Jon Stewart: FOX News Explodes Over Hilary Rosen ‘Grenade’ – VIDEO


And this all set in motion the 'War on Women' meme:



  1. H8Str8s says

    Mr. Stewart had a skit where they were going to call a bit “Jon Stewart Examines Other Men’s Bonners.” In which he evinced great trauma over the fact his producers were implying he was gay. A very homophobic skit. Jon Stewart is no friend of the gay community. He is as homophobic as any other straight. He is scum.

  2. JOE 2 says

    Yes, H8STR8S, that’s right: ALL straight people are homophobic. Not only that, but hating them will solve the problem! G’night.

  3. H8Str8s says

    You haven’t said the skit wasn’t homophobic. It was. What you seem to be doing is criticizing me for not tolerating homophobia where I encounter it, however mild it may be(and I admit this is a very mild example indeed). I think I can’t do anything about this common insidious form of homophobia. The constant background almost subliminal message: “F*gg*ts suck!”
    If you wish to tolerate that, that is fine. However you should consider while I can do nothing about all that whether I tolerate it or not, you can do something about my attitude by reasoning with me. You should consider the more you attack me the more strongly I will defend my position. You give me reason to do anything but agree with you.
    Is it not so?