Radio Personality To Father: Have Your Daughter Raped Straight

WMMSDOMINICDIETERX390Radio listeners in Cleveland received a rude jolt yesterday morning when Dominic Dieter of Rover's Morning Glory — a talk show on the massively influential WMMS 100.7, "The Buzzard" — told a father that his possibly-gay daughter should be raped straight.


According to the incident reports (and later confirmed to us by an executive for Clear Channel, the station's parent company), the anti-gay remark was made by Dominic Dieter, one of the "Rover's Morning Glory" cast members.  Responding to an e-mail from a father who (for reasons unknown) wrote to the station to say that he'd happened upon his teenage daughter kissing another girl. Deiter responded to the father, on-air, by saying:

"You should get one of your friends to screw your daughter straight."

This is not okay.  Not on any level, and not in any context.  We trust that the majority of fair-minded Americans will agree. Make no mistake, if this young woman is, in fact, gay - or if she's simply not interested in having sex with any of her father's friends, then what Dieter is suggesting is rape.

That's right, Dieter. Rape is not funny, and "corrective rape" happens to be a real and hideous thing

GLAAD's calling for Dieter's suspension, and for an apology, and for Rover's Morning Glory to produce "a segment speaking about the real harms that can come from parental rejection." If you'd like to let WMMS know your thoughts, the station's emailable at, and the general manager, Gary Mincer, may be reached at 216-520-2600. 


  1. say what says

    “GLAAD’s calling for Dieter’s suspension, and for an apology”

    GLAAD is weak

    He should be fired and not suspended and no apology is necessary. Just get him fired = huge impact as vs suspension and apology

  2. Mike says

    The time for Mr. Nice guy is over – suspension?? NO – GLAAD, stand up where women all over the world putting up with the same thing in real life cannot. FIRE his ass. Either that or he needs to be raped until he is gay – let’s just see how effective that really is.

  3. Commenter says

    GLAAD’s statement trusting that “the majority of fair-minded Americans will agree” would have better read: “Obviously all fair-minded Americans will agree.”

  4. Leo says

    I’d be incredibly surprised if the national news doesn’t latch onto this within the next few hours.

    Regardless, I hope he’s blacklisted from radio altogether…but – wishful thinking…

  5. Leroy Laflamme says

    I was going to sat exactly what DASTIUS KRAZITAUC said, but I was so outraged I could barely find the right keys. I have so many other ‘antis’ lined up, but let me just leave with ‘anti-social’. Any hateful creature insensitive enough to say something so shocking in a public forum must be removed from society, not just from the airwaves. And what fool writes about such subject matter to a radio show with a (notoriously?) controversial announcer in the first place? *purses lips & squints eyes in suspicion.

  6. sduncan says

    How did “screw” become “rape”? Not defending this guy, but I think the remarks should be presented accurately, if we’re going to be outraged by them.

  7. Francis says

    OK………..really? I really am reading what I think I’m reading? I shouldn’t be shocked, but the depths of sexism and homophobia displayed here, and by many men across this country recently, honestly leaves me speechless and is a major punch to the gut. What a disgusting person Mr. Dieter is.

    Immediate firing is required, and it’s probably going to happen. The backlash here has already begun and will get heavier throughout day and weekend. But it’s these kind of statements which make you realize women and LGBTQ individuals are still not really fully respected by society at large. Because meatheads like this feel absolutely no shame and no filter towards saying whatever they want in regards to their hateful view towards women and gays. Completely pathetic.

  8. Leroy Laflamme says

    @SDUNCAN -“You should get one of your friends to screw your daughter straight.” Sounds like ” You should contract one of your male accomplices to stick his penis into your daughter’s vagina without her permission & shove it in & out repeatedly until she turns heterosexual – that is,assuming she is a lesbian in the first place.” Feel better about your ridiculous post now? @ the rest of the commenters – let the outrage continue! I worry that the mainstream media doesn’t pick this story up, especially since it currently finds itself so concerned with the relationship between Kanye West & Kim Kardashian.

  9. Storm says

    “Screw” becomes “rape” when one reads the rest of the comment, “You should get one of your friends to screw your daughter straight.”

    He should get one of HIS friends… not one of HER friends (no better, if without her consent, mind), not asking HER if she wants it, not considering HER in the matter at all, except as an object to be “screwed” by someone most likely significantly older than she is. Whether or not someone else MIGHT be willing to give the talk show personality a pass, since he said “screw” and not “rape”, it simply sounds hideous to me, no matter what word he chose. No mention is made of discussing the issue with her at all, and without consent, “screw” = “rape”.

    Also, like Leroy, I have my concerns about a father who would send this question into a radio talk show such as this, in the first place.

  10. Storm says

    @LEROY LAFLAMME Looks like we had the same impression… just took me longer to type it.

    @FRANCIS (& others) I also hope that this person is fired.

  11. Bob R says

    People need to start legally challenging the licenses of these stations and filing complaints with the FCC. Radio and television are granted use of the public airwaves to provide a public service to the communities they serve. Unfortunately, a lot of these problems with the media are a result of Bill Clinton’s deregulation triangulation with the Conservative Republicans and his approval of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. That’s why we have more right wing stations and consolidated ownership by major corporations.

    If this station was locally owned, we’d have greater leverage, but it is a Clear Channel operation and they are less responsive to local pressure unless they face a legal challenges to their license.

    This creep should be fired, an apology and suspension do not speak loud enough.

  12. Malaysian Ho says

    So get one of your adult friend to screw your gay (also maybe minor ) daughter ?

    ah yes, teenage daughter, it says. I wonder if calling for child rape is a criminal offense.

  13. StraightGrandmother says

    It takes a lot to shock me. I am older and thought I had heard it all. But this truly does shock me. It’s creepy, icky. He is telling the father to get a friend of his, therefore an older man to have sex with the young woman. Just think about it if the father takes this advice. Just think about that. This is disgusting. E-mails sent. We need to ALL send e-mails.

  14. marilyn says

    I read this an hour ago & am still sick to my stomach. Dieter should be fired immediately, no questions asked. Pack it up & don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. ClearChannel should be aware of the Internet strength. Rape is not funny, Rape is not a joke. No one deserves to be raped, but maybe make an exception for Dieter

  15. beachbet says

    Danswon-your link takes me to a story that says he threw a bottle from the stage into a crowd….Not exactly smashing a bottle in someone’s face. Why don’t you twist the facts a little bit more? Bunch of left wing whackos…you don’t like what they say, turn the channel….Stop trying to force your beliefs on the rest of us. He NEVER said rape! Get off your high horse and at least present the facts….He NEVER smashed a bottle in anyone’s face, was just stupid to throw one….SHEESH you people!

  16. says

    I love how the DJ’s world is one where our most recent sexual acts define us. “She’s been with a girl? Well, be with a guy! That’ll make her straight!” Like a ‘momentum’ bar on his latest version of Madden football, how many hits does it take to get to the end zone…I wonder if he’s just parroting, like a neglected child pining for an absent parents attention. Or if he really let slip a sightline to his secret psychology, his own needs to dominate? “I made you straight, I made you gay…” I can just see the locked trunk resting behind the broken closet door under the faded polyester Indians blanket..

  17. MKisNE says

    It’s beyond being a shock jock that is a straight up insult to that man, his daughter, and gay people listening. I often support free speech among shock jocks but this feels different, they do have to walk a line.

  18. Logan says

    Forget contacting the station or ClearChannel, contact the sponsors, especially the corporate ones like McDonalds. Losing money is the only thing they will react to and sponsors hate being dragged into controversy.

  19. Matt says

    This is disgusting. He should be fired, blacklisted, and altogether ruined. Then, should he ever be raped, he should be laughed at and mocked. Rape is nothing funny. Rape is nothing to laugh about, and yet here he is doing so. He should be raped, then laughed at. A “tough guy” like him would easily break under the pressure.

  20. Bernie says

    and I will bet the next statement from this dj and/or its station is; he was only joking and that his audience knows he was only joking; that response is a load of crap! rape is unacceptable on any level and the use of “correcective” rape is what they do in third world countries; if they let this guy keep his job, he needs to make a public apology and work with GLADD or another GLBT organization to help educate his listeners

  21. twistedliberalmedia says

    SDUNCAN and BEACHBET: You’re wasting your time. Liberal hatemongers are looking for sensation, not for facts. In their world,
    when folks “screw”, it means rape. In their world, he couldn’t POSSIBLY have been implying that the “screwing” could be consensual. Sadly, in OUR world, for us to argue “semantics” (‘screw’ vs ‘rape’/throwing a bottle into a crowd vs. smashing a bottle into a woman’s face) makes us homophobes and/or misogynists.

  22. Eric says

    The word “screw” is not the same as “rape”, more and more article headlines on this site are becoming misleading. I would have never bothered reading this if it said “You should get one of your friends to screw your daughter straight.” Offensive, yes but not really news.

  23. rob says

    You reap what you sow. Anyone coming into contact with this bigoted scumbag should physically assault him. And if Clear Channel doesn’t fire him, they and their advertisers should be boycotted and their license to broadcast should be suspended. Also Dieter needs to be brought up on criminal charges.

  24. jack says

    Dieter may be the only person in the country that doesn’t know what an absolute scum bag he is. The “man” is beneath contempt. I would call him pond scum, except that pond scum has some redeeming qualities.

  25. jack says

    @Nick: Be specific. Tell us what you mean. Hopefully, you are not saying that you would like to be f**ked by this would be scum bag rapist. Please tell us that you have some sense of self worth.

  26. John Hedtke says

    My eldest daughter, who I love dearly, is lesbian. I’ve never had a problem with that and anyone that does can deal with it quietly and on their own time. Someone who tried to “screw her straight” would have a life full of incident thereafter. They would also have a great many opportunities before they died to learn that rape does not make you change your sexual orientation… but I’m sure they wouldn’t appreciate the learning experience.

    Firing this cretin is a good start, but it’s not adequate. I’d love to get the station into trouble with the FCC as well. Station licenses are worth MILLIONS and if you can adequately demonstrate that a station is not living up to its obligations, it is possible, even in these corporate-backed times, to get a station’s license pulled if enough people complain. Putting pressure on the Cleveland mayor and even the state legislature would also help the trickle-down effect.

  27. R says

    You guys are all way too stupid to be on here. This is a talk show that makes fun of everything, even themselves. I am not condoning his behavior. But to say he needs fired is ridiculous. If you or your kids and family believe the things you here on radio then have yourself committed. You are not smart enough to be among the rest of us..

  28. Tim says

    He apologized on the radio today, this show is designed to be ‘shocking’ and ‘controversial’.

    His views are identical to 50%+ of america, including California who voted down gay marriage.

    I disagree fully, but pretending like his views are unique is a falacy.

  29. Jay says

    I feel like if you dont listen to the show it really doesnt concern you and you cannont have an opinion on this matter. Sure it is a serious statement but if you are only getting upset because someone told you about it, then its unfair to judge someone off of second hand knowledge. The guy apoligized and his job is to shock people, He did not mean what he said and was not thinking about the how serious his words really are. Everyone makes mistakes, do you really want to ruin someones life and cause them to lose their job over something stupid he said. He tlks for 4 hours a day so sometimes its had to filter or think about the impact of what he says. He apoligized and I feel like a suspension is more than enough of a punishment.

  30. kurtis says

    Wtf he didn’t suggest rape he just made a joke not even refferencing rape DIETER RULES people should stop being so damn sensitive …..loose his job please…..

  31. beachbet says

    @TWISTEDLIBERALMEDIA Your name says it all! You are so right! Twisting words to suit their agenda….Doesn’t anyone have a spine anymore? I have red hair, call me a Ginger! Who cares? That’s supposed to be some awful thing to call people these days….it’s just a word people…Stop reading into what he said, and actually listen to what he said! You don’t know his intent, you don’t live in his mind, so stop interpreting what Dieter said so it fits your “cause”, go find another one…I, for one, am tired of all your crybabies being so offended by everything. I am tired of having God taken out of our schools and government b/c someone might be offended! The First Amendment guarantees him the right to free speech and he exercised it, You don’t like what you hear, cover your ears, turn the channel to one of you liberal shows like CNN that tell only one side. But, don’t force Dieter off the air b/c some of us actually find him and the show entertaining and you are now infringing on MY rights to listen to him and it! Back off you whackos and go find a different soap box to stand on!

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