News: Fleet Week, Phillip Phillips, Eurovision, IML Chicago

RoadL.A.'s Abbey Bar bans bachelorette parties: "Every Friday and Saturday night, we’re flooded with requests from straight girls in penis hats who want to ogle our go-gos, dance with the gays and celebrate their pending nuptials. They are completely unaware that the people around them are legally prohibited from getting married."

FleetweekRoadLGBT sailors urged to come out for Fleet Week: "For the first Fleet Week since Don't Ask, Don't Tell was repealed, New York's gay nightlife scene is encouraging men and women in uniform to come out. Bars and hotels have set up Fleet Week-themed specials and planned a host of parties to attract gay servicemembers for their first open Fleet Week in the celebration's 25-year history."

RoadHere's one way to get a treat.

RoadAmerican Idol winner Phillip Phillips prepares for kidney surgery.

RoadFirst photos from Madonna's MDNA tour.

RoadEuropean Union denounces violence at Ukrainian Pride parade: "In statement on Thursday, EU Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton voiced her deep concerns over the violence unleashed by a group of ultra-conservative youths during the 'Kyiv Pride.'"

RoadFirst video of Britney Spears at X-Factor auditions.

Spaceex_issRoadSpaceX rocket docks with ISS.

RoadElton John hospitalized for respiratory infection: "Elton checked into Cedars-Sinai Hospital in L.A. at 6 AM Wednesday.  John underwent a battery of tests, after which the doctors recommended that he NOT perform for 7 days.  He was told he needed 'complete rest and antibiotic treatment to prevent damage.'"

RoadHomophobia rampant in Eurovision Song Contest host country Azerbaijan: "part from a cruising area in the city center, there are no official meeting places, events or organizations. Some prominent homosexuals are open about their sexual orientation, but most gay and lesbians remain firmly in the closet."

RoadPolice charge suspect with murder of Etan Patz in 1979.

RoadHotel workers union UNITE HERE may picket Intermational Mr. Leather competition in Chicago: "The Hyatt Regency Chicago, site of the recent competitions, has been at the center of a bitter a contract fight with workers represented by the union UNITE HERE since 2009. The workers, union spokeswoman Annemarie Strassel said, want one room per day subtracted from their quota to compensate for the fact that they have to get down on their hands and knees to clean floors, rather than using a long-handled mop. They also want better job security."

MarlonRoadMarlon Teixeira smolders.

RoadBrazil Senate panel advances civil union bill: "The country’s human rights committee yesterday approved a measure to change the law regarding civil unions – the new bill classes a ‘union’ as a contract between two people in a ‘continuous and long-lasting’ relationship, established with the aim of starting a family, regardless of gender."

RoadBushmeat: Concerns over the next HIV.

RoadWelsh gay couple wins £1million Euromillions jackpot: “It’s an overwhelming feeling. Ian and I already feel lucky as we have a nice lifestyle and we’ve had the chance to travel the world together.”

RoadManitoba moves to protect trans people: "Changes to Manitoba’s Human Rights Code would ensure Manitobans are further protected from discrimination based on gender identity and disadvantaged social status, while improving the process by which complaints are addressed, Justice Minister Andrew Swan announced today, after introducing the amendments. 'Manitoba’s human rights legislation was ahead of its time 25 years ago when protection from discrimination based on sexual orientation was added to the code,' said Swan.  'These changes will build on that legacy and ensure the commission has the tools it needs to effectively address current and emerging challenges.'"


  1. CB says

    Re:Abbey. While I wholeheartedly agree with the policy and loathe straight woman in gay bars,how exactly is that enforced? If they were already taking off any sort of costume(veil,etc) wouldnt it just be a group of straight woman going to a gay bar? Seems discrimatory to me.

  2. Rick says

    Why was the bar allowing “bachelorette” parties in a gay bar in the first place? I find it absolutely disgusting that gay men would allow straight women to objectify them by dancing for them as “go-go boys” and agree with CB that straight women should be barred from any gay male establishment under any circumstances.

    And to answer your question, CB, the solution is to make a club “private” by requiring purchase of a membership–which is easily done by simply distributing a membership card when a cover charge is paid.

  3. Caliban says

    RE: The Abbey, it seems amazing to me that people NEED to be told that celebrating your impending nuptuals in front of group who recently LOST the right to marry is tacky and insensitive. How will they follow up this triumph, by swinging by a fertility clinic to have their baby shower?

  4. KT says

    It is my experience that many straight people, while not anti-gay, are pretty clueless when it comes to what rights we have and how to act at a gay establishment. My friends went to a gay bar for their bachelorette party and the thought that none of the gay patrons could get married probably never crossed their minds. Another friend was absolutely floored when I told her gays could legally get fired in 29 states. She admitted she didn’t really follow politics and I snapped at her that maybe it was time she did. The anti-gay morons pissed me off but the apathic majority irritate me as well.

  5. Duff says

    Just like polls show, the counties in the Caucus region and ex-Soviet block believe that being gay is worse than an alcoholic…no big surprises there…

  6. Randal Oulton says

    RE: European Union denounces violence at Ukrainian Pride parade:

    Well, it’s not as though anyone ever thought the Ukraine was yet part of the first, or even second world, anyway.

  7. Paul R says

    Oh, sure, straight women should never be allowed in gay bars. That makes a ton of sense.

    Unless they’re being obnoxious, maybe you should consider having female friends and allowing them into our sacred bars.

    Go to a bath house or glory hole if you want privacy, because it sounds like that’s what you’re seeking.

  8. margueritegautier says

    I, personally, am horrified for professional reasons when I see the tasteless photos (penis hats, penis straws, pin the penis on whomever) posted on Facebook by younger colleagues, but do we assume the gay bars cater to these parties as a way to make money? They could make a no-bachelorette party rule til marriage equality passes in their state (which will happen eventually once all these hateful old farts die out).

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