1. Cherry says

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  2. Rrhain says

    I see Romney has the selective amnesia of the typical Republican. “Worst job creation record in modern history”? I guess we went straight from Clinton to Obama with absolutely nothing in between.

    From 2000 to 2009, there was zero net job growth. In fact, more private-sector jobs were created in 2010 alone than during the entire Bush administration. If you take a look at the numbers, you see it really did start turning around the moment Obama took office: The decline in private-sector jobs was running away on a downward spiral during Bush and when Obama took office, it started slowing down and then went positive in 2010.

    Now, does this mean we’re doing great? Of course not. The public sector is getting hammered due to austerity measures, the stimulus (which wasn’t big enough to begin with) is running out, and there is very little hope of convincing Congress to do what it takes to get the country moving against by passing a more massive stimulus package. But, despite these matters, 2010 saw more than half the total number of jobs created (private- and public-sector) than during the entire 8 years Bush was in office.

    In fact, when we look at job numbers, we find that Democratic administrations have always done better than Republican ones. From the end of WWII up through Bush, there were five Democratic and six Republican presidents. All five Democrats beat all six Republicans in job creation. Yes, even Reagan (whose numbers are propped up due to the expansion of public-sector jobs he ushered in). In fact, Carter is #2 on the list behind Clinton.

  3. jack says

    “neither will your gay sons” Part of kiwi’s criticism of Romney, Has he any proof that Romney’s sons are gay? And if they are is that a bad thing? As usual kiwi just rants.

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