1. ByTheBay says

    If you wanted to be taken seriously, would you go to great lengths to make yourself look like a foolish freak show ripped from the book of negative gay stereotypes?

    No, you wouldn’t. FAIL.

  2. says

    what are these negative gay stereotypes and what makes them specifically, and inherently, “negative”?

    ENDA is important. LGBT people and our allies talking about ENDA is important. President Obama has himself called on our community to “keep pressuring him.”

    this may not be the time and place for this action, but perhaps they will indeed find a way to make their point in an appropriate manner.

    if nothing else, at least there’s discussion about it, and ENDA, happening in the media again. this alone is a good thing.

  3. BrokebackBob says

    ONG, the hair undermines everything about
    what they are trying to accommplish?
    Frankly, I might discriminate based on
    that sue me.

  4. jim says

    So, did they do it, and what was the response?

    I think it’s a bit strange that they did the media circus BEFORE the event, kinda makes them come off as attention-seekers.

  5. Gregv says

    Well, to be fair, it is Easter, so maybe there are face-painting booths, bunny ears to wear and this guy found his way to the “color your hair like an Easter egg” booth.
    I find terms like “LGBT” cliche and awkward in contexts like this. The subtitle on the TV screen calls them “an LGBT couple?”. The rough equivalent would be calling Oprah a “Black male/ Black/ Bi-Racial/ Albino” person.

  6. ByTheBay says


    These clowns showed up at the ABQ airport trolling for local media attention in these getups.

    This wasn’t some post-festivities disaster. It was a sad, self-inflicted, calculated train wreck. And it undermines us all.

    These two should be ashamed of themselves.

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