1. anthony says

    sad but true commentary on the state of “social skills”. Yeah, technology is great, but so is just spending time with another person, in real time, not looking down at a little screen half the time.

  2. says

    Reality check, anyone? Do people actually do that? And while we’re on the subject, what is proper bar etiquette for camera phones nowadays? I expect there’s a difference of opinion along generational lines.

    I’m old, don’t own one of those devices, and haven’t been in such a venue in 15 years, so I have no idea (yet confident I’m not missing anything). I quit going to movies years ago because of the ringtone serenade competing with the film soundtrack.

  3. TJ says

    It’s pretty much beyond ridiculous and sad – not the video, but the addiction to the device. I get the allure, in a way; something right there, paying attention to you. But, shouldn’t that play second fiddle to a real person? I was out to lunch with a friend. Seated a few tables away was a party of 6, 4 teen girls, two older women, most likely their mothers. I felt so sorry for the server trying to get their order, because all of them were busy texting. In fact we watched them all text, all through the meal, with few words shared between them. It gave us something to laugh about, but really?

  4. excy says

    These “smart” machines drive me crazy. I imagine that some people have anxiety attacks if they misplace or forget their devices. Courtesy goes out the window when a message or a call arrives.

    In Provincetown last fall I witnessed an interesting exchange. A customer was shocked and disoriented when the counterperson would not serve him while he was “busy” with his machine. She just said “I don’t do phones” and moved on to the next respectful customer. BRAVO!

  5. wds says

    I to belong to the old(er) group … I’ve got a smart/dumb phone and am on Facebook – that said, I get really irritated when peeps spend all their time on the phone. While I laughed at the video – I’ve seen that behavior it clubs/dinners/cars and simple conversations with people. It’s not a generational thing, it’s a rude thing. I’ve seen what TJ described many times in many places…it’s sad … and as I said, really rude … Let’s not even talk about the little light screens at movies and plays … sheesh!!!!

  6. Ken says

    McGovern is getting awfully old to be in these. The videos would be better without him in it and, frankly, without his music, if you can call it that. Yuck.

  7. vwdavy says

    I didn’t think it possible, but this artist’s product is almost as cliché as that of that blonde Housewive’s woman, even the last few albums by Madonna. And here I am, thinking Cazwell was a bad example of GLBTQ artists! Thank god for the Rufus Wainright’s, Pet Shop Boys, the Scissor Sisters showing what we’re actually capable of attaining in popular music without pandering to the lowest common denominator.

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