1. jack says

    Stern has perhaps the brightest and most thoughtful person in the media today on his show and he can’t resist asking her vulgar questions.

  2. David Hearne says

    Everyone who goes on Stern knows what he’s in for. I like Rachel, it’s just a shame that she’s on the wrong side of a couple of big issues; illegal immigration/aliens and the Second Amendment.

  3. Todd says

    Anyone who goes on Howard’s show gets asked those questions. Love Rachel Maddow but she knew what she was in for. This was actually mild compared to what he has asked others.

  4. says

    I have been listening to Howard for over 15 years. I have never understood why he isn’t recognized by an GLADD. He always been very pro gay. Howard reaches a wide audience, so it’s great he sends out such a positive message about gay people.

  5. H8Str8s says

    Howard stern has used the word Faggot publicly. He is a loathesome slug. I feel sorry for Rachel she has to whore herself this way.

  6. says

    …Stern has actually been a rather outspoken advocate of the gay communities, and has continually called out the bigotry and prejudice that still plagues our western culture.

    i’m not sure what the problem is.

  7. H8Str8s says

    And he has used the word faggot publicly which is an inexcusable offense. He is a hypocrite. He says those things because his audience is young and they vote for gay rights. He is actually a homophobe.

  8. says

    your screen name is “H8STR8S”

    you hate straight people, but aren’t heterophobic, yet Stern continues to speak out in support of the LGBT Community and you decide that he’s homophobic.

    cuckoo. cuckoo.

  9. H8Str8s says

    I am heterophobic. That is why I have the screen name H8Str8s. I decide Stern is homophobic because he has used the word faggot in public. A non homophobe would never think to use such language. He has used it. He is a homophobe. Use of that word is not something one can take back. He said it; it sticks to him.
    I haven’t insulted you personally. Please stop taking our disagreements so personally. I don’t hate you, you are presumeably gay. I want you on my side.

  10. doogiehowsah says

    he headline for this story, while technically correct, is misleading, and typical for Stern-bashers who pick his jokes and prurient questions out of context to make him seem sexist or homophobic. On the contrary, the interview was smart, respectful, and fascinating, and Stern has spent months talking about his respect (and indeed attraction) to Maddow. Moreover, Stern has done more for gay rights than a million Lady Gagas, actually bringing his proudly pro-gay message to a huge audience of exactly the kind of people who need to hear it, rather than preaching to the choir. He’s a hero of the gay rights movement, and it’s sad that Towleroad feels the need to get “tabloidy” with a misleading headline that perpetuates misconceptions about him and his show.

  11. H8Str8s says

    And you forgive the use of the word faggot in public? Heros like this we do not need.

  12. says

    I have no room for anti-straight bigots on “my” side.

    I believe everyone is capable of redemption. a man who once used the word “faggot” who goes out of his way to promote and encourage Equality for LGBT people is doing the right thing.

    Coming onto a gay website to hate straight people doesn’t make you impressive.

    Now, no need to complain about Gaga while championing Stern. Gaga’s giving a lot of empowerment and love to “the choir” – and she’s helping a lot of young people find strength in who and what they are. There’s room for both of them, each doing much-valued work for their target demographics.

  13. H8Str8s says

    And you aren’t an anti-white bigot? I’ve seen what you’ve written here and condoned.
    Go ahead and suck up to a homophobe.
    Yes, why attack lady Gaga while defending a homophobe?

  14. H8Str8s says

    So you are a self-loathing white. On the story about NOM, where one white guy convinced a lot of blacks and latinos to go ahead and vote their bigoty, you supported somebody who said “The homophobia in the white community is out of control.” This is bigotry in that it is taking the actions of a very few and applying them to a whole community – whites. There is little so blatently bigoted as that statement.
    Oh, and don’t feel defensive about sucking up to a homophobe. It is your prerogative to suck up to whomever you please.

  15. Hilarity says

    If you actually listened to Howard Stern you would know that he has addressed his use of the word faggot. He talked about how it used to just be part of the norm (which was true) and when he became aware of how it affected the LGBT community, and finally his stoppage of the use of the word. That’s called the evolution of a human, very honest and respectable. Saying the word in conversation addressing said word, like we have here, is much different than using the word directed at somebody.

    howard has evolved as a human being and should be commended for standing up for the LGBT community as much as he does.

  16. H8Str8s says

    I don’t forgive homophobia. Once you’ve said it publicly any appology is just facile and self-serving. I don’t believe it for a second. He said it himself; he only stopped abusing us when it was no longer the norm to do so and it started costing him money. Not much of an apology to say “Once it started costing me I stopped!”

  17. H8Str8s says

    Also, “when he became aware of how it affected the LBGT community…” How unbelievably disingenuous. He expects us to believe there was a time he used the word faggot without realizing exactly what he was doing and how hurtful it was? Is he insane? Or merely the most ignorant neanderthal ever to walk this earth?

  18. says

    I dunno. He’s giving a face and name and highly-visible and vocal presence to LGBT Equality.

    He’s putting himself out there for all the world to see as one straight man who supports the LGBT Community.

    What are you doing to be just as visible?

  19. H8Str8s says

    Why would I need to be just as visible? That doesn’t even make sense. It is not even analogous. He is a public figure.
    He has used the word faggot and made a disingenuous appology because it was hitting his bottom line. His position in support of the LGBT community is insincere as far as I can see and just shows what a hypocrite the slug is. There is no apology for using the word faggot. There is nothing one can do to come back from that. He has shown his true colours and now that that is costing him, he wants to change coats as a PR stunt.
    And you have fallen for it.

  20. antisaint says

    @H8STR8S – your position makes you about as close-minded as most of the ACTUAL homophobes and bigots we’re fighting against, and certainly way more close-minded than Howard Stern himself. If you honestly believe people lack the capability to not only change, but to learn from their past ignorance and mistakes, then, yeah. I would have to side with Little Kiwi in not wanting you beside me in our fight for equality.

    You’re like those elderly racists folks that are too close-minded to consider that black people in the olden days were forced to be less than they could be, or conversely that white people are still ‘out to get them’ even after all the change in the last 50 years. And that’s pretty sad — moreso because you’re too close-minded to even see it.

    There are gay people who used the word ‘faggot’ against other gays before they came out. Should they be banned from the table?

  21. menyc says

    @H8STR8S: For me, you are the saddest of all people. You are exactly as horrific as all the “homophobes and bigots we’re fighting against” because you only know hatred and how to be vile. I only hope that you can learn and grow and evolve. I pity you.

  22. H8Str8s says

    I am not in a position to ban anyone. I can only ally myself with a person or not. The use of the word faggot or queer to identify a gay person disqualifies a person permanently from allying with me. I will not have them.
    The homophobe expressed his hatred for years and now that is an embarrasement to him. He is trying to take it back because it is hurting his bottom line. He is trying to make a buck off his support for us now that he can’t make a buck attacking us. It is all about the bottom line with him. I don’t believe anything he has said in support of the gay community now that his abuse works no more is at all sincere. He already showed how he really feels. And you are an apologist for homophobia.

  23. H8Str8s says

    You find a fellow gay horrific and a homophobic maggot is just fine with you.
    Have you got your priorities backwards or what?

  24. slcsmasher says

    I listen to Stern religiously, and I was ecstatic that Rachel Maddow chose to appear on his show. Both are strong advocates for the LGBT community, and their on-air discussion was refreshing and honest. Both are smart, informed, and funny. Great radio. Howard Stern has more than proved he is an ally. Too bad some around here refuse to acknowledge that. At least listen to his show once in a while before criticizing him.

  25. H8Str8s says

    I am sure he is an advocate now that it costs him money not to be. I have not questioned weather he says those things. I don’t need to hear it myself as I have stipulated it already. I say these things aren’t sincere because he used the word faggot. He is a homophobe. I don’t forgive any homophobe anywhere ever. Especially one who has a financial motive to appear gay friendly. If he were a sincere ally he would have been saying those gay positive things when it would cost him money to do so, instead of now when he is trying to save his show.
    I don’t believe him at all.

  26. H8Str8s says

    Also, you have an example above of Howard Stern’s interview technique and you call him smart? Isn’t revoltingly adolescent closer to the mark?

  27. MichiganExpat says


    From one fag to another, lighten up Francis. There are better hills to die on.

  28. jack says

    Howard Stern is a PIG. Like may straight guys he thrills at the idea of lesbian sex. Many of his earlier shows were of lesbians foolishly fulfilling his male heterosexual fantasies. I don’t want an ally like him. We can do better.

  29. says

    As I have said before I have listen to Stern for 15 years and he is very pro-gay. He frequently has gay guest on his show. Supports gay marriage, was adamantly agaisnst Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and rails against Santorum for his views on gays. He has an openly gay staff member. People have a problem with how they perceive he delivers his message, and probably aren’t listeners to his show. Other people don’t care for his adult humor and choose to be against him.

    What Howard’s detractors should consider is he reaches a wide audience including a very straight macho audience that may not be aware or very tolerant of gay issues. Other pro-gay celebrities don’t have that reach. People need to see the big picture: Howard acts as educator an advocate to that audience.

  30. Richard Fox says

    Sad angry people. Howard Stern is marvelous, smart and thoughtful. You are the bigot. I am sorry that you are not able to move past your anger. I would get a checkup soon. Cancer is certainly in your future.

  31. gary says

    i happen to be straight and ive read the commments that have been left and i thing its nuts someone could hate stern for hate speech when there own screen name shows that they are just as hateful as anyone. maddow is awesome and im sure she would be the first to speak out agaist hating an entire group of people you dont know