1. David Hearn says

    Of course North Korea gets no comments on Towleroad while Brad and Angelina goes to two pages. Does anyone wonder why we get called that word?

  2. anon says

    While the life of Kim il-Sung was tragic (for others), his birth was not, so the tragedy is that North Koreans are compelled to celebrate the centennial of his birth as a way of celebrating his horrible life. Meanwhile, progress in marine safety over the past one-hundred years is something to celebrate. The Titanic feels very distant while N. Korea was in the news this week.

  3. Sean says

    Good to see the N. Korean newsreaders are still squeezing out those tears. It’s hard to make any sort of comment on that video, except to stare at it bewildered and then get on with your day. @DavidHearn’s comment doesn’t warrant a response, internalised homophobia much? As for @Charlotte it would be nice if the Towleroad admins could get around to blocking that account, since it’s been spamming every comment tread.