North Carolina AG Roy Cooper Comes Out Against ‘Unclear’ Amendment One

6a00d8341c730253ef0168eaa4a972970c-200wiAs public support slips for North Carolina's Amendment One, state Attorney General Roy Cooper has announced that he will vote against the constitutional measure that further strengthens prohibitions on same-sex marriage and bans domestic partnerships and civil unions.

"I am writing you today to let you know I am voting against Amendment One in next month's primary elections on May 8th. I believe it is unclear, unwise and unnecessary. Amending our constitution demands careful deliberation along with precise language – both are missing here," Cooper wrote in a letter to voters, according to the News & Observer.

"Amendment One's lack of clarity will also result in a significant amount of litigation on many issues which will be decided by courts for years to come. This should be avoided. Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your Attorney General and letting me share my thoughts with you about this issue." This isn't the same as saying the amendment unfairly targets LGBT people, but it's at least something.

In other Amendment One news, prominent medical organizations including the North Carolina Psychological Association, the North Carolina Psychiatric Association, National Association of Social Workers, have come together to denounce the measure as an "anti-child amendment" that hurts families.

North Carolina voters head to polls on May 8. Until then, you can support the fight against Amendment One.


  1. TampaZeke says

    If only it could be made more clear that it will ONLY apply to queer couples THEN he could support it. It reminds me of the Arizona amendment that failed because people were concerned that it might hurt REAL people, IMPORTANT people, STRAIGHT people. So they revamped it to make it clear that it ONLY applied to QUEERS and then it passed easily.

  2. jpeckjr says

    I’m going to try not to get upset when someone opposes this amendment for any reason. Something can be bad law for any number of reasons. The Attorney General is not calling for it to be made more clear. He is calling for it to be defeated. A defeat of this kind of amendment in North Carolina will be a good thing for LGBT folks.

  3. anthony says

    Amendment One should pass so that those Dear People can figure that they screwed themselves.

  4. Wdeanis says

    Would’t that be hilarious Anthony?! Then I would have to move from my native state so I could laugh at my neighbors from afar!