1. rick says

    Brilliant way to boycott Starbucks, go and buy their coffee. Keep doing that, pastor Dumbshit.

  2. says

    Someone is obviously unclear on the concept of a BOYCOTT. How exactly does BUYING a product (paying the company) and then disposing of it cause any harm to the company?

    I’m confused.

  3. Jeff Atwood says

    If you had to guess this pastor’s sexual orientation, what would you guess?

  4. Tom in long beach says

    Yes he does look like a big old gay bear…
    So sad, instead of throwing money away he could have bought lunch for a homeless person !!

  5. robert says

    As a Denverite, I would like to note that this church is located squarely in the city of Arvada and not the wonderful city of Denver.

  6. Malaysian Ho says

    look starving starving African kid; this frappucino could have been yours, but i think the sewer needs it more. Jesus told me so.

  7. M. Scott Hernandez says

    I will do my best to make this video go viral to prove how dumb people can be. Thanks. Go to Mc D and get their coffee. Dad,with his senior citizen discount,pays 25 cents.

  8. M. Scott Hernandez says

    I will do my best to make this video go viral to prove how dumb people can be. Thanks. Go to Mc D and get their coffee. Dad,with his senior citizen discount,pays 25 cents.

  9. Swiminbuff says

    1) he needs to replace his Bible with a dictionary since he obviously does not understand the meaning of the word boycott.
    2) I hope the money he is wasting does not come from the collection plate.
    3) if he really does not want to drink the coffee why not give it to a homeless person who might actually enjoy it.

  10. mary says

    Wow. A “social conservative” even more mind-numbingly ignorant than the Palin family! Who would have though this was even a possbility?

  11. mary says

    I call on my fellow conservatives to start boycotting public libraries. After all, as a right-wing leader told me years ago in a personal letter, “almost all librarians are liberal.” This is why the library’s collection is so slanted to the political left. So, fellow Republicans, return those books and withdraw from the library patron population. We’ll become even more ignorant due to a lack of access to free information, but hey…..that’ll show ’em, won’t it!?

    …………….(a joke, folks!)

  12. Michael says

    Meanwhile, did you notice that 1) The coffee had milk or cream in it already and 2) There was no way that was a full Venti. The dope obviously drank a good bit of it before dumping it. Stupid.

  13. gregory brown says

    “Frothy” beverage? When did Rickydink Santorum hook up with Starbucks?

  14. Oliver says

    He’s boycotting “Ellen” by watching her show everyday and holding up the Bible to the tv screen.

  15. alguien says

    pastor, let me explain to you the concept of cutting off your nose to spite your face.

  16. Dale says

    Buying Starbucks and then throwing it down the sewer is hurting Starbucks how? Evangelical circle jerk thinking. LOVE IT!!!

  17. Caliban says

    Mary, I know you’re joking, but at least at our local library we have had a real problem with a form of censorship that’s rarely addressed, “conservative” or Religious Right groups checking out books or videos they are opposed to and never returning them. The problem mostly centers around one local church, but we’ve had a real problem keeping gay affirmative material on the shelves for that reason.

    We knew there was a problem but didn’t realize it was organized until the movie “Brokeback Mountain” was released on DVD several years ago. Every copy we bought was checked out and never returned, and it was only when we did some detective work that we finally figured out what was happening. People were coming in and signing up to be new patrons then checking out that DVD, and neither the patron nor the movie were seen again.

    Unfortunately that tactic works rather well because libraries keep expecting the material will come back and it takes a while before it’s classified as permanently “lost.” Even if payment is made for the lost items that doesn’t necessarily mean another copy of the same book or video is ordered; with budgets the way they are (even before the budget cuts of the past several years) there are always new things that have to be paid for so replacing “old” material falls by the wayside.

    And even if you suspect that’s what a patron is up to, you can’t refuse to check out material to someone based on a hunch.

  18. RK says

    Pure Idiot! Evangical christians really are dumb as dirt. Instead of reading the bible all day, pick up a real book with facts for a change.

  19. Reggie777 says

    Oh the comment I like is that the sound of liquid flowing in the sewers means that a lot of people must also be dumping Starbucks coffee down the sewers. Wow!!! Such logic!!! I guess it is the same that says…. let me buy the product to boycott the company. S-M-A-R-T.

  20. PJ says

    Umm that’s good for the environment (you know, God’s creation)! Btw what illogical thinking, but really, would you expect anything less from the religious right?

  21. Dan Skinner says

    just proved what i have always thought about evangelicals.. not a lick of brains..

  22. PJ says

    If they boycotted a car company what would they do with the car they bought? Just dumb as dirt.

  23. andy says

    It never ceases to amaze me how obviously gay the closet-case anti-gay crusaders are.

  24. Hollywood, CA says

    Bahahahaaah…gasp gasp…bahahaaaahahaaaaa! Cutting off your noses, ey? Idiots!

  25. Yuki says

    That definitely just looks like a latte to me: milk and espresso. Not bad for the environment, and it didn’t seem like he had added his own. No reason to think he’s an idiot for THAT reason.

    I love this logic, though. “Let’s boycott Starbucks because they support homosexuals… by buying their coffee!”
    They don’t actually care what you do after you get it as long as you’re not assaulting the baristas. They’ve got their money; end of story.

  26. jim says

    Oh well, at least he’s not as dumb as I first assumed. When I first read the headline I took it to mean he bought a Starbuck’s franchise…couldn’t wait to find out what his logic was in THAT. I’m kinda disappointed that he only buys the swill and then dumps it in the sewer.

  27. andrew says

    With enemies as DUMB as this “pastor”,we don’t need that many friends. It is proof that belief in that vile collection of books called the bible DULLS the mind,

  28. darkmoonman says

    “protesters are buying the coffee to pour it into sewers”

    This is what passes for “good” thinking among Christians …. it’s sad that so many of them suffer severe brain damage during re-birth.