1. Strepsi says


    Straight people speaking up is the same as gay people coming out: it is hard for bigots to look someone they know and like in the eye and hate them.

    Mr. Wahls is outspoken and well-spoken. I’m thinking WAHLS for OFFICE 2020.

  2. TANK says

    Tank got a lot of hate from some pathetic, middle-aged queens who think they know everything the last time he commented on this guy, but hey, Tank has to keep it real. Zach Walsh is a great guy, to be sure, and I’m glad he’s our ally, but I also think he likes the attention a bit too much. I think he relishes being the “enlightened straight ally” and that he has plans to use his current fame as the stepping stone to “bigger” things. That’s how Tank sees it, and I don’t care how many catty bitches don’t like it. I’m not bashing this guy; I just think he’s not as altruistic as he wants us to think.

  3. says


    aint he impressive by “keeping it real” from a place of complete anonymity? 😉

    yup. people who don’t have the balls to live out loud sure do have a lot of bitterness toward everyone else that does.


  4. redball says

    TANK: what an empty, bizarre “critique.”

    Yes, Zach, go away and don’t fight for equality.

    *eye-roll @ TANK*

  5. Mona says

    What’s wrong with advocating for himself and his parents? He’s obviously very close to his moms and he wants them to be recognized by the outside world as falling under the definition of “family.”

    By the way, this is the future of the same-sex marriage debate in the US. Men and women raised by same-sex couples, speaking up and voting for the extension of marriage equality to the people they love the most.

  6. Strepsi says

    I absolutely love ZACH WAHLS and his message of family.

    I absolutely love ANDY TOWLE and his message of enlightening us about gay news (and some quirky non-gay interesting items like zoology and astronomy).

    But man, this site has the most a**hole commenters of any site I visit. I approach every item with trepidation, wondering how long until someone writes something nasty — here it’s at COMMENT TWO, and the first comment was mine! I do not expect our community to be a hive mind, or act in lock-step, but come on guys, if you feel the need to “keep it real” — just keep it to yourself.

  7. says

    STREPSI – just take his trolling for what it is – bitter resentment that this young man will stand up to be a visible and vocal advocate for our community, while “TANK”‘s own family won’t. Ever.

    That’s why the comment was made. Pity him.

  8. LiamB says

    The day I take someone seriously who speaks in the 3rd person will be a very cold day in Hell.

  9. Lyam says

    my co-worker’s step-mother brought home $14501 last week. she is working on the laptop and got a $354200 home. All she did was get blessed and use the steps laid out on this site….

  10. Joe says

    hey littlekiwi (who, btw, i look at your webpage and can’t even find your actual name on it anywhere, just a bunch of “cute” photos of you attached to a pseudonym), maybe consider that there are such things as well-adjusted, loving gays who come from bad families who yet managed to become sensitive, open adults and that maybe you should get a new stock insult/strawman?

  11. TANK says

    I have to agree with the cowardly guy who is hiding behind the pseudonym of “JOE” about “LITTLEKIWI’s” comment. People in our community who want everyone to be the same and who bash those who march to a different drum are bad news. And to those nasty old bitches who don’t like my comments, I am glad that Andy Towle is gracious enough to let me have my say at his site, which is the best of its kind, and I’m glad for my fans here who make supportive and friendly posts. So you haters don’t bother Tank one teensy weensy bit. Carry on!

  12. joe says

    i realize “joe” is often considered synonymous with anonymity but that is my honest-to-god real first name, for what it’s worth. thanks for calling me a coward for sticking up for kind of defending you though! (although, honestly, enough with the use of “bitches” already.)

  13. Caliban says

    It’s ridiculous to accuse Zach Wahls of “liking it too much,” which is about a half-step away from calling him a “media wh*re.” He went before the Iowa lawmakers on his own in order to defend his 2 mothers. His speech immediately got attention because he was so well-spoken and what he had to say so relevant and meaningful.

    Wisely, gay groups saw what a valuable voice he could be in the marriage equality movement and reached out to him. Is he getting paid? I assume so. And why he shouldn’t he be? He’s a recent college graduate, not independently wealthy, and he’s working for marriage equality.

    The only concern I have is that he doesn’t lose that spontaneity and spark that made him stand out in the first place, that he he doesn’t become so polished and “messaged” that you can no longer see the reason he got involved in the first place.

  14. says

    Guys…there’s maybe TWO trolls on this site with about 15 different handles.

    Ratbastard/ Rick/ Jason/ Markus/ Tank

    They change their writing style, but I actually keep track and have saved some of their words to combat internalized homophobia with friends who were consumed with self hate. I saved many of their messages to show and convert those friends and it always worked. However, my point is, if you study their posts from long ago, they actually tend to trip up and make the same exact points verbatim, with the other handle. They are the same distirbed, twisted, emotionally troubled, and psychologically damaged person.

    When you see any comment that doesn’t pass the sniff test, and has calculated anti gay sentiments/reflections in it…don’t for one second think there’s so many self hating gays on here. Nope, just one. With lot’s of clever little anonymous screen names.

  15. USC Trojan Fan says

    Here’s the thing with gays who pride themself in being “different” from the gay community and “not being in lock step” with the gay community….

    You’re desperately trying to be different for the sake of difference. You yearn that attention on here. That devil’s advocate switch in your brain will turn any pro gay related article and twist it into a manipulative ploy to turn gays against each other, or against the pro gay ally. Be it Lady Gaga, Dan Choi, or a teenager above in this video who is clearly on our side.

    You don’t believe anything you actually say. You just want the attention for your crazed commentary. Your anger comes from not us, or gays, or the gay community, but the fact that there’s many millions of gays who are well adjusted, and comfortable in their skin, and out, and open, and championing equality, and happy. None of which you are nor are you capable of. That goes for Tank, Rick, and every other devil’s advocate who’ve convinced yourself you’re ‘special’ for going against the grain. You’re not. You’ve actually become all too predictable.

  16. Steve-ATL says

    @ USC Trojan Fan

    That was probably one of the most on point and well thought out posts ever made on here. You often see in every post someone who’ll go against the grain, with a comment completely baseless and random, and you’re left to wonder “are they just trying to be different?” For ex. A march about equality, they’ll spin it into a negative story and actually question the intentions of those marching. Then when pressed on why they feel the way they feel, you get your answer and they spell it out for you. It IS because they want to be different and they’ll even tell you so. Often in these stories, there’s a pro gay side and an anti gay side. Sitting in the middle, or trying to spin the pro gay story and then claim you don’t have anti gay intentions does not fly. You’ll always be called our for the attention hungry troll you certainly are.

  17. IonMovies says

    Well said USC Trojan Fan. Posters, although I imagine it’s the same one, who camp on here trying to find a negative narrative on every positive gay news story have some sort of troubling mental problem that is neither my nor anyone else’s problem to resolve. We just need to let people like this serve as a constant reminder to what we don’t want to be. Jaded, bitter, and self hating. It IS amusing observing them though. I say them fully convinced it’s two posters at most.

  18. Michelle says


    You’re actually not marching to any original step. Your rants and drivel are as clear as day. No matter how many psuedo names you sign off with on here. You play the same game. You take an approach that no one else is, usually the approach of an ooponent to the gay side, then when challenged you play victim and claim that you’re being original by not believing what everyone else is. As stated above, we don’t even think YOU believe what you say. You’re just out for attention and that’s the epitome of troll, except you and your alias names constantly get noted for being a troll. Troll fail!

  19. Real Talk says

    Some gays like Tank want to feel special, so they’ll fight themselves and their own justices just by pent up anger they have. Their anger comes out toward gays because it’s convenient but it’s also very misdirected. Tankey Tank, being ‘different’ than the message promoted by gays (equality at all costs, justice at all cost, fairness for us at all cost, rights at all cost) is not anything to be proud of and just makes you a confused little bigot. One who wants to sleep with men, but then tell them how they are wrong for what they do. seek the professional help you need.

    that goes for anyone who posts on here to be different. you’re not clever or different. you just come off lame, and yes, like you’ve got some unresolved issues.

  20. Caliban says

    I’m well aware of the trolls and their methods. Whether they’re “devil’s advocates” for personal or political reasons doesn’t really matter. As the old meme goes, “Obvious troll is obvious.”

    But they target popular sites to spread their bile and they use sock-puppet names to make it seem like their point of view is widespread and reasonable. Unchecked there’s the potential that doubt is sown, so while arguing with individual trolls is pointless I think confronting their MESSAGE sometimes still needs to be done.

    So sometimes when it seems like I or someone else is being “taken in” or whatever that isn’t the case. Personally I hear enough negativity about gay people and our allies in other places and I post a response because it helps me organize my thoughts better or practice a response for another situation, or just because I’m in the mood to argue. 😉

  21. TANK says

    I thought the comments here were supposed to pertain to that Zach Walsh dude (who I still think a lot of you snotty queens just like because you think he is hot, which is true!). I can just say that I am one person and I have never posted under any name other than Tank. There was another “Tank” posting here before me, but he was really a bitter and hateful old creep. I am not a self-hating gay: I am proud to be gay but I just don’t like the more flamboyant or flaming aspects of our community and I refuse to be PC. This is supposedly a free country, after all. To be a masculine he-man gay guy who doesn’t care for the “scene” doesn’t mean one is self-hating: I voted for Obama and I give to groups that fight for gay rights and in speak out in my own Church for gay rights and catch flak for it all the time. So I don’t need people here who also use fake names to tell Tank to be real. Real is as real does, fellas.

  22. says

    Seriously, I’m not a troll.

    Nor do I want to get involved in the above exchange.
    But I really admire and envy Zac Wahls his courage and blunt and patent integrity.
    His generation will make leaps and bounds towards equality for us all.
    Sorry that this comment is kind of naive in the context of the thread above……but c’est la guerre.

  23. says

    @Joe, I’m well aware of them. :-) truth be told – They’re actually the majority of our community. They’re awesome, they’ve been dealt a bum hand and done the right thing about it by seeing it for what it is, addressed it, and worked to improve not only their own lives but the lives of others.
    Big distinction from those who take the bigotry and prejudice of their home environments and perpetuate it, anonymously, online.

    big difference. it’s not the life you’ve had, it’s what you’ve done with it. i’m sure you understand 😉

  24. GregV says

    “Guys…there’s maybe TWO trolls on this site with about 15 different handles.”

    @Kyle: I have long suspected not only the point you make, but also that the offensive racist (often combined with sexist and homophobic elements) posts on here may very well be from bigots who pose as gay, white males. For all I know, they could ALL be posted by Maggie Gallagher herself, or, more likely, by someone in her organization or one that shares its desire to find ways to try to drive wedges between gays and racial minorities (which has been documented).

    Posting anonymous posts on a gay blog to try to achieve that goal would be right in long with their goals, and it obviously does work with some poeple (hence the posts that respond to them, by REAL people, blamimng gay white males for all the ills of society.

    The trolls’ posts are at odds with the sentiments expressed by every gay person I have ever met in real life, and the “pick-a-fight-to-drive-a-wedge” posts NEVER can be verified with a name and face as being an actual gay person they are purporting to be.

  25. bob says

    Keep at it guys, briefly, just briefly, TANK ceased talking about himself in the third person. Keep him engaged in conversation lads, it’s gonna be a slow one.

    This bright, articulate kid will be the future of moderate American politics. Well said young sir. And to his mums, well raised ladies, a credit to you.

  26. Joseph Singer says

    Zach is so well-spoken. It doesn’t hurt that he’s cute to boot. And that stubbly beard is nice too.