1. Seattle Mike says

    Ryan Murphy should be horsewhipped for having this man on Glee and NOT giving him a song!! In what universe does that make sense?

  2. Rowan says

    Maybe Cheyenne just wanted to act. He got to sing all the time in 30 rock but I can understand you confusion, I just think it was his choice.

  3. yj says

    This sounds exactly like a song from Glee. A saccharine arrangement you forgot all about five minutes later.

  4. says

    Anecdote: Jake a eu des problèmes de vue car il était un jeune gar?on. Il se souvient de ses jours de se cogner contre les murs dans l’un des articles du magazine En-Style, comme il l’explique également comment, parce que son ordonnance a été en constante évolution, il ferait don de ses vieilles lunettes à la Fondation New Yeux.

  5. tc says

    Why does this voice need to be auto-tuned? So he virtually indistinguishable from every other pop singer?