1. Rick says

    Wow. This guy REALLY hates Romney. But I fail to understand his angle. His series of comments over the past fews weeks — including this latest one — seem to have put Romney in a Catch-22. So what’s Fischer get out of that.

    Maybe I should stop trying to find reason and rationality when all that’s offered is CRAZY.

  2. RedOnTheGreg says

    I love that this creep is backing Mitt Flop into a corner. Maybe he’ll help keep right wing nut job voters home in November!

  3. kit says

    For the first time ever in my life, I agree with this big bag of pinched sphincters — anyone who would listen to him is obviously unfit to lead the country. (Or to vote on who should lead the country, for that matter.)

  4. Brian says

    Fingers crossed that Romney promptly re-hires Grenell. Let’s keep this circus going!

  5. Anon says

    I didn’t realize that Romney “fired” Grenell.

    I thought Grenell quit (justifiably) because he was “dissed” and told that he could not speak during a conference call or something like that. I think I read that here on Towleroad.

  6. Paul R says

    This story is full of holes, including a crazy gay Repub who ostensibly resigned, was supposedly begged to stay, and left for “personal” reasons (but is also insane).

    Now one of the country’s leading religious bigots has turned 180 degrees and saying it was a mistake. Nothing makes sense here. Don’t believe a word from these people.

  7. mike/ says

    are we in one of those alternate realities they postulate? or is Bryan Fischer an example of “The Three Faces of Eve”?

    and has anyone ever told him about the theory of anyone who spells the name Brian with a ‘y’?

    just asking…

  8. says

    If anyone needed proof that Fischer is batshit crazy, this is it.

    Actually, I think these radio talk show hosts are on the air for hours and hours at a stretch, day in and day out and they just start babbling. They have no clue what they are saying and they don’t remember from day-to-day what they’ve said. Why does anyone even listen to these morons? And they get paid for this? Sigh…

  9. Matt26 says

    There has to be some logic in this, I just don’t see it. Oh sorry, it’s BF. Illogical it is.
    I don’t trust BF no matter what he says.

  10. badlydrawnbear says

    Wake up Mitt! “He’s just not that into you.”

    ‘He’ being the Republican base.

  11. anon says

    I’m getting the impression he just doesn’t like Romney. I suppose it’s more fun disparaging a Democratic president all day every day than a moderate Republican desperate to please everyone.

  12. mary says

    “Bryan Fischer: Mitt Romney Shouldn’t Have Fired Gay Spokesman”

    I have to admit that when I first read this headline I almost suspected that Mr.Fischer was trying to soften the image of the Christian Right by withdrawing his previous objection to Mr. Grennell’s hiring. I should have known better.

    Could Mr. Fischer actually want Romney to lose in November? That seems hard to believe. Yet what other motive could he have for first saying Romney shouldn’t have hired the man and now that he shouldn’t have accepted his resignation? Possibly he thinks that an Obama-appointed Supreme Court would be more likely to render inflammatory rulings that would heat up the culture wars? I can’t come up with any other possible answer.

  13. NullNaught says

    To Mr. Fischer the heretic is much worse than the pagan. The heretic is a traitor, the pagan is merely evil. This is why he hates Mr. Romney more than he hates Mr. Obama. He can’t stand to see either one as president. I don’t think he sees Romney as any better a choice than Obama. He sees this election as being lost already. His audience is as hateful as him and doesn’t see anything wrong with what he is doing because they agree with Mr. Fischer – the election is already lost.

  14. Houndentenor says

    I hate to say this but he has a point. The social conservatives thought Bush was one of them. They don’t trust Romney. If Bush had to pander to them, how much more will Romney pander to religious extremists if he’s elected?

  15. Craig says

    This has everything to do with Fischer hating that Romney isn’t a “christian” – because of that he will never really support him. Truth is Fischer is hardly “christian” himself.

  16. jim says

    Um, is this Fischer’s bizarre and obtuse way of endorsing Barak Obama for POTUS? There’s something here that I just don’t trust. Heh.

    I was having such a nice Saturday…now I’m just feeling perplexed and confused.

  17. Dearcomrade says

    I hear Fischer likes to take it in the back door from pastor Ken Hutcherson, another closeted homophobe.

  18. bobbyjoe says

    How are we supposed to believe that Republicans won’t negotiate with terrorists if they can’t even keep from majorly caving in to the most obvious religious right nutjobs?

    Fischer made Romney pee his pants, and then after Mitt caves, turns around and kicks Mitt in the nuts, and Mitt will still try to play all nicey-nice with people like this.

    Profiles in courage, eh?

  19. Swiminbuff says

    Fischer is both wrong and right. He was wrong to call for Grinnel to be fired simply because he is gay. He is totally right that Romney is unfit to be POTUS and will simply pander to any wingnut he thinks can get him elected.
    I look forward to the craziness that will be the GOP convention but will probably go snowblind looking at the audiance.
    It will probably will be good business time for all the gay hustlers out there too.

  20. Johnson says

    Fisher is always wrong; let’s just hope he never says he’s wrong since that would create a paradox.

  21. Matt says

    Wait, weren’t you the one who wanted him fired in the first place?
    It seems you’re doing Obama’s job for him by alienating more and more voters from Romney.

  22. NwYrkr says

    Ohhh Bobby Joe I just love the visual of your summary, would love to see that Taiwanese group do an animated video of it.
    But on a more serious note, yes how does this portend how well Romney would stand up to far mores erius threats that POTUS must deal with. How would he respond to the infamous “phone call at 3:00 A.M.” ? Methinks not too well.

  23. walter says

    fischer just helps prove that mitt is a large ken doll all plastic balls lacking balls and a backbone

  24. Mike in nyc says

    He is crazy.

    However, his point is valid: Mitt has no Soul or true beliefs.
    And will crumble at a snap of the right wing finger.

  25. Swiminbuff says

    Well Mitt did tell us he likes firing people so at least he must be getting some enjoyment out of this story.

    Walter, Mitt has no balls, plastic or otherwise.

  26. jack says

    Oh Mitt, these fundamentalist “christians” have got you by the short hairs. You want to be president so badly that you will kiss their ass to get there.

  27. Brad Naksuthin says

    Romney is a big disappointment.
    He doesn’t have enough courage to stand on principle.
    Instead he caved to right wing religious conservatives and sacked his only gay spokesperson

  28. St. Theresa of Avila says

    If it’s not clear yet, this guy is an attention-craving closet queen. He’s just “milking” the Grenell situation as long as he can. (and for all we know might actually be milking Grenell, but that’s neither here nor there)
    It’s becoming so obvious that the fundamentalist-industrial complex can’t let homophobia go down w/o a fight because it’s one of their top recruiting draws. As I’ve stated before – maybe it’s different deep w/in the Bible Belt – but in the DC area most of the fundies I’ve met seemed like closet cases. When self-control fails, big mean sky daddy is the only thing that has a chance of stifling their true selves.

  29. billmiller says

    What a looney!!! Make up my mind! Someone pleeeeze! This guy needs medication!

  30. ratbastard says

    Fischer like many evangelical Christians doesn’t like Mormons and he’s busting Romney’s balls. But taken literally in this case, he’s right.

  31. ThomT says

    Fischer is pissed at Romney because Mitt called him out about trashing the Mormon religion. So now old Bryan is going to take every opportunity to make Romney look like an incompetent fool. Obviously making Mitt look like a fool should be difficult but it’s going to be fun watching it happen anyway. Romney had a chance to make a smart political decision by keeping Grenill but he blew it and now he’s reaping the benefits of licking the boots of the rightwing religious wingnuts.

  32. BarryW says

    I’m surprised Fischer didn’t tell Romney he should have put his gay spokeman up to a firing squad….and what does Fischer get out of this….lip service on blogs, book sales and donations from the ignorant. Pathetic hatred or Mormans, gays, and whomever upon he focuses his blowtorch tongue.

  33. Brian says

    Maybe Bryan Fischer is purposefully attacking Mitt Romney not about the gay thing, but for being Mormon indirectly?

    It definitely seems Bryan Fischer does not like a lot of people =P