag queens and had a whole more of these these beautiful men actually embracing some of their masculinity.

  15. LittlemanCrazyfinn says

    BRAVO!! lighten up misers and self haters..please. Theres too uch negativity in just living in this world and to pounce on something meant to be fun fluff meaning no harm and to pick it apart as if it were up for an academy award puts you on on a pillar of what?? Go watch a foreign film an debate it at breakfast afterwards with anyone who will listen. Bravo weho you captured a tue moment in time and a generation growong up with all th benfits earned painfully over multiple gay generations. thnks for the uplifting few minutes. now time to hitthe gym damn it Lol

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