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Police Actions, Media Reaction Surrounding Manhattan Beach Sex Sting Criticized

The L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center is protesting the publishing of the names and photos of 18 men arrested in an undercover sex sting at a Manhattan Beach men's room earlier this month, the L.A. Times reports:

ManhattanbeachJim Key, chief spokesman for the Gay & Lesbian Center, said the Manhattan Beach Police Department could have worked with the center to try to stop men from meeting in the restroom, located beside the beach at the foot of Marine Avenue. Key said the Los Angeles Police Department took the public education approach, rather than mass arrests, to cut down on a public sex problem at Griffith Park.

Darrel Cummings, the center’s chief of staff, said news organizations should use more discretion before identifying suspects in what he called a victimless crime. “Naturally we don’t condone illegal activity of any kind,” Cummings said in a statement, “but these men haven’t been proven guilty and historically, charges such as those leveled against them have involved police entrapment. Publishing their photos serves no purpose other than to humiliate and destroy their lives.”

The Center suggested names and mugshots were released because double standards were applied due to the same-sex nature of the incidents:

Key argued that some big-city police departments are less likely to release photos and that Manhattan Beach should exercise more discretion. Among the media that displayed some, or all, of the photos were the Torrance-based Daily Breeze newspaper; the alternative LA Weekly newspaper; CBS2, KCAL9, NBC4 and KTLA, the latter owned by Tribune Co., which also owns the Los Angeles Times.

Manhattan Beach Arrest 18 in Sex Sting [tlrd]

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  1. Here is an old 45 minute Mike Wallace report on Homosexuality that aired on CBS in the 1960's.

    Maybe some of you fancy yourself as experts, based on your own open queerness, what avenues you feel are open to men who feel compelled to frequent public bathrooms.

    I am not interested in spending anymore time trying to persuade self-righteous bigots.

    But I thought you might like to view this old Mike Wallace report.

    Posted by: Ricco | Apr 11, 2012 6:51:35 AM

  2. You can save a lot of time if you stick to the topic at hand.

    How, specifically, am i "self-righteous bigot" for pointing out that
    1. sexual conduct in public restrooms is illegal
    2. none of us can offer any useful outreach and support to someone who chooses a rest-stop as their only Gay Outlet

    Yes, that's a video from 45 years ago.

    It's now 2012.

    Im not sure what you think i "fancy myself an expert" on. Common sense, and knowing what acts can get you arrested? Um, I suppose. But I'm not an expert on those things, I'm just aware of them.

    Stick to the topic, please.

    Posted by: LittleKiwi | Apr 11, 2012 11:05:48 AM

  3. Homosexual activities are useless & harmful - Homo & lesbian activities are comparable to drug junkyism-it's best for homosexuals & lesbians to be celibate even if orientation doesn't change. Sex is supposed to be limited to penis-vaginal sex only between man & woman.

    Yes, American laws allows gay/lesbian activities by consenting adults but these 18 homos committed a crime. The bathroom is the place to use the toilet & wash up, not sex. Any1 who sees nothing wrong with what these 18 homos did have something wrong with them.

    Many 'gay bashings' happen after gays harass other men in public restrooms & the man reacts by bashing or killing the gay. It wouldn't surprise me if some of these 18 homos have committed homosexual rapes on others in the bathroom. Any1 who sees nothing wrong with homosexuals harassing others in the bathroom has something wrong with them. We need 'gay bashings' to stop homo like these. This article proves just how evil homosexuals are. Finally Matthew Shepard was a METHEW Shepard because Methew W. Shepard used Ecstasy & he once falsely accused some1 of a crime that didn't happen-2 months before his death.

    Posted by: snowisfun | Apr 11, 2012 12:33:50 PM

  4. thank you snowisfun, for posting the exact same thing that you copy-and-paste on literally every gay/queer/lgbt site on the internet.

    your obsession with homosexuality is duly noted. one hand types attempts at anti-gay rhetoric, the other hand masturbates furiously. and by other hand i mean two little fingers in search of girth and coming up empty. have a nice life.

    Posted by: LittleKiwi | Apr 11, 2012 12:44:42 PM

  5. Did somebody rob a bank? Were guns used and was someone murdered in cold blood? Were any children abused, hurt or killed? The answer to all these questions is NO. Behold, I give you a modern witchhunt: a few men had a lapse of good judgment and are alleged to have had a furtive sexual experience involving consenting adults in a public restroom, and it’s treated as if it were the crime of the century. The authorities proclaim that they were just doing what they always do when they released the photos and names to the press of the arrested perpetrators. But here’s the thing, these perps were probably Q U E E R S. And you know- this is the kind of thing that QUEERS do! So what if the photos are published, and people lose their jobs, find their relationships in tatters over UNPROVEN allegations. They’re probably QUEERS and they deserve what happens to them.

    Of course these men committed a “crime”. But spitting on the sidewalk or throwing trash are also “crimes” in some jurisdictions, subject to arrest. When was the last time you saw the photo of a perp arrested for such a “crime”? Ah, but this is more serious, you say. This is homoSEXual, don’t you know, and it’s DIRTY and DISGUSTING behavior. Nice, smart people do not and should not have sex in public bathrooms. They should know better. Throw the book at them!

    Ever kissed your same-sex lover passionately at the end of a date while sitting in a car? Hold hands walking down the street? Exchanged affectionate chatter while sitting together in a restaurant or a bar? Don’t even think of doing this in Manhattan Beach! You might just find yourself arrested, and if it’s a slow-enough news day, your photo on the TV.

    Posted by: Unbelievable | Apr 12, 2012 1:54:47 PM

  6. Correction: First line of the third paragraph of my post should have read, "Of course, these men may have committed a crime." I do NOT believe that any of these men are guilty until their guilt has been proven.

    Posted by: Unbelievable | Apr 12, 2012 6:22:16 PM

  7. LittleKiwi, you have smoked too much crack with your Black Crack lesbian friend Pam Spaulding that you write fictions about me. You further prove that homo/lesbian activities are comparable to drug junkyism as METHEW W. Shepard also used ecstasy.

    Any1 who sees no wrong with what these 18 homos did has something wrong with them. Perhaps a job MEthew W. Shepard's 2 killers can do would be security work to make sure homos don't harass others in bathrooms & if a homo tries to do what these 18 (OK allegedly as innocents sometimes are arrested) did, then they can bash the homosexual to make sure the homo don't do this to any1 else. They'll make 10 cents an hour but that's a job the prison officals can give to METHEW Shepard's killers.

    Lawrence Fobes King used to masturbate in front of other boys & ask for sex in the bathroom before little bastard Lawrence King was shot & killed in class in 2008 by a boy who could no longer take Lawrence Fobes King's abuse. Some gays just need to be bashed. If homos want to have their useless homosexual/lesbian sex, then do it in their home. But if homos harass others in bathrooms, then bash the queer. Homosexual/lesbian activities should be made a crime like drug junkyism anyhow & transexuals are worse-abolish sex change maimings.

    Posted by: snowisfun | Apr 13, 2012 11:27:04 AM

  8. snowisfun, you're just a coward who can't put a face to his comments. move along, plebe.

    unbelievable, i'm puzzled by your posts. i, and most others here, don't condone the publishing of names and photographs AT ALL - innocent until proven guilty.

    But I'm puzzled as to your basis for comparison:

    "Ever kissed your same-sex lover passionately at the end of a date while sitting in a car?"
    Yes. And on the subway, and on trains, and on streetcars, and on the street.
    "Hold hands walking down the street?"
    Yes. Daily.
    "Exchanged affectionate chatter while sitting together in a restaurant or a bar?"

    Are you claiming that people get arrested for those specific things in Manhattan beach? Do you have citations where you can show that people have been arrested for these things?

    My boyfriend and I are always affectionate in public. We've never, however, had sex in a public facility that is open for the use of other people who seek to use it as the bathroom-facility it was meant for.

    Are you saying that the men who engage in sex in public bathrooms DON'T know better?

    I dunno....I'm an adult. Adults have responsibilities and part of that is being responsible with your sex. a "lapse in judgment"? it's a lapse that can lead to you being arrested. just as a "lapse in judgment" about condom usage can lead to you contracting numerous potentially life-changing sexually transmitted diseases.

    at some point adults need to take responsibility for themselves and their actions. don't let the heat of the moment cloud your rational judgment. be safe and responsible with your sex. use condoms. and think about where you're engaging in your behaviors. if you're one who feels a need to protect your identity and that you are not yet ready to Come Out to some capacity, I cannot understand why you would put yourself in a situation that could lead to you not only being Outed but ARRESTED and possibly charged and convicted of what is still deemed a criminal offense.

    that said, id personally love to get arrested and have my name and picture all over the newsmedia for "kissing my boyfriend in public" - id make damn sure the entire world saw it, too.

    Posted by: LittleKiwi | Apr 16, 2012 5:08:27 PM

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