1. sylina says

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  2. Curt says

    Don’t ya just love the negative reviews from the professional film critics weighing in on a trailer? Save it till after ya see the movie sister.

  3. RONTEX says

    Hey Paul, hold that position, I’ll be right over. It actually looks pretty funny and anyone in a long term relationship can identify with the phrase, “hey, can you take a look at this”?

  4. Jeff R. says

    The “Pay back” line/bit was funny. Other than that, it’s just another WELCOME TO MIDDLE AGE film… it’s been done before. Next. Maybe if it’s in the $5.00 bin at Wal-Mart.

  5. Tarc says

    It looks like he’s written his first movie where the women aren’t all horribe evil harridans. So far, he’s got a terrible track record with his females… but hey, there is hope.

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