1. Mike says

    Clicked through to post what Chad posted. I can’t think of a song more inappropriate for the passive upper-nasal voice. And yet, here they are presenting it that way :(

  2. MattS says

    @David, you are right. That group (Walk Off The Earth) is fantastic (and cute, especially the first guy who sings).

    Pentatonix was truly amazing on the last season of The Sing Off. They won and deservedly so. I wouldn’t be surprised if Pentatonix would be the first group from The Sing Off to have commercial success. They really are that good.

  3. Strepsi says

    I get all kinds of angst and emotion from this, don’t harsh on the Pentatonix! They were really fantastic on THE SING-OFF.

    Also, the charity they supported was the Trevor Project.

    They’re all kinds of gay, and all kinds of adorable.

    That said, I do not like this cover as much as I liked their adorkable nu-80’s a capella cover of Video Killed The Radio Star:

  4. Chadd says

    I’m always amazed that people who are critical of others feel it is very important to share that critique for everyone to hear and actually take the time and effort to post it. I think the world could use a little less negativity and more heartfelt, chilling performances like this one.

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