1. Brian says

    I’m more excited about the other outstanding dinner invite, any word from Brian Brown re Dan Savage’s invitation?

  2. Alan says

    If I went around all day long, accusing everyone of *hate* who doesn’t agree with gay marriage, I’d be miserable, and it would make me hateful. You’re not going to change someone’s attitude or belief until you can change your own. My christian family is extremely supportive of my eleven year relationship with my boyfriend. I could have just accused them all of *hate* instead, based on the narrative of this site, destroyed my relationship with them. But it was more important to me to work from within, listen to what they say, and respond in a respectful manner.

    No one and I mean NO ONE is required to support gay marriage. I don’t support straight marriage. Have you seen the divorce rate? I guess I hate straight people.

  3. Steve says

    Very naive. He will find a way to twist this for his purposes and use them. The guy is completely amoral.

  4. Steve says

    No, people don’t have to support gay marriage. The alternative to support isn’t opposition however. It’s just staying quiet. Tony, however, has it made his life’s work to hurt gay people. And that makes him evil.

  5. Curt says

    He will never come out in support of marriage equality because he would be out of a job.

  6. Bill says

    In 1983, Jerry Falwell accepted an invitation to visit a gay home. He agreed on a nationwide broadcast of Nightline. He never followed through.

    Perkins either will let this fade away or he will use it as a marketing ploy to show how he boldly takes the Gospel right into the homes of lesbian sinners. If he does follow through, there is zero chance that anything he sees will change his views. He will issue a statement about how nice these lesbians are, but that while hie “loves” them, he objects to their “behavior”. The guy is 100% prepackaged spin.

  7. ed says

    the alternative to support is never staying quiet. Perkins and his ilk may be total garbage but they are entitled to spew their opinion.

  8. UFFDA says

    ALAN – thank you, that was a mature and insightful post, very counter to much that is said here. We must strike a much more educative attitude towards those who are offended by gay existence.

  9. Demian says

    Everyone and I mean EVERYONE is required to honor my civil and human rights.

  10. ScottNH says

    @ Steve Exactly. Perkins is a cold, consummate professional. I’ve never seen so many people go up against one man and fail so miserably. He’s slippery, calculating and dangerous. Whatever tender emotions Tony may happen to feel, they have nothing whatsoever to do with his career path. These women are soooo on the wrong track. I wish them the best, though.

  11. Pete N SFO says

    This only contributes to his notoriety- and why? Clearly, his positions are absurd.

    Never argue with a crazy person, because the passerby can’t tell the difference.

    And to the Xtianist apologists… if no one advocates my lesser treatment under the law, they need not fear my criticism. Don’t like being labelled as a ‘hater’? Don’t pretend treating others as lesser beings won’t earn you my disdain & more.

    There’s nothing virtuous about religious bigotry.

  12. Oliver says

    Good for her!
    She speaks very well, I hope she does speaking engagements in support of marriage equality.

  13. if the shoe fits says

    This could mean that the winds of change are upon us, as evidenced by recent polls showing an increasing trend to support gay marriage, and Mr. Perkins does not want to be left on the wrong side of the issue, hanging in that wind, if it affects his income. Cynical, I guess so. Bon appetite.

  14. lessthan says

    That wasn’t an acceptance, that was a preemptive excuse. Next time someone confronts Perkins about it, he’ll say “I never got the invitation.” Ta-da! Instant face-saver.

  15. AggieCowboy says

    “…when we receive the invitation…”?

    Ummm, you already have received the invitation. It’s right there in the letter: “I would like to extend an open invitation for you and your family…”

    Perkins has no intentions of attending the dinner. He’ll use every excuse to skip it in the hopes that they’ll eventually forget about it.

  16. chad says

    I don’t know why you’d have this guy in your home, you’re not going to change his mind.

  17. PJW says

    What a beautifully worded invitation and it is amazing that Tony Perkins has said “Yes”. It will be interesting to see if this actually happens.
    Chad, I don’t think she thinks she will change his mind, only, maybe, soften his heart a bit. We’ll see.

  18. Jay says

    This is absurd. I wouldn’t let that bastard darken my door, much less be around my kids.

  19. kpo5 says

    This whole “they are entitled to their opinion” garbage sounds like a GOProud talking point.

    Sure, have dinner with the family and friends and tell them how much you don’t support gay marriage. Whatever. You’re entitled to that.

    But head an organization that spends millions a month to continue injecting America’s most malleable minds with the same baseless information, lies, scare tactics, and misdirections and YES, you are a bigot, you are a hater.

    It doesn’t make you “mature” or “insightful” if you think someone like Perkins is just voicing his opinion. It makes you a doormat.

  20. says

    KPO5, you’re spot-on. Alan-the_troll is a pathetic GOProud wannabe – one more gay wimp who confuses a parental stance of “i’ll tolerate your gayness just as long as you cut off your balls and don’t embarrass me in front of my friends by being totally gay and don’t you dare ever demand any form of public support for you” as “love and acceptance”, which it aint.

    we see these failures in life all the time – “oh, just because my friends and family dont’ support gay marriage doesn’t mean they’re anti-gay”

    sorry, sugar. it does.

    “oh, i respect his different opinion” = “imadoofus”

  21. Simon says

    Haters are antiChrist who do not believe or pretend to believe in Jesus Christ but do not acknowledge Christ for saying that His 2 commandments to love God and to love thy neighbor as thyself, are the highest of all biblical laws. The antiChrist, like the devil, is a master of quoting biblical verses except those 2 top commandments of love from Christ, they avoid using Christ’s name but use other names, even ‘God’, to bring all sort of biblical verses or ‘facts’, to lie and to prove their disagreements about Christ and his commandments of Love. AntiChrist deceive people that those 2 commandments of love were not above all laws for Christians.

    The issue of homosexuality among any other issues is a test of the Christian faith on that choice of who they really believe in the end, to love (stay with Christ and follow His commandments of love) or to hate (succumb to temptation of verses NOT from Christ and his top commandments and to justify their hatred, a deja-vu of story of Eve falling into temptation by satan the snake with the apple for the ‘gift’ of ‘knowledge’ and ignoring their true God).

  22. Dave says

    I think some people are missing the point. I’m sure she knows she won’t change his mind, but by extending the invitation she has made herself visible on a national level and offered an image of a kind, caring, and unthreatening same-sex couple. That could change the minds of other people who are not as hardline as Perkins. It brings a relatable and human face to the issue, something Perkins doesn’t want.

  23. MichaelJ says

    @ALAN’s initial comment and follow-up: Ditto to what STEVE and KPO5 wrote.
    @UFFDA: One of the purposes of distinguishing the truly hateful from others who may have anti-gay feelings and sometimes give voice to them (which of course is their right) is to know who is worth talking to. I can talk with and reason with and educate and appeal to the good nature of co-workers and family members who are anti-gay marriage. Trying to educate people like Perkins is waste of time, whereas pointing out his (and others’) lies and challenging his hatefulness in public will educate others — not everyone, but some others. Public awareness of the hatefullness of anti-gay advocates, in combination of more and more Americans actually knowing gay people, has probably made a tremendous contribution to the shift in public opinion regarding gay marriage.

  24. BobN says

    I’d only invite him over if I was already planning on moving shortly afterwards. Who would want to sit down to dinner over and over with the memories of talking to him over biscuits and gravy?

  25. andrew says

    Christianity like all myths that many believe to be true is a drag on human progress. It is 2012, we should free ourselves of the silly dogmas of the past.

  26. Paul B. says

    This dinner probably won’t happen…but I hope it does. Jennifer seems sincere in her invite and just maybe, if it happens…Tony will learn something that softens his position. Of course, I’m not very hopeful…but I’ll never give up hope that, as Jennifer so beautifully put it…our kids won’t have to endure this hateful environment that the Perkins’ of the world create. Every step in the right direction helps…if not us…our kids then.

  27. Anthony Veneziano says

    Perkins and Brown are career bigots; Stirring up hate to fill their coffers with gold is their tried-and-true job description. This dinner invite, as well intentioned as it appears, sadly only gives them more camera time to spew their venom. Yet even more sad is the camera time they get from media outlets like CNN, and ignorant pundits (e.g. WolfBlitzer) who still ask them offensive questions like, “Do you think being gay is a choice?” I think we need to start educating the media on what’s acceptable and what isn’t. Think of a tantamount question to ask an African American or a Jewish person and see how insulting and offensive that would be…

  28. Regan DuCasse says

    Ms. Chrisler wrote a BEAUTIFUL invitation. SHE is making a GRAND gesture as have many gay people over and over.
    As Golda Mier once said about intractable conflict “It’s impossible to shake hands with a fist.”

    People have been taught for millenia to raise their fists and strike at gay people by any means necessary and Tony Perkins has done the same all his professional life.
    It’s GAY people who have held the high ground anyway, despite the assertions of one very pompous liar that is Perkins.

    Even to this day, regardless how many gay children are harassed and brutalized to the point of running away, being thrown away, suicide or murder: the gay community has responded to their oppressors with considerable patience, compassion and non violence.
    Gays and lesbians have responded to public insult and civil humiliation through every avenue of due process of law, and STILL it’s not been enough for the likes of Tony Perkins to think himself morally superior and obligated to continue such anti equality policy.
    He’s indifferent to the harm it’s caused and the families it’s made vulnerable.

    Ms. Chrisler is being very brave and still trying to embrace Perkins’s fist with the utmost of hopes.
    Yes, it’s a lot like inviting David Duke into the home of a black family’s dinner table, and if Perkins tries to make this be a matter of HIM taking the moral high ground by DEIGNING to spend a BIT of time with this family, then we won’t be surprised.
    It’s going to take MORE than HER family, it’s going to take many more hours and breaking bread and knowing the children of gay couples.
    And THAT is what I’d charge Perkins with doing before I consider him sincere or at all changed.