Dem Fundraiser To Celebrate Barney Frank’s Coming Out

BarneyFrankComingOutCongressman Barney Frank made history in 1987 when he came out of the closet, making him the first sitting lawmaker ever to be honest about his homosexuality.

Now, 25-years later and as Frank prepares to retire, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is hosting a fundraiser to celebrate Frank's groundbreaking move.

"Barney is an inspiration to all of us as one of the first openly gay Congressmen to serve in the House," openly gay Rep. Jared Polis said in a letter for the event. In addition to honoring Frank, the fundraiser will also include tributes to House Minority Nancy Pelosi and DCCC leader Steve Israel, USA Today reports.

Frank, I'm sure, never imagined in 1987 that his colleagues would be toasting him in such a high-profile way, and making money from it, too.


  1. Paul R says

    He wasn’t the first out lawmaker (and I assume by that you mean member of Congress). There was Gerry Studds, who came out in 1983.

    Not that he or Frank came out without the pressure of scandal.

  2. Dale says

    @paul – Studds, His homosexuality was revealed through scandal. That is different than coming out voluntarily.

  3. mike says

    @ Paul & Dale,

    Neither of these guys “came out” or showed any bravery whatsoever in that regard.

    Barney Frank was outed when his former escort/boyfriend/aide/houseboy continued to trick – without Frank’s knowledge, to be fair – while living in Frank’s DC home and then tired to sell the story to the media.

    Barney has done some great things for the gay community, but this ANNOYING re-writing of history and treatment of BF like he bravely blew the hinges off of his closet door and is some kind of gay folk hero is just …. ANNOYING.

  4. Paul R says

    Yes, and Frank had a prostitution scandal in 1987. As I said, both of them were forced out by scandal. I’m not insulting them, but Studds was out before Frank was.

  5. Alan says

    My boyfriend and I met Barney a few years ago. We live in Boston and know Barney’s old boyfriend that was running a prostitution ring out of his apartment. Barney is kind of yucky, but his current boyfriend/fiance’ is SUPER HOT. Nice body and great nips.

  6. mikeflower says

    Just for the record, the same group that is saluting Barney Frank, the DCCC, continues to support Blue Dog Conserva-Dem candidates while ignoring gay friendly progressives. Had Barney Frank any standards he’d have declined this “honour”.