1. Trev says

    Not much to pin on a man whose rhetoric, pledge signing and personal contributions to hate groups prove beyond doubt that he’s a gay-hating bigot.

  2. Terry says

    This just proves what I’ve thought…he is a anti-gay bigot. One of the biggest assholes in the history of American politics. Naturally, GOProud will endorse him.

  3. Pointed says

    Why must people stereotype us gay men? I am neither effeminate nor a fan of pink, so what is it then that defines my human instinct to be gay? “Gay” is not about mannerisms for there are many effeminate straights as well as (mostly) masculine gay men.

  4. bierce says

    And yet, if a gay man had used his exaggerated “gay voice” to select a pink tie, we would have simply laughed at his silliness. But feel free to ascribe a sinister attitude to Romney since we all hate him anyway, so by all means use this to reinforce your hatred. Of course, Rick Santorum would have refused to wear a pink tie.

  5. Terry says

    When a Presidential candidate espouses anti-gay policies across the board, and donates $10,000 to an anti-gay hate group, and then pulls THIS crap, damn right I’ll hate him. I refuse to apologize for finding this incredibly offensive.

  6. says

    what an a$$hole !

    @POINTED : I too am neither any kind of feminine nor do I disrespect guys who are.
    And I hate pink….
    And i would beat the $hit out of anyone who treats ust with such mocking tone.
    Phuck this neanderthal compromised delusional idiot.

  7. tjm2112 says

    I have to agree with Bierce. If Romney were to prove he was PRO-GAY, and not surreptitiously pro-DOMA, this would be nothing more than silly, but…I’m not so sure now.

    A hateful man? C’mon. Of course not. But ignorant, stupid, stubborn, misinformed, ugly, damaging, hurtful and above all, GULLIBLE (he’s a big Mormon – part of a weird, strange cult) – yes.

    Oh, and BTW, remember the cheers Bradley Cooper got on this site more than once? (look it up). And no mention that he was a star in the film Hangover 2, which uses the term “f@g**t” to call someone perjoratively, in what was supposed to be a HILARIOUS, jocular-guy way.
    Soooo funny! Not.

  8. BrokebackBob says

    Sickening now folks get off your cans
    this November and vote his ass back to
    his own personal Tower of London torture
    chamber, Bain Capital! The VOTE will keep
    us from the RepubliThugs(tm) Make “get out
    the vote” viral. The RepubliThugs are
    technology impaired. Hell they think it’s

  9. jack says

    It is no big deal. Please no knee jerk hysterical reactions. Keep your eye on the ball: holding the White House, increasing the number of dems in the Senate and recapturing the House.Vote democrat at every level, contribute $ to democratic campaigns, volunteer to work in democratic campaigns. The dems need advertising money. The Koch bros and their ilk are going to spend millions trying to convince America that Obama and the dems are the anti-christ.

  10. Jay says

    Shouldn’t give up his day job?

    He doesn’t work! He hasn’t had a job for how long?

    He should STAY unemployed…and sit in his basement in his underwear playing World of Xenophobia on his Xbox.

  11. Contrarian says

    The related story, that GAWKER has a mole in Ailes/Murdoch Faux News land is more important IMHO. Knowing how News Corp. operates I suspect the mole is a double-agent unless something truly embarrassing leaks from that den of iniquity.

  12. Bob says

    M iserable
    O d fashioned
    R omnent the remnant
    M ust carry on the morhole legacy
    O ther groups are trash to him
    N OM got lots more that 10 Gs of his money

  13. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    People reveal their souls not when they are in front of a public audience, but when they are in private among friends and fellow congregation members. Too bad at least four members of Romney’s congregation ratted on him:

    Yeah, that right. He was repulsed that there were reports of homosexual activity in his Massachusetts Mormon congregation, and he told his cozy little private gathering that being gay is “perverse” and “reprehensible.” I actually thought those adjectives were a fair description of Mormonism. According to informants in his congregation, Romney continued his anti-gay tirade for quite some time, speaking at great length on the topic of his hate and loathing. Then he got pissed off because the incident leaked out and was reported in the Boston Globe. What a complete asswipe.

  14. bryce says

    Oh, please, at least Romney has a sense of humor. Obama doesn’t have any humor.

    I’d much rather a Romney with an honest humor than an Obama with a fake advocacy for our causes. Think about it.

  15. LiamB says

    I don’t vote for a president because of their sense of humor. I vote based upon what their service to the country is likely to entail. Romney openly admits to wanting to put religion above all other concerns, has clearly stated that he will work to take away every right gays have fought to get and to do what ever is in the best interest of the rich with zero concern for anyone else. But hey, at least he has a sophomoric sense of humor, right?

  16. TJ says

    Oh Mitt! You’re so funny. The PINK one!

    And JACK, seriously? No big deal? EVERYTHING a public person does carries weight. Their position alone grants authority. Do you REALLY want a president that makes fun of a way “not ” to be? Would you say no big deal if he made a KFC and watermellon joke? A beaner joke?

    Personally, I like that Obama questions ideology, not people.

  17. millerbeach says

    Gee, where is it written, either in the Bible or the Book of Mormons, that it’s o.k. to hate? I don’t remember Jesus EVER saying anything even close to that. All I ever learned is that Jesus taught us to love one another. As a matter of fact, it is a vital part of Christianity. Jesus said so. Yet they continue to ignore Him. Not wise. Did I expect anything different from Mitt? No. He succeeded in going down to the lowest of low, and pick on the only group of people who are still o.k. to hate…gays. In their minds, it is justified. This should scare the crap out of every gay man and woman. If this nut gets in, it will be hell for gays in America. It will be hell for a lot of people in America. This monster cannot win. He will bring this nation down. We have suffered enough at the hands of Rethuglicans…it’s time WE take back our nation from these hateful idiots.

  18. DannyEastVillage says

    Bryce, that’s your idea of a sense of humor? you’re in serious need of help–in the form of remedial counseling for internalized homophobia.

  19. says

    I think any homosexual who would vote against Obama should take a gun to his or her head & pull the trigger, before voting that is. Just my opinion. Thank u very much.Oh that includes my hetro rethugliKan brother.

  20. Val says


    No gay man would equate wearing pink ties with being gay in the first place, so that scenario would never happen. It is sinister and you are a moron. And it’s not a “gay voice” when it’s a gay man talking, it’s just a voice. You bigoted asshat.

  21. John says

    Romney doesn’t have a day job, aside from running for President. He has to rely on the $20 million he earns a year from capital gains. One thing he should give up is trying to be funny. He never brings it off.

  22. Awesomer19546 says

    I do not vote presidents for there Humor. The reason i voted for Obama is he actually is with us. He hasn’t done a bad job. And he has a good personality. Obama. Funny Man. This guy Mocks a Gay voice… I didn’t know that there was a voice. I speak how i speak. Like STFU

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