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MLB Pitcher Brandon McCarthy Condemns Kiss Cam Homophobia


Brandon McCarthy, a pitcher for the Oakland A's condemned stadium "kiss cam" operators yesterday in a series of tweets. McCarthy has had enough of camera operators trying to get laughs out of stadium crowds by featuring two presumably heterosexual men.

Wrote McCarthy:

"They put two guys on the 'Kiss Cam' tonight. What hilarity!! (by hilarity I mean offensive homophobia). Enough with this stupid trend...the implication is that two guys kissing is funny. That's offensive to gay males...Plus, it's cheap sh*tty comedy so it sucks on that level as well."



(via nbc sports)

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  1. IH8DumGays

    Posted by: endo | Apr 20, 2012 1:56:32 PM

  2. @endo
    so do I

    Wouldn't you expect I haven't spoken to my straight family since I came out over 20 years ago? So as to what they think, I hope they don't. I hope they are all dead. Or better, slowly wasting away with things like melanoma on the face and bone cancer. I hope the pain medications don't work and it is a slow painful death. I hope they are in such agony their constant mantra is "kill me, kill me,..."

    Posted by: H8Str8s | Apr 20, 2012 2:01:36 PM

  3. My logic is fine...Despising another person for something they had the accident of being born into deserves pity not praise. You are being no different than the guy in a sheet hating blacks for being black. It is inflammatory and counter productive. I'll match my ad hominem with your sweeping generalization

    Posted by: Sense and sensibility | Apr 20, 2012 2:03:43 PM

  4. H8Str8s you can't really be serious can you? If so, then you totally suck.

    Posted by: Sam | Apr 20, 2012 2:11:38 PM

  5. @sense and sensibility.
    You claim that your logic is fine but then you admit to ad hominem. That is a self contradiction. So what are you talking about? My name is not a generalization, it is a political position. I am warning people who read my posts that this is where I am coming from. What we say here involves a certain amount of opinion, so I am letting people know what underlies my opinions.
    Whereas your whole logic was predicated on an ad hominem. Then when I pointed it out you admit it and act like it is o.k.. It is not. It is no way to argue, and if you are going to have pretensions of argueing logically you must abandon it as an arguement.

    Posted by: H8Str8s | Apr 20, 2012 2:17:11 PM

  6. @H8STR8S : His comments were both compassionate intelligent and right on target.There was not even a glimmer or trace of homophobia in what he wrote it was the exact opposite : tolerance and compassion.

    Your name is odd also considering it implies you hate people who are straight.Yes some straights may be homophobic or hate us but not all of them do please keep that in mind.Its never fair to group everyone into one specific bigoted box not everyone is the same in that regard thankfully.

    Posted by: Kenny | Apr 20, 2012 2:17:32 PM

  7. There are meanings of "suck" that have nothing to do with gay men or women.

    I hope there will be guys who are brave enough to "push the envelope" and kiss, even if they're not gay. That's the best way to end this.

    Posted by: rayy | Apr 20, 2012 2:38:35 PM

  8. H8Str8s is an anti gay troll trying to twist these stories by playing a caricature of his idea of what gays are...and in turn, making a martyr out of straights, getting you all to come to bat for straights, and getting us to change the positive narrative of a PRO gay story.

    How foolish you all are to not realize there's anti gay trolls who pollute this site posing as us. AND OFTEN!

    Posted by: USC Trojan Fan | Apr 20, 2012 2:48:16 PM

  9. I agree with you USC Trojan Fan. I smelled homophobic troll, trying to make gays look bad and heteros look victimized, the moment I read his posts. Shame some people are buying it as if we haven't had trolls on this site before.

    Posted by: IonMovies | Apr 20, 2012 2:49:37 PM

  10. Technically, when performing fellatio, one is not really sucking as much as simply mouthing, adding pressure, friction, stimulation, wetting, licking, etc... There's hardly any real SUCKING going on, in all actuality. (At least, with my personal experience.)

    Therefore, sucking isn't something that offends me because I'm not really doing it when having sex. And let's not forget the saying "sucking wind" which really describes a lot of what is going on here.

    I truly feel sorry for H8Str8s.

    I have so many really great, accepting het friends, many more than gay. I don't know where I'd be without them, they are my family, my go-to guys for a shoulder, my fishing buddies, my drinking buddies, my brothers and sisters, my fellow musicians. My world would be amazingly small without them.

    Posted by: johnny | Apr 20, 2012 2:59:11 PM

  11. @USC and ION: Wow how incredibly arrogant and rude to insult people for simply expressing their honest opinions trolls or not some of us are just honest and direct regardless of what the other persons intentions are .

    Posted by: Kenny | Apr 20, 2012 3:10:24 PM

  12. @kenny
    I didn't think his homophobia was conscious. I thought it was the institutionalized form which is so much more insidious because it is done entirely unconsciously. He is not aware he is doing it.
    You say whay you say in a way that can reach me. I can hear you and perhaps change my position as a result of it. I am not wedded to this handle. But I must say, every time I am attacked for it, I cling to it that much harder.

    @usc Trojan Fan
    go trojans

    your bit about straight friends and how great they are is a little lost on me because you say it after you say you feel sorry for me. Would you listen to me if I said I feel sorry for you and then went on to disagree with you? Nobody listens to that. I sense you are not trying to start a fight and you are being sincere so you might want to consider if you are doing any good by offering pitty. You just make me feel more right about my position.
    I wasn't talking about the actual act. I was talking about how the verb "to suck" has been used as a gay slur since I was a young child.

    Posted by: H8Str8s | Apr 20, 2012 3:14:48 PM

  13. H8STR8S, I hope you aren't gone yet. I don’t know if free speech has tremendous benefit to society at large but I would agree that it has tremendous benefit to individuals. I have no idea whether or not your family deserves the ire you place on them. In general, there are biological ties between parents and children that are, more often than not, difficult to sever; you could say I was playing the averages. I assumed you had some sort of positive interaction with straight people at some point.

    So let’s look at your position logically. In the first case there is an epistemic problem. There seems to be a problem in that you assume things you could never know unless you are McCarthy. For example, how could you know that all jocks “on a deeper level hate women and homosexuals”? It isn’t through their actions. Some jocks exhibit tolerant actions like McCarthy; that is, they don’t go around punching gay people. So if it isn’t through his behaviour that we could assess McCarthy, then you either have access to his thoughts or it is reflected in his speech. Since no one knows or has access to another person’s thoughts, you purport that it is reflected in his speech. But if I can demonstrate that hatred is not reflected in his speech, then you are in fact prejudging McCarthy’s character.

    In the second case there is a semantic problem. So a classic semantic theory would hold that meaning is found in definitions or concepts. Words are symbols that refer to objects and thought and speech is merely a manipulation of the symbols. Early 20th century philosophy came up with formal logic and found meaning to be in the words and symbols (this is called the symbolic turn, see Wittgenstein’s “Tractatus”, or Russell’s “On Denoting”). This is partially true.
    But the linguistic turn in the latter half of the 20th century argued that symbols cannot explain all of language (See Austin and later Wittgenstein). Context is king. So one very quick and simple argument against the old view was with the use of indexicals (I, he, she, them, etc.). Take the sentence ‘I like ham’. Depending on who the speaker is, whether it is you or I for example, changes the reference of the term ‘I’. So obviously context matters in interpretation and symbols such as ‘I’ cannot explain meaning sufficiently.

    A philosopher named Grice came up with intentional based semantics. The idea is that meaning is not in the symbols, but in the intent of the speaker (see Grice’s paper “Meaning”). I intend, by using symbols a certain way in a certain context, that an audience understand my symbol and if I am successful in communicating, the audience will recognize my intent. So now I hope you see the trouble with analyzing ‘sucks’ and linking it to homophobia. Even if we suppose that you were successful, which I am not convinced of, analyzing the symbol does not account for the intent of the speaker. It doesn’t seem probable that he intended ‘sucks’ to be taken as a slight against gay men (and intent is crucial in explaining meaning).

    So now let’s return to your first argument. If it isn’t through action or speech (both word-object reference and intent) and you don’t have access to McCarthy’s thoughts, then how could you ever possibly know that on a deeper level all jocks hate women and homosexuals? Thus, epistemic failure.

    Posted by: Brim | Apr 20, 2012 3:18:26 PM

  14. Or simply put, a proper philosophical analysis does not consist only of analyzing definitions of concepts; it also consists of analyzing context and intent. If you think about it, sarcasm has literally the opposite meaning of the words you say. So how could you analyze sarcasm such as 'I reeeeeally like your dress'. The meaning is not in the definitions of the words, but in context and intent. I'm saying that there is a failure to do that with the word 'suck'. Because of the semantic failure, you get an epistemic failure. You cannot know what you claim. So you are pre-judging, or judging before the fact.

    Posted by: Brim | Apr 20, 2012 3:25:16 PM

  15. @brim
    Didn't you read what I said before? It was a near perfect analysis and I wouldn't argue with what you said above. Because it can't be tested for truth value, whether he is homophobic and misogynist is a matter of opinion not fact. As such, I am free to hold any opinion. I can't prove my opinion correct and you can't prove it wrong. You can show it to be unfounded by any fact but you can't show it to be wrong. I hold that opinion because he let slip a word I can take in some sense to be homophobic and I do simply because he is straight. I can only change my views by venting and getting reasoned responses. Because you already told me I suck when you new that would hurt my feelings, you make it impossible for you to get through to me. to change my opinion, you have to appear to be on my side, or at least not an active enemy. You have already shown yourself to be an active enemy, so why try to reason with me? You have already blown your chance at influencing me or my opinions by appearing hostile.
    It is too bad, because I think we could have had an interesting conversation.

    Posted by: H8Str8s | Apr 20, 2012 3:29:15 PM

  16. Back to the actual story at hand...
    It is awesome that a pro sports player on his own accord made a public pro-gay statement. So many times we only see anti-gay statements via twitter, very rarely are there positive statements. This comes off as way more sincere than the MLB Team "It Gets Better" videos, which by the way I find extremely important. They just seem a little forced at times. Better than nothing though.
    But for a guy, on his own, to make a statement. Purely awesome.

    Posted by: Jono | Apr 20, 2012 3:34:04 PM

  17. Why do I have a feeling H8STR8S is the same troll making all these posts and responding to himself. Way to hijack the conversation.

    Posted by: Steve-ATL | Apr 20, 2012 3:34:17 PM

  18. I'd put money on H8STR8S actually being a straight homophobe attempting to gain sympathy for straights all while making gays look bad and extreme. Seen this too many times. So tranparent.

    Posted by: Michelle | Apr 20, 2012 3:35:06 PM

  19. @endo,

    The San Francisco Giants showed a few gay couples kissing on their kiss cam at LGBT night last season. I ended up sitting next to one of the gay couples whose kiss ended up on their cam (who are also my friends), and I was able to get the scoreboard video footage and put it up on YouTube:

    Posted by: Sean Chapin | Apr 20, 2012 3:35:12 PM

  20. Um, no I am not the H8STR8S guy. I just thought I could show him that by prejudging he is doing the thing he hates. He asked me a question about his family life so I was responding to that. He doesn't seem willing to talk anymore, so that's that. But I comment on this site. And I'm not that guy.

    Posted by: Brim | Apr 20, 2012 3:47:05 PM

  21. If the camera caught me and Brandon sitting next to one another, you better believe I'm giving him a long, wet kiss!! WOOF

    Posted by: B-rod | Apr 20, 2012 4:16:44 PM

  22. @brim
    I never said I wasn't prejudgeing. I don't hate straight people because they prejudge. I hate them because all of them have been hurtful to me personally. Not just as a gay person, but as an autistic person, as a short person, etc. Straight people in my personal experience are horrible. You asked what my family would think about my handle and I was responding to that.
    I didn't say I didn't want to talk, I meant to be asking you why you attacked me first and then tried to reason with me second when it was then too late to do any good. I would still like to know why you did that. Isn't it self-defeating?
    I am not wedded to this handle or political position. I can be reasoned away from it, but not by people telling me I suck, calling me a troll, or other names. these things don't shut me up or change my mind. I would find my life easier if I didn't hate straight people consequently I am willing to listen to a good argument. I am not willing to listen to enemies.
    What? You might try to undo the damage by taking back the uncalled for telling me I suck. Had I personally insulted you? I think the only one I attacked was someone outside the community. Then a bunch within the community decided to jump on one of their own. Maybe you would go some way in repairing this conversation if you apologize for attacking me before you tried to reason with me.
    If you tried to reason with me and all I did back was to call you names without responding to any of your arguments, I could see you giving up and calling me names in frustration. that is not what you did. You told me I suck, when I had never directed a mean comment in your direction. You seem well read. Why would someone like you do something like that?

    Posted by: H8Str8s | Apr 20, 2012 4:18:33 PM

  23. H8STR8S is a troll.

    Don't feed the trolls, guys and gals.

    Posted by: B-rod | Apr 20, 2012 4:23:13 PM

  24. @B-ROD
    You don't read well do you? Calling me a troll neither shuts me up nor changes my mind. What I believe you are trying to do is to shut me up. Are you afraid of what I have to say? Do you use the verb "to suck" all the time and are embarassed you have been caught being self-loathing? Is this a defensive reaction? Do you not like free speech?

    Posted by: H8Str8s | Apr 20, 2012 4:56:01 PM

  25. @B-ROD
    You are not ingnoring me. By your own logic, stop feeding the trolls! Shut the F*CK UP!

    Posted by: H8Str8s | Apr 20, 2012 4:57:16 PM

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