1. Jack M says

    I don’t care what anyone says, there is no reason why she had to attend that church, knowing what kind of hateful monster he is. No reason at all.

  2. says

    she attends a church/pastor who preaches hate and bigotry.
    “A difficult situation for our community”….ha ha ha . What $hit.
    What a bunch of worthless hypocrites .

    Enough said.

  3. Dastius Krazitauc says

    The good Christians in the congregation, who only want to save homosexuals because they love them so very much, chuckle when the preacher says the word, “queers”.

  4. russ says

    So this pastor is “shocked” by the national reaction? Does he live under a rock?

  5. GraphicJack says

    Yes, Russ, he does live under a rock. His “flock” have been brainwashed, and so he assumes the rest of the country is going to be okay with putting “queers” and “sodomites” in electric fences and letting them starve.

    @JACKFKNTWIST – I feel sorry for Jane, if anything. I don’t think she deserves your ire. She is trying to stay a part of a community that hates her for what she is. She has friends, family and I assume a job that ties to to this area. Yes, she could leave, but why should she be forced to do so?

    This is what’s so dangerous about what this pastor is preaching. She’s afraid for her safety and her child’s safety to the point where they have to put a black spot on her as if she needs to be ashamed of herself and be in hiding. It’s disgusting. I’m impressed that she can speak with such respect for this creep and even offer her hand and prayers for his tolerance and peace. She’s a better person that I would be.

  6. Steve says

    For the “hundreds of supporters”: Keep drinking the kool aid. Your cult leader loves you.

    And yeah, that lesbian has drunk too much of the kool aid too. She needs to overcome her religious brainwashing

  7. UFFDA says

    My vote is on the side of considering these people irrelevant. Sure, there are lots of them, but not nearly so many as to overthrow the government and hunt us down in our homes. Not nearly. I’m not an alarmist and not alarmed. A solid house always has dirt in the corners. It will be interesting to see if enough protestors show up to help sweep some of that dirt out. I’d show up if the event were closer.

  8. Randy says

    Yeah, I don’t bathe in blood, thanks.

    What sort of person follows a creep like that?

  9. Randy says

    Yeah, I don’t bathe in blood, thanks.

    What sort of person follows a creep like that?