1. uffda says

    A great remark: when you lose your humility “you lose the chance to enjoy everyone around you.”

    I had never thought of it that way.

    Following this you might say:

    You can’t fully enjoy other people when you think that some are better than others, or that you are better than anyone.

    When you begin to think that some people are better than others you begin to lose the ability to enjoy them all.

    When you begin to think that you are better than another you begin to lose something of your humanity.

    When you put yourself above another you lose sight of him.

    It’s only when you believe that all people are equal that you can truly enjoy them, be open to knowing them, and expect them to treat you in the same way.

    Or: When you think that another is better than you you surrender your power.

    So many on line here could add their own useful spin on this great idea. It could be another way of expressing the Golden Rule.

  2. Marcito says

    UFFDA = My Hero

    UFFDA has nailed it. Down. W.Levy is
    on a list of critically endangered species.
    It’s called “First Class Gentlemen”.

    Besides the fact that William Levy is a
    genetic freak accident. No human is THIS

  3. Alex says

    I jolted when he said “humble” since it came out as “hombol”. As fantastic as his physique is, headwise he is outdistanced by the ethereally handsome Eduardo Verastegui – a sorry case of someone who has had gay sex when in Miami and then went back into the closet with a vengance as his fame grew.

  4. Kenny says

    I thought this guy was homophobic he got pissed off when some news magazine or interviewer claimed he was gay.

  5. FunMe says

    His hair is receding, I wonder why? He’s still young! But hey … at least he has other “gifts” that he’s worked on. His body!

  6. ty says

    funme- I won’t date a guy unless he’s balding. It means more testosterone and is super masculine. toupees and hair plugs are always noticeable.

  7. Dave B says

    Obvious bearding – oh, you mean the (kinda ridiculously hot) way he makes ‘humble’ sound like ‘homo’?. Sure seems pretty humble…

  8. michaelofthegreen says

    Um… I’m all for him posing like this, and he really shouldn’t have to try to come up with excuses to do so, but… this isn’t technically “planking” is it? But by all means, continue lying around shirtless and wet. Call it whatever you like.