1. Sam says

    Just goes to show what people actually know about the first ammendment. Threatening to kill someone is not “protected speech”.

  2. Andy says

    That could be interpreted as a veiled threat to Obama, but he may have meant that he’ll just have to shoot someone because he’ll be so mad–not necessarily Obama.

  3. Brod says

    If I get to chose, I’d like to see Nugent not only dead, but stuffed and put on display with a rifle inserted up his ass.

  4. Caliban says

    Does it really matter WHO he was threatening to murder if he didn’t get his way politically?

    It’s unfortunate that during all his playing around with weapons and ordnance Nugent hasn’t blown himself up yet. Hope springs eternal.

  5. JoeRogansRapeFantasy says

    Promises promises Ted. As we all know, like every chickenhawk Ted is a huge craven mess of a seditious coward. He’d never go after the transnational corps and lobbying groups like ALEC for corrupting our political sector. That would take integrity and yes, balls. Things the “Nuge” fears more than anything.

  6. says

    Yeah, Scalia, Thomas, Alito and Roberts….all guilty of not understanding a living constitution.

    This guy is clearly a traitor to his country and has no respect for the President whom the people have elected.

    He’s also seen too many Hollywood movies and not enough French ones.
    Any questions ? yeah, can you read ?

  7. Henry Holland says

    Ah, Nugent, with his lust for young teen girls, a lust so powerful that he married one just so he could bone her before she was legal. What a guy!

  8. Brian B. says

    this is what we liberals/democrats/progressives have to deal with. an obstructionist opposition that is extreme AND crazy.

    remember this people, next time others try to make false equivalencies. there is not equal partisanship on both sides.

  9. Brian B. says

    “we’ll be a suburb of indonesia next year.”

    wtf this this guy talking about?! people like this are so ignorant and radical that it’s insane. such trash.

  10. VDUFFORD says

    Tic for Tat… our own Hillary Rosen whipping boy? This guy is really offensive not only to women but to anyone still breathing.

  11. anon says

    Ah, yes, the hierarchy of vague laws. Why would they even announce an investigation? Obviously, they don’t take it too seriously. Ted should lay off the sauce.

  12. 99% says

    Reading these posts, please remember, if you look at the audience, there are people intently listing to his every word. He may not be the one pulling a trigger, but someone with even more wires loose than Ted will surely feel obliged to fulfill this nut cases orders.

    I just keep thinking of Sharon Angle and her “2nd Amendment Remedies” when talking about how to handle Harry Reid.

    And this is oxygen to the Cable News outlets.

  13. VDUFFORD says

    I would not take good ol’ boy Nugent for granted he has been around a long time and he is ingrained in the NRA subculture. Out here in Kansas he’s the next thing to the pope. And that is dangerous!

  14. Pointed says

    Who the F is Ted “who the hell cares” Nugent, anyway. I am old enough to have heard his “music?”, which sukced. I vote for dead, because I don’t want my tax dollars going to support this “has-been if he ever-was” jerk while in jail.

  15. newz4i says

    Veterans of America hopefully would support an agreement signed by the White House and Vietnam in order to throw this draft dodger behind bars for four years in Hanoi … FOR FOUR YEARS: 2012 – 2016. GO OBAMA !!!

  16. bowhuntr says

    Hey Ted,

    Lean into the strike zone and take one for the team…just shoot yourself!

  17. CKNJ says

    It’s really alarming to see the knuckledraggers in listening to him nodding ‘sagely’ in agreement to the crap that pours out this old has-been traitor’s mouth! Listen to how many things he says which can be interpreted as threatening (to the President and others) and outright lies… and the idiots at the NRA convention actually LISTEN to him and take him seriously? What a f*cked up place this will be if sauce-addled morons like him ever get their way!

  18. Jack says

    1) It’s not clearly even a threat at all. There are a number of reasons why he could be in prison, and a number of reasons he could be dead.

    2) Even if interpreted as a ridiculously veiled threat, it’s still vague and ambiguous, and doesn’t constitute a “true threat” and cannot be punished.

    Like it or not, that’s the law.

  19. antb says

    “I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year.”

    Well Ted, from your mouth to God’s ear.

  20. happyday says

    Yep, that was pretty much a direct threat, but don’t expect the Secret Service to do much “investigating”. We all know what they are interested in.

  21. dave says

    Saddam Hussein made the same threats against the former President of the United States. Personally There’s not a President past, present or future that I wouldn’t take bullet for. I’m an American, Ted’s not.

  22. jamal49 says

    Hey, Ted! Had sex with any underage girls lately? Remember, Ted? You married one years ago when she was 17 (you started with her when she was 15)? Remember? Ted, you are a punk, a fat, wasted, alcoholic punk without your gun, Ted. Meet me outside the radio station this afternoon and I’ll show you what this liberal will do with your loud, ugly, stupid, ignorant @$$.

  23. dave says

    Ted along with Rush and Cheney and all the radicals were draft dodgers ( Students ). Another character issue is, at age 30 he couldn’t legally marry a 17 year old Hawaiian girl so he paid her parents to make him her legal guardian to avoid being arrested. Now at 64 he’s all fired up about weapons. As a Vietnam vet, I too support gun rights but have seen the result of gunfire and violence to advocate it as Nugent does. Maybe if he would have his rhetoric would be more subdued than the Rambo complex he has.

  24. Graywolf says

    After reading the above comments I wonder how many of you are old enough to remember the Death camps in Germany WW2. Ted has been taken out of context . Those in govt. are in fear that the people will see how they are being sold down the toilet. The UN is out to disarm this country and the Govt.Czars are working for the down fall of our country. So wake up and look for the truth. The present policys of this government are tearing down our way of life. God help us!

  25. taketwo says

    What concerns me more is why the media is even giving this lunatic any publicity at all. All they are doing is helping his cause. Media you need to stop giving people like him any attention at all.