1. Steve says

    It says something about the whole Republican sociopathic mindset when he is more concerned with the employers than the employees. But of course he is a particularly vile example of this

  2. Macmantoo says

    I am glad he has the time to visit each job to ensure there is no discrimination. Face it, that is the only way he could honestly make that point.

    Is this guy for real? What universe does he live on?

  3. Joseph L. says

    What they say:

    Ahmadinejad: In Iran, we have no homosexuals.

    West: In America, we have no homosexual discrimination.

    What they mean:

    Ahmadinejad: That’s because we kill all the ones we can find.

    West: That’s because I never hire those faggots.

  4. David Hearn says

    Well, in a manner of speaking he is correct. He was referring to small businesses and most small businesses are not covered by the sort of nondiscrimination laws people think are universal.

    If I own a small business with fewer than 15 employees, I can discriminate for whatever reason I choose, or none at all. I can be completely arbitrary. ENDA is not going to change that.

  5. paul says

    Trying to reason with Allen West is like trying to talk to a piece of furniture. He is a terrible person and it is a sham that he is an elected official.

  6. Bob R says

    Personally, I think Allen West has serious intellectual and basic cognitive deficiencies. This man was a commissioned officer in the US Army and moved through the ranks. He is now a duly elected US Congressman and just may continue to serve as such. So, although I think he has serious problems, I think our nation and its people have an even greater problem; we promote these people and put them in positions of power and influence. So, no matter what is said about West, the real problem is greater than we want to admit.

  7. Caliban says

    I swear, people who ignore reality and use specious arguments like that should be beaten with sticks. Better yet, inject them with Sodium Pentathal and make them say what they really think when they’re not deliberately lying.

  8. Michael says

    Obviously it happens. I was on a bartending interview and the older woman was 100% into me until she discovered I had worked at a gay bar. She didn’t even try to hide the look of disgust that washed over her face.

    Btw, how do a man who don’t have a basic grasp of grammar become an elected official?

  9. says

    it’s like that Ayn Rand bullsh*t. Oh yeah, an employer should be protected from having to, you know, respect the rights and fairness of treatment for his employees.

    heaven forbid someone stop the man at the top from mistreating the men at the bottom responsible for his money.


    there’s a special place in self-hating Hell for black republicans, jewish republicans, gay republicans, and republican women. the funny thing: they’re all republicans because they hate each other. hilare.

  10. joanna says

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  11. andrew says

    Keep in mind that Allen West is the guy who claimed that when he was in the military that he had a higher security clearence than the POTUS. To put it charitably he doesn’t have 52 cards in his deck.

  12. David Hearn says

    Kiwi – ‘Oh yeah, an employer should be protected from having to, you know, respect the rights and fairness of treatment for his employees.’

    It’s fairly simple, Kiwi. In the United States we are supposed to have private property rights as well as the civil right of freedom of association. If you open Kiwi’s Kafay (as you probably would) then you should be able to serve or refuse to serve anyone you please, for whatever reason you please. But our legislature and courts have seen fit to walk all over your private property rights. However, as Kiwi’s Kafay (as you probably would) has fewer than 15 employees, even our legislature and courts respect that such an intimate association must necessarily be freely chosen.

  13. says

    you forget you’re talking to a Canadian who sees past conservative american excuses.

    in my country you can’t be fired or legally-discriminated against for being L/G/B/ or T.

    This isn’t about serving. It’s about employment. DId you not read the piece?

    And when are you going to provide the URL to your own page so you can show Anderson Cooper that you’re prepared to have everyone (and i mean everyone) know that you’re gay, in the same way you expect him to?

  14. Jerry6 says

    First, if the conversation was correctly reported, the gentleman should first learn English Language Grammar. After that, we can give him the “Uncle Tom of the Week” award. On the other hand, he can grow a pair of Bal#s and do what the voters elected him to do. This is 2012; NOT 1870.

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