1. Paul Newman says

    Not sure why I have so much trouble viewing your “after the jumps”. Seems that they freeze up constantly. I am on a MAC 10.6.8
    Does anyone else have this issue?

  2. Bob says

    Adam Carolla is eventually gonna come out and come out hard. Sad thing is, no one is going to be interested in him. Too douchy by far.

    I have Mac 10.6.8 and have no problems. Are all the software updates installed??

  3. UFFDA says

    Men are so much more fun than ever before which is the biggest reason why I don’t necessarily prefer gay over straight or vice versa. All of the ones I know well are a blast.

  4. Alex says

    OMG do Americans not know any history??? “Those rules have been lifted?” What about the 18th century when men wore heavy make up and wigs? Pink used to be a male color up until 60 yrs ago.

  5. jim says

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  6. Chuck says

    I think anything that will help our society rethink its sex roles will be helpful. Men, women, and queers all suffer from too much “You gotta do this / you gotta do that / and everything else is out of bounds” craziness.

  7. Clinton says

    To the mac users: I’ve had the same issue where clips freeze up shortly after clicking play. I discovered that a freeze occurs if you play the video before the webpage is completely loaded. After you click on “After the Jump” look at the bottom left corner of your browser and wait until the page completely loads before playing the video. This works for me, however I would love to know why this is happening and what can be done to fix it. It also tends to happen more often when using Firefox browser.

  8. daws says

    Lol, “A hood.” You know I’ve always thought Will Arnett was hilarious (Gob!) but on Up All Night, he’s extremely sexy to me for some reason now. He seems a bit beefier and just…yum.

    Mangrooming is a must but just leave the damn eyebrows alone. Guys with thin, overly plucked/waxed brows just look freaky to me. Not sexy at all.

  9. jim says

    This looks like a blast, can’t wait to see it…except for that thread-plucking part. Seems like a lot of str8 Puerto Rican guys go this route, and end up with those really thin, over-arched 30s starlet eyebrows. Must be a cultural thing, they think it looks masculine…to me it’s the most feminine thing I’ve ever seen on a guy.

    On a Mac here as well, using firefox. I don’t even bother trying to watch the vids here on the blog anymore, I always click the “view on youtube” button & watch it fullsize on youtube.

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