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Check Out 'The Outs,' A New Web Series About Gay Life In New York


New York-based filmmaker Adam Goldman recently unveiled the first installment of The Outs, a six-part web series about a gay man and his friends trying to find work, happiness and, yes, sex here in the Big Apple.

I just checked out the first episode of the Kickstarter-funded series per a friend's recommendation and am already hooked. I think you will be, too. I've included the first episode AFTER THE JUMP. You can learn more about Mr. G and the series at The Outs' website.

Watch the first installment of The Outs, AFTER THE JUMP, but be aware that the language is NSFW.

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  1. And no, I wouldn't want to move to New York based on the initial minutes. It lost me at hello. I am not fond of yet another depiction of gay men as promiscuous, careless horndogs. Next scene, archtype lone woman and her best gay are rambling on about men so that's when I quit.

    I gave it a second chance and went past the initial meh reaction and I enjoyed where it went for a first episode. I'll definitely check out the next episode.

    Posted by: stranded | May 26, 2012 2:35:58 AM

  2. @RW @Q

    Exactly, that scene was annoying.

    (By the way, gay = hipster... is there really a difference?)

    I can't possibly think why the writer would think he was creating something special when he wrote it. The episode has its hit and miss moments. I can tell you that it does pick up after that cringe-inducing scene though.

    Posted by: stranded | May 26, 2012 2:46:11 AM

  3. Yes, it's better than Internet amateur hour, but it's also tediously predictable. I finished two of the dialogue lines out loud in sync with the playback.

    And most tiresome: The anonymous sex enthusiast is depressive and troubled. Really? Again? Just once I'd like to see a portrayal of this character who is perfectly fine, thankyouverymuch, with his choices.

    Posted by: rascal | May 26, 2012 6:40:32 AM

  4. "wow another show about annoying self-absorbed gay hipsters creating art and finding love in NY while saying trite cloying lines that they think are witty. "My life is so hard! I only get $1000 a month from my parents!" I endured about 80 seconds and that was enough. Blech."

    Totally agree. Typically Williamsburg hipsters who know nothing about NYC but like to think they do, and make their whole life revolve around boring, white middle-class frivolity.

    Posted by: Cyg | May 28, 2012 2:22:49 AM

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  6. Wow this is terrible and kind of offensive

    Posted by: Will | Aug 2, 2012 12:11:43 AM

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