Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1106

THE ICE CREAM TRUCK OF LOVE: Creamy goodness in Oz.

ONE DIRECTION: Sits down with Fifi and Jules.

END BULLYING: A serious video from Andy Pandy.

MAKE IT BETTER: Duke University students and faculty speak out against Amendment One.

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  1. MarkUs says

    What’s with the One Direction coverage here? Seriously, I don’t think they’ll amount to much this side of the pond with their accents. Yeah, Canadian the little US pre-teens will embrace, but not that.

  2. unruly says

    I’m guessing the One Direction coverage has to do with the rumour that 3 out of 5 are gay with 2 dating each other. If they come out maybe this coverage would be fitting.

  3. Thunderboltfan says

    I too am mystified by the One Direction coverage here. Did anyone see them on Saturday Night Live? They can’t sing, they can’t dance and the songs were bad. I hadn’t heard the gay rumors but given their artistic inadequacies, who cares?