1. Marc C says

    Fascinating and very cool!

    I’ve been listening to Hart’s music recently and was reminded that twenty some years ago, I was VP of the GSA at our college. As a group, we decided to have roses delivered to Mr Hart before the show he performed at our school.

  2. sparks says

    Pretty song. Had a tiny crush on him when I was a kid and “Sunglasses at Night” was on the charts. ><

  3. says

    I had such a gigantic crush on CH in my teens! He was like Harrison Ford and Richard Gere all rolled into one!

    I had always picked up a gay vibe from him, but I guess it’s because he’s such a strong Ally!

    Thank you Corey! see you at Pride!

  4. J. Leo says

    Mostly remember him for one of my favorite songs and his highest charting single in the US, Never Surrender.

  5. GraphicJack says

    Dang, I am Canadian of a certain age, and grew up with Corey Hart annoying the crap out of me when I was a teenager… lol. I thought he was a total ham… now I’m gonna have to rethink my hate-on for him. Good for him for being so supportive back when it was pretty risky to show support for tha gehz. Madonna did it much more openly and lovingly, but I gotta give him props for this admittedly “coded” song. Still not a fan of his whiney voice, though.

  6. Paul R says

    Glad that he’s supportive, but the notion that this “coded” notion of Sunglasses at Night didn’t come out until decades later seems a bit much.

  7. Randy says

    “Shepard’s star surviving”. That’s it?

    It’s sad when out gay music artists get frequently ignored on blogs like these, and some straight 80s star comes in and makes a big deal about a single word, and gets an article out of it.

  8. Gigi says

    @Randy Whatevs! If you’d like our gay music artists to get more press then perhaps you should make that your mission. Please don’t discount the impact of Corey Hart’s efforts, words and sentiment. When I was in uni listening to his Sunglasses hit I wish that I’d have known the subtext of the song. It would have helped to know that there were straight people on our side. It was a very different time. I welcome his support and look forward to seeing him perform at the Toronto Pride Parade!

  9. Seattle Mike says

    I loved his music and had the biggest crush on him. I also thought he and David Duchovny looked almost like twins.

  10. jim says

    Uuufffff, Mista Hart! Had the biggest crush on him in the 80s (when I was, um, straight), and now I’ve got the biggest crush on him again knowing he’s such an ally.

  11. JR says

    The song came out way back when i was a teenager and starting to put two and two togther about myself. I remember it really loving the tape and playing it a lot, at least for a while. How great!

    About a year later, i was listening to Nine Inch Nails :)