1. carl says

    The irony of this is beyond words. And just a side note to Andy Towle: are you working for the Republicans now? I don’t see any sort of analysis or challenge to Romney’s ridiculous statements or position on gay marriage. Very strange.

  2. VDUFFORD says

    AGAIN… the gay community finds its self being used as a political pawn. Neither side having the guts to make a decisive commitment unless of course some national poll straightens up their back bone!

  3. says

    Cooper’s hypocrisy here is one thing. Normally I wouldn’t mention his closet status, knwoing that coming out is a personal decision.
    But the real issue is that he is using us as a wedge issue, as the media have done from day one. This is not the time to talk about the President’s position. We have an election to win, a House to win back, and Supreme Court appointments to worry about. Unfortunately, we also have gay leadership with less strategic sense than a lemming on meth.

  4. AG says

    Poor lefties. A mild but justified criticism of Barack Obama and they already complain that Andy Towle is working for evil Republicans. How does it feel to be such a shameless partisan hacks? Is there anything you won’t do to let Obama make Supreme Court appointments in his second term? Anything at all?

  5. walt says

    I’d rather have Obama make a supreme court appointment than have Mittens make one. gah!

  6. Rick says

    Anderson is a closeted hypocrite?? Oh I’m sorry, I guess I missed the part where he claimed to be straight. Or the part where paraded around a fake girlfriend/beard.

    He is a gay man, living his gay life. If you can provide some sort of evidence that he has lied about his sexuality, I’d be glad to see it.

  7. truthiness says

    Rick – omission is a lie.

    Read his memoir, there’s nothing in there.
    Stop defending him, it’s an uphill battle that you’ll never win.

  8. Rick says

    @Truthiness: if omission is a lie, then I guess my business cards make me a complete and total fraud insofar as they don’t announce that I’m gay.

    ‘Dispatches from the Edge’ was a book about reporting on crises around the world. I had no idea that the author of such a work is obligated to tell dear readers whether or not he is gay.

    Somehow I made it all the way through ‘In the Time of Madness’ neither knowing, nor caring, whether Richard Lloyd Parry is gay. So I guess that work is also rubbish.

  9. dmsms says

    HOW ANNOYING! Anderson Cooper, come out already! (yes, I know all the gays know he’s gay, but trust me, middle america, who still thinks john travolta and barry manilow are straight don’t know) Staying in the closet perpetuates the idea that being gay is wrong. So to criticize Obama for not being a leader on this issue, while true, is not all that convincing coming from you.

  10. chuck says

    Anderson criticizes Obama for not stating his support for same-sex marriage. Anderson stays quiet about his own orientation. Neither wants the public to know their real feelings about homosexuality, they feel they have too much to loose by being honest.

  11. says

    @ AG :
    No there is nothing I would fail to do to allow Obama make another few appointments to the SCOTUS.
    It’s that vital to progressive interests, not only gay interests.
    As for Anderson Cooper……really ?

  12. ratbastard says

    Pressure should be placed on the president. The simple fact is his position on gay rights in general is murky, even though he’ll pay lip service to it when addressing gay and gay friendly voters and $ donors. If you helped this man get elected, you have every right to question him and his positions. Otherwise, to quote Karl Marx, you’re just a useful idiot.

  13. says

    I don’t believe that we need to pressurise Obama……he is already on our side. All we would be doing is trying to force an issue at a delicate time.

    We need to see the bigger picture….the SCOTUS.
    And though I wish that Obama would decisively support absolute equality , I think that in the immortal words of Henry of Navarre;
    “Paris is worth a Mass.”

  14. antbnyc says

    Ratbastard, can’t agree. My personal agenda includes issues other than SSM and of strictly LGBT interest. Obama is far more often with me than against me on those; if anything we are useful idiots for each other. That’s called compromise i.e. politics. He’s hardly perfect and I question his actions all the time but to pressure him to take a stand that many voting americans will reject and that may drive them to vote Repug is just bad politics.

  15. AG says


    So, you would deny that you’re gay if Obama’s reelection depended on it. You would claim that your boyfriend or husband is just your roommate. You would marry a woman in a sham marriage. You would work to convince people not to fight for gay marriage because it may jeopardize Obama’s chances. Being progressive is more important to you than being gay. I can see it. I will keep it in mind when you start fulminating at the sight of gay Republicans next time.

  16. Paul B. says

    OMG…me too !!! I’ll have to shower off the muck but I agree with Rick too. If you’re comfortable being “out” good for you…if you’re not that’s too bad. But…it’s you’re personal choice and belongs to NOBODY ELSE.
    I think for gay people to force others to come out is outrageous…and contradicts our collective belief system. And…get your own life in order before you have the nerve to direct someone else’s.

  17. says

    @ Ag :

    Yep. As I said with the great Henry of Navarre when he changed his religion from Huguenot to Catholic when he became king of France; “Paris is worth a Mass.”

    And then when he was King he issued the Edict of Nantes 1589, total religious toleration and ending the religious wars of France.
    And that’s exactly what Obama will do ….#
    So get off your mustang sally, and stop preaching the high moral ground….it’s a lonely place.

  18. BobN says

    It’s called a policy. It’s what administrations create and, if Congress agrees, it’s what they carry out.

    Obama has enunciated a policy of seeking full legal equality at the federal level. He believes it is something that the American people support (proven by 70+% polling on civil unions) and which will help the most gay people the fastest.

    It is what almost every other country has done, first equal (or near equal) rights, then, in time, calling it marriage.

    It is not “hedging”. It is not “unclear”. It is not “hypocritical”.

    It is what Obama — and most gay people — believe CAN happen in a relatively short time.

    The alternative, is a roll-back by GOP politicians to NO rights at all.

    Pick your team.