1. dws says

    I just saw this show on Saturday – I like it even better now. And it’s great to see the headliners (Stephanie J and Joel Grey) do their bit, as well!

  2. bravo says

    I had no idea this song was in Anything Goes. I can see why it might have been cut in most productions. I’m glad they added it to the Broadway revival.

  3. DrMikey says

    Was that a glimpse of Carol Burnett I saw?
    Amazing how when a group of real Broadway professionals do lipdub, it can even make you love an annoying pop song!

  4. Frank says

    Wait- what’s wrong with this picture? Everyone loves this no one is slammming it. Did I stumble into an alternative reality or something? I love it because I know most of the great folks in it. Glad to see it’s getting out there!

  5. says

    Thank you everybody for the support. We are such huge fans of Towleroad and were so excited to find ourselves on your blog!!! (and yes…we have a LOT of cute sailor guys in our cast =)

  6. says

    J’aime beaucoup la simple lecture de l’ensemble de vos blogs. Voulais simplement vous informer que vous avez des gens comme moi qui apprécient votre travail. Certainement un grand poste. Chapeau à vous! Les informations que vous avez fournies sont très utiles.

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