1. chad says

    It’s hard to believe this is one country some days, with pro gay advertising in one city and religious people praying for the passage of anti gay laws in another.

  2. Francis says

    It isn’t one country, Chad. At least socially. Hence all the fighting, all the hatred slung (mostly by social conservatives), hence hate crimes and hate groups being on the increase. America is a very deeply divided nation.

    But it really does boggle the mind.

  3. Mitch says

    This ad exposes a long held gay secret. Gay men share shirts. Soon those right wing radical extremists will be proposing laws banning us from wearing the same shirt. Next will be bans from sharing a pair of pants. And some among us will want to share our shirt with a dog…or a cat…

    Kudos for Gap for this public support!!!

  4. Michaelandfred says

    I think corporate America has finally caught on to a brilliant money making scheme. Create a gay(ish) advertisement, wait for NOM or One Million Moms to boycott, cash in.

  5. ratbastard says

    I take it those responsible for marketing the Gap brand have decided to try a campaign that gives it an ‘edgy’ feel? Has The Gap been losing market share for a long time now? They should try putting under age looking models in provocative underwear poses like CK did; apparently pedophilia and pederasty sells well…at least for CK it did.

  6. Jay says

    Sweet ad. Of course, the family that owns GAP are right-wing extremists who support anti-gay politicians. At least they are not above taking gay money.

  7. Paul R says

    Also, the Gap corporation(duh) owns Banana Republic, perhaps the gayest mainstream clothing store in the country. (As well as Old Navy.) It’s based in SF, and I’ve never heard anyone say that its founders (the Fishers) are antigay.

  8. Duste A says

    The GAP Corp. is renting out it’s downtown SF space to host a fundraiser for Paul Ryan. This ad might be cute and sweet, but keep in mind, the Fisher family is using money made from GAP Corp. to support anti-gay republican candidates. Much like the CEO of Urban Outfitters.

  9. Mic says

    My grand father was Don Fisher’s best friend until my grandfather’s passing a few years ago. My gay husband and I have been in the Fishers home many times for dinner and parties. And the Fishers always came to my grandmother’s parties. Don Fischer anti-Gay? B.S. That dog don’t hunt.

  10. Brain McDowny says

    Yes, publicly being anti-gay in san Francisco will make you a social pariah. However, the Fisher family that owns the Gap (Just look at the stock grants people) has a long history of supporting anti-gay republicans. Yes, even Coors advertises in Gap mags. But the Coors family they are not our friends. Same rules apply here.

  11. says

    Is this the same company that’s renting out its headquarters in San Francisco to the antigay teabagger Paul Ryan, the same company owned by a family active in Republican politics? They’ll take our faggy pink money, but they’ll use it against us.

  12. Rowan says

    The problem with this is that famous gay men or women don’t seem to be very schooled on gay politics. Why didn’t Rory O’Malley know this?

  13. JeffR says

    @Rowan: I think it’s pushing things to imply Rory O’Malley is “famous.” I also doubt that the vast majority of the LGBT community are “very schooled on gay politics.” As out gay men/an out couple, Rory and his BF have a more difficult professional career path due to homorphobia than their straight peers so any paying job that also celebrates and/or promotes them is a good thing. Have you noticed that most, if not all, of the male leads on “Smash” are played by straight actors -Cause there aren’t any terrific out actors on B’way/in NYC theatre, right?!? Wesley Taylor is reduced to playing a chorus boy in a snippet of a role. Good for Rory! Perhaps you should be asking the question: “Why isn’t Towleroad featuring Rory and his BF in a nice PR piece and great non-Gap photo?!?” Last I heard Kellan Lutz isn’t out…nor is Tony Ward, for that matter. Support our own! Best, JeffR

  14. just_a_guy says

    adorable. and why hasn’t TR told me about this handsome celebrity couple b4?

    and TR, can you please give us a fact-based piece on the Fisher Family. I know ur good at such pieces, so here’s a PERFECT situation where we all wanna know more, eh?

    How credible is the Fisher Family’s homophobia? Did they give to prop 8?

    Bottom line: I’m torn. Do I start shopping at Gap again?

    Or do I add Gap to my forever-boycott-until-obvi-and-huge-news-of-change-from-them list.

    You know, how I feel sick just walking past an Urban Outfitters. (NOT very “urban.”)

    How I’ve been embarrassed to like stuff when I accidentally went into an Urban Outfitters without realizing that’s what it was.

    I had to leave the merchandise at the counter, repulsed by the ANTI-GAY POLITICS of Urban Outfitters.

    Do I need to do the same for Gap? What are the facts???

    And, again, either way, can I see more of this ADORABLE celeb couple and their lives/influence/careers here at TR please???

  15. Jack Johns says

    To those who think GAP is renting out space for a Paul Ryan event, it’s is absolutely untrue. The event was booked by a PR company w/out the use of Ryan’s name. After Gap Inc found out it was for him, they asked that the event be re-located, as they did not/do not endorse Ryan, nor do they want to be associated with him.

    GAP has embraced the LGBT community fervently and has a great record of support. To suggest otherwise is ridiculous and and unfounded.

  16. Jon says

    This is great! I randomly check and see what the crazy people on the One Million Moms facebook page are doing and saw that they are of course boycotting the ad right now, telling people to right in to get it taken down. Luckily the comments under their post is mostly against those bigots, and I wrote in in favor of this ad. I am a 22 year old heterosexual form Kansas and I am all for equality, and for these crazy bitches to get out of everyones business! So right on GAP, I’m for sure shopping their again.

  17. Tammy says

    Godly principles that help make this nation what it once was (we are no longer great) has been diluted and watered down by many. the majority say you’re “to love” EVERYONE. I want to clarify for those who might read this and for those who have lost their way in biblical principles; we’re to love the sinner, but HATE their sin. Oldest and most reknown book THE BIBLE plannly states that GOD CREATED WOMAN FOR MAN. It goes on to state that Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed and one of the vital reasons for this, the men wanted the house guest, which were MEN (angels came in the form of men) to be sent out to them, so that they could have sexual relations with them. God was very displeased and he destroyed the city. No matter what law is passed, no matter who is in office making up some new bill to “okay” what people want….GOD IS STILL GOd and our nation is in serious trouble because we’re leading people astray by allowing such perverse things to be displayed. I for one will not be shopping at GAP again and I will continue to encourage others to take a stand.

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