1. Jerry Sloan says

    It is time for the DOS to go. It was a dumb idea to begin with. Remember ACT UP motto Silence = Death.

    The DOS comes at the end of the school year when most of the bullying has been done.

    We need a program at the beginning of the school year probably something in October which is GLBT History Month

    I can’t imagine Harvey Milk ever telling young people to be silent. They should be doing sit ins at their superindent’s office with list of bullies names and school officals that have not helped them when they are bullied.

  2. jody says

    the value of this action is.. seems people notice.. many people of a variety of sides talk aobut it.. maybe are uncomfortable.. and it is somewhat unique to this group… and it is perhaps one of the most difficult thing for youth to do….

    hence.. it is what they choose.. as their action.. let’mmmmmmm ‘

    the flip side.. if it has become in effective .. let it go and do something else….

    good luck all

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