1. Frederick says

    Good for her for standing up for not only herself, but all transgender women. From a strictly biological point of view, she’s actually at a disadvantage in this beauty contest. She has had to literally change her entire physiology from male to female through hormone therapy, surgeries,vocal training, etc; This had to be a painstaking process to physically transform herself into the beautiful young woman she currently is. The other contestantants, on the other hand, did not have to literally reconstruct themselves to look like they do. I’d say they have the unfair advantage in this paegent, if anyone does…

  2. Brian in Texas says

    Good for Jenna as an individual and as a role model for other Trans folks and people in general. But, I find it hard to take ANYTHING associated with a beauty pageant seriously.

  3. David Hearn says

    It’s a privately owned business, they can have whatever rules they like.

    I am curious, though, as to what would be the empirical distinction between a transexual and a drag queen for the purpose of the pageants.

  4. mike says

    HUGE difference between drag and transgender. Drag queens are entertainers and illusionists that have NO desire to be women, they just like protraying strong female characters and it’s a way to make a living.

    Transgendered people are born in the wrong body and at their very core identify as another sex. This is not entertainment for them or dressing up, it is there CORE identity.

  5. says

    the fact that the most famous drag queen in the world (Dame Edna) is performed by a straight married man seems to be lost on some folk… 😉

    while each pageant has its own rules, i don’t quite see how reconstructive surgeries for some women are OK, but not others.
    beauty queens who’ve had nose jobs, breast augmentations, lipo, the whole deal….really, what’s so different about a transwoman?

    perhaps there should be a distinction involving “natural pageants”

  6. J Ascher says

    As if there was any previous doubt that Donald Trump is completely off his rocker – this proves it beyond any doubt!

  7. Paul R says

    Mike, I don’t know how many drag queens you know, but it sounds like none. Some are transsexuals who are trying to save up for transition. They certainly don’t all do it simply as a job. Plenty take hormones and desire to be women. I wouldn’t say the majority, but enough.

    If you’re speaking from a purely semantic perspective, I see your point. But many drag queens get into performing to earn money to achieve their end goal: becoming a woman.

  8. Eddie says

    Why should Gloria Allred be impressed by the size of DT’s genitalia? Both Ivana and Marla Maples have said they weren’t. I think that small fact has a lot to do with DT’s ego problem, his insecurity with Jenna and his need to have trophy wives.

  9. fern says

    I’ll never forget the way Allred harrassed and bullied Michael Jackson all those years. Since then whenever there is a prominent trans issue on the news, she makes sure she is part of the story. She strikes me as a real hypocrite who would pick on the trans person if it were politically correct to do so. She’s just using this case to make it appear her previous behaviour was not about bias. Allred is very calculated, its all about what makes her look good.

  10. Randy says

    Trump: “We looked at the laws of Canada, and we looked at the laws of the United States…”

    Obviously not. It took this competitor to fight back against an illegal rule, to get it changed.

    Trump is very big on perception and loyalty, and to dump on one of his own contestants like this is absolutely disgusting and unprofessional.

  11. says

    What Creator of the Universe. Jena Talackova, identify your Creator.
    My sprite is appalled and disturbed by the accusation regarding the creator. I would like Jena Talackva to identify the creator that was referred to on the Barbara Walters interview that was shown Friday April 5, 2012 evening, titled making history.
    We know that there are many people in this world that has identified different creators and I would like to be cleared to which creator of the universe Jenna is referring to. My creator is the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end. The creator of man and woman, the creator of all, The great I AM who sent his only begotten son Jesus Christ down to die for our sins and to be raised in 3 days which begun on this good Friday. For Jenna to make this claim on Good Friday is miss leading, dangerous and can be harmful to others,
    I would like to be clear from Jenna Talackova, for the sake of all who believes as I do as well as the people who are looking for the truth of the creator of the universe to be identified. Jenna made a statement that the creator of the universe may have put Jenna in is this position to pursue this action and to be the spoke person.
    There is no question that my creator of the universe made a man and a woman. Jenna chose to change that in self, so please identify what creator Jenna is referring to. Jenna has every right be who every Jenna wants to be, If there is a creator in Canada other than the one I’ve heard about, and I heard about many others, I would like to know who this creator is. Jenna can challenge a woman competition organization like the Miss America Pageant that is designed for women to compete in areas of many categories, for discriminating against Jenna to take part in the competition and in her case transgender, that’s Jenna’s right.
    Her attorney Gloria Allred said, “Whether a person is a man or woman is not simply defined by her genitalia. However my creator of the universe does define very clearly. Genesis 1:27 and Genesis 2:22.
    So God created human beings in his own image. In the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.
    So, come out and identify your creator, tell us who your creator is!!! You really want to help under represented people that chose to make their own choose in this way, then let them know now, who is your creator that you say choose you to do this.
    Thank you, no disrespect..
    Written by: Donald Jackson a Christian and a believer of the creator of Jesus Christ.

  12. David Hearn says


    I didn’t ask for a primer on Queer Theory. Rephrasing, there is no scientific difference between a pre-op transexual and a transvestite. How they might feel about themselves is irrelevant. If found on the road dead, both would be males in female affect.

    Kiwi- I wasn’t aware that Miss America allowed surgically or chemically altered contestants. If that’s the case, then it seems ridiculous to hang everything on whether one was born a female. The prize goes to whomever has the most money and the best plastic surgeons I suppose.

  13. Alex says

    To Donald Jackson My cousin was born with ovotestes, born with an ovary and a non descending testicle on the right side.He was raised as a male until his breast started developing( result of having the ovary I suppose) and he started menstruating at 11. To Donald Jackson who created my cousin and the other thousands of Intersex people? Jesus Christ?

  14. says

    Carrie Prejean had breast implants. Thus, she is a walking abomination and is redefining what normal society terms “traditional breasts”.


  15. Ryan says

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  16. tommyz says

    Donald Jackson – you sir – are not well. First there is your narcissistic belief that you and only you have the one and only interpretation of the bible.

    Therapy can help avoid your delusions of grandour and insanity where you pick books written by people and cherry pick various components to support feeble arguments devoid of any factual content.

    Belief does not equate truth. The nazi’s believed that jews were inferior. The english and spanish felt the Indians were heathens, and good Christians felt for centuries that woman were chattel to be sold into slavery or as property of their husbands. All manner of evil, sir have been promoted by those with your beliefs. And I say beliefs – because what I state is fact – and can be supported with history, whether of good baptists supporting slavery, good catholics starting holy wars, or good Christians promoting their superiority above all others.

    I hope for you truly that your God exists – because as I’ve read your scriptures – you sir – would clearly be going to hell. If however, as I believe, your god is a myth – a near physical manifestation of your own prejudices, a way for you to make excuses for the pitiful lack of true purpose in your own life -and my god exists – one who wishes to experience all of life via his children – who created – and who makes no mistakes – and who is so powerful that he needs feel no fear – and only love – then you have a meager chance at salvation. Meager. At best.

    As for Miss Talackova – she is a hero, a role model for all children and adults to see that sometimes just being yourself is a true act of courage. I think she’s just amazing!

  17. RLavigueur says


    You’re going to make a fool of yourself by bringing up science when you haven’t bothered to research the science of sexual diversity and variation, seemingly at all.

    Plenty of research has found differences of brain chemistry and structure in trans and cis individuals. If you bother to look, you’ll find it. If that’s too much work, I’m sure I’m not the only one here who can provide you with examples.

    What you actually mean is that there is no visible difference between the genitalia of a pre-op transsexual and a drag queen, which is quite a different statement entirely, and one that reveals far more about your fixation on genitals than it does about how we should define gender, or about how we should treat trans women who hope to participate in beauty pageants.

  18. Gigi says

    @DONALD JACKSON – I think you’ve lost your way sir. Perhaps you were looking for Christian Post?

    I commend Jenna for her strength and temerity. If more of us stood up and spoke out the world would be a much more accepting place.

  19. Lucas says

    The Canadian health system paid for her sex reassignment surgery.

    So proud to be Canadian!

  20. AJ says

    omg I’m dying over the guy who rearranged Donald Trump’s name to Tan Dump Lord. Sometimes inappropriate humor is the best kind. Anyway, I’m sad that this poor girl was discriminated against but she is beautiful and this exposure will probably take her farther than Miss Universe ever would have.

  21. jack says

    Two of my least favorite people on the planet:the self promoting and ego centric Trump and Allred. Wouldn’t they make a lovely couple? They could star in a reality T V series where we get to watch them devour each other. All right, my evil side got carried away. But, wouldn’t you like to see both of them just go away. Get out of you’re T V set.

  22. Billy says

    A little off topic, but I don’t get the transexual thing. She should be considered a transexual up until the point she has the surgery. After that she should be referred to has a woman.

  23. Andre says

    THIS IS A DISCRIMINATION AGAINST WOMEN WHO ARE NATURALLY BORN FEMALE!! I have nothing against people like Talacova because I believe that every human being needs to be respected. But what she is doing is the lack of respect to those who are naturally born female. There’s more to being a woman than just looking like one.

  24. mike says

    J Ascher
    I have personally known about 7 ..none of which wanted to be women at all. I think I’ve seen exactly 2 of the 42 drag queens on RuPaul’s drag race identify as trans, so you’re comment is a little mis directed.

  25. sabrina says

    i just laugh at people who have issues with transgenders..i guess u guys are not happy with yourselves. please if u have nothing good to say about transgenders just shut up… we have been through a lot in our lives we don’t need any of your stupid comments. we never bother you or your lives why do u bother us? we do our best for ourselves okay….hey gal don’t mind these idiots love u xxx

  26. says

    i stand in solidarity with my trans brothers and sisters

    and i’m not sure how Jenna’s surgeries are any different from the other surgical procedures other beauty contestants undergo.

    they can get nosejobs, breast augmentations, have their ears pinned back, ribs removed, lipo, gastric….

    how, truly, are Jenna’s surgeries that different? if they have a “no surgeries” rule they’d have more standing.

    i mean, how are Jenna’s implants different from Carrie Prejean’s? (besides the reality that Jenna’s are, legit, better)