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Sarah Palin Joins the 'Lamestream Media' on 'Today': VIDEO


Sarah Palin was interviewed by Matt Lauer in the first part of her appearance on the Today show after making fun of her own idiocy by pretending to read a pile of newspapers.

"A shake-up is still possible," insisted Palin when asked by Lauer if she approved of the choice of Mitt Romney as GOP nominee.

Asked Lauer: "When you were plucked from obscurity in 2008, you didn't have any experience on the national stage, and in this era of intense media scrutiny you took some lumps. You had mixed results, as we all know. Do you think if Mitt Romney is the nominee he should choose someone with more experience on the national battlefield than you had at the time?"

Palin responded by saying any candidate is going to be "clobbered by the lamestream media."

Said Lauer: "You are going to join us for our 8:00 hour, which technically makes you part of the lamestream media."

Watch two clips, AFTER THE JUMP...

Palin first mocked her lack of knowledge by pretending to read newspapers:

The Lauer interview:

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  1. Today has been gradually going downhill anyway, in my opinion. Lousy stupid interviews, and a seeming fascination with any story involving the tragic death of a child or germs found on public surfaces. The tabloid-ization of morning TV. Their attempts at being "hard hitting" journalists consist of Ann Curry asking every grieving parent, "How are you holding up" or "How did you feel when they pulled little Jane's body out of the culvert?" or Lauer rather rudely interrupting every answer an obviously crocodile-teared Cristie Brinkley was trying to give. Please, and now this Palin thing. Say it with me ---- NEVER. WATCHING. TODAY SHOW. AGAIN!!!

    Posted by: Mike | Apr 3, 2012 1:21:11 PM

  2. Kudos, Andy, ANOTHER great tongue screenshot! Gonna blow it up and frame it next to your Maggie Gallagher.

    Posted by: jim | Apr 3, 2012 1:25:35 PM

  3. They should've just asked Julianne Moore in Palin drag to do it since she's exponentially more attractive, sympathetic, and human than the "real" deal. And it must just kill La Palin that Moore and Tina Fey do her better than she ever could.

    And the Palin Family motto:

    "Get that check!...and then pretend you're just so above it all."

    Posted by: Gry | Apr 3, 2012 1:46:53 PM

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