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Barbara Walters Interviews Trans Pageant Beauty Jenna Talackova, Gloria Allred, and Donald Trump: VIDEO


On last night's 20/20, Barbara Walters sat down with Jenna Talackova, the Canadian transgender Miss Universe contestant who was rejected (and later reinstated) to the competition after officials discovered that she is transgender.

Walters wastes no time diving into the physical aspects of Talackova's experience, speaking to Talackova about her childhood, her transition, her sexuality, how she took her name (her mother suggested it), and why she decided to enter the pageant.

Said Talackova: "I feel like the universe, the creator put me in this position as an advocate. If it's helping anyone else, and my story, then I feel great about it."

JennatalWalters also talks to attorney Gloria Allred, and Donald Trump about their public barbs this week over Talackova, in which Trump appeared on TMZ and boasted about the impressive size of his genitalia.

Trump, in his interview with 20/20, comes up with a bizarre, paranoid and offensive theory that Talackova has an "ulterior motive" because the first letters of her name spell "JENNATAL".

Says Allred: "With all due respect to Mr. Trump, he really needs to stop being focused on genitals. His, or anyone else's. This world does not revolve around his penis or anyone else's genitalia. Whether a person is a woman is not simply defined by her genitalia."

Watch the full segment, AFTER THE JUMP...

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  1. The Canadian health system paid for her sex reassignment surgery.

    So proud to be Canadian!

    Posted by: Lucas | Apr 8, 2012 5:26:45 AM

  2. omg I'm dying over the guy who rearranged Donald Trump's name to Tan Dump Lord. Sometimes inappropriate humor is the best kind. Anyway, I'm sad that this poor girl was discriminated against but she is beautiful and this exposure will probably take her farther than Miss Universe ever would have.

    Posted by: AJ | Apr 8, 2012 8:45:49 AM

  3. Two of my least favorite people on the planet:the self promoting and ego centric Trump and Allred. Wouldn't they make a lovely couple? They could star in a reality T V series where we get to watch them devour each other. All right, my evil side got carried away. But, wouldn't you like to see both of them just go away. Get out of you're T V set.

    Posted by: jack | Apr 8, 2012 10:06:52 AM

  4. A little off topic, but I don't get the transexual thing. She should be considered a transexual up until the point she has the surgery. After that she should be referred to has a woman.

    Posted by: Billy | Apr 8, 2012 2:37:10 PM

  5. THIS IS A DISCRIMINATION AGAINST WOMEN WHO ARE NATURALLY BORN FEMALE!! I have nothing against people like Talacova because I believe that every human being needs to be respected. But what she is doing is the lack of respect to those who are naturally born female. There's more to being a woman than just looking like one.

    Posted by: Andre | Apr 9, 2012 11:10:46 AM

  6. J Ascher
    I have personally known about 7 ..none of which wanted to be women at all. I think I've seen exactly 2 of the 42 drag queens on RuPaul's drag race identify as trans, so you're comment is a little mis directed.

    Posted by: mike | Apr 9, 2012 3:53:44 PM

  7. i just laugh at people who have issues with transgenders..i guess u guys are not happy with yourselves. please if u have nothing good to say about transgenders just shut up... we have been through a lot in our lives we don't need any of your stupid comments. we never bother you or your lives why do u bother us? we do our best for ourselves okay....hey gal don't mind these idiots love u xxx

    Posted by: sabrina | Apr 9, 2012 4:00:51 PM

  8. i stand in solidarity with my trans brothers and sisters

    and i'm not sure how Jenna's surgeries are any different from the other surgical procedures other beauty contestants undergo.

    they can get nosejobs, breast augmentations, have their ears pinned back, ribs removed, lipo, gastric....

    how, truly, are Jenna's surgeries that different? if they have a "no surgeries" rule they'd have more standing.

    i mean, how are Jenna's implants different from Carrie Prejean's? (besides the reality that Jenna's are, legit, better)

    Posted by: LittleKiwi | Apr 9, 2012 4:06:33 PM

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