1. Brian from Tucson says

    Republicans are so anti-gay, they can’t even have a spokesman who is gay, despite the man’s communication background and talent. The R’s simply do not accept gays except for those who are in the closet. In contrast, President Obama got rid of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, abandoned support for DOMA, and routinely speaks positively of gays as citizens rather than demons. The choice is pretty clear. Obama in 2012.

  2. Keith says

    Let’s be clear. He was “hounded” by the right, and legitimately criticized by the left for his views of women and LGBT equality at the national level. It’s only because of the extreme pressure from the far right wing of the Republican Party that he “chose” to resign. For the LCR to suggest otherwise is very disingenuous, to say the least.

  3. says

    As an observer it seems manifestly clear to me that no self respecting gay can be a member of, or support, the Republicans.
    Their hostility to gays is palpable.

    We can expect no recognition of our rights to equality from a party which is so patently the home of bigots.

  4. dms says

    What headline next?

    Jew kicked out of neo-nazi club.

    Black man ejected from KKK.

    When will these “log cabin” dwellers realize, republicans don’t like the gays?

  5. says

    The Log Cabin is a pack of Lying Liars on this one. They need to name ONE INCIDENT of a mainstream leftwing organization ‘hounding’ Grenell. Didn’t happen.

    Maybe there were some people on the left predicting this would happen (and it was predictable), but that’s not hounding.

    Log Cabins don’t get to make up revisionist history, and they certainly don’t get to revise the history of CURRENT EVENTS, as they play out. We’re not idiots.

    Log Cabins and GOProud need to just learn that the Republicans really, really, really don’t like them. And the few who privately do aren’t willing to publicly stand up for them, because deep down inside they’re either pansies who aren’t willing to stand up for their friends, or people who truly believe being gay is ‘icky’ even if they’ll tolerate the presence of a gay person or two in their staff.

  6. Macmantoo says

    Newt Gingrich said for gays not to vote for him, maybe we should include Romney too. Not that I was going to vote for Mr FlipFlop but do you really think a Mormon President is in the LGBT best interest?

  7. says

    Classic LCR spin: Make a false equivalency between the “far right” and the “far left” to distract from the intolerance of their own party.

    News flash, LCR boys, the “far left” has no sway in your party (they barely have sway in the Democratic party), so you can’t blame those leftist Democrats for pointing out the obvious (Republicans don’t like openly gay people) and the “far right” IS today’s Republican party, hence the problem with Richard Grenell.

    The only thing that was a “non-issue” with the Romney campaign, as the LCR Spin Dr. puts it, was quickly accepting Grenell’s resignation before Mittens got to have the joy of firing him.

  8. bart Von says

    I find it really sad that someone is still foreced our of a job because of sexual orientation. Apparently the religeous right doesn’t even want gays to have a job. How hateful. So it comes down to this: there is no coexist, they want gays gone.

  9. Caliban says

    The LCR blaming the “far left” would be funny if it weren’t so sad. Most gays criticized Grenell supporting and enabling a party that actively fights against his own rights, particularly Romney who donated money to NOM. But that’s that’s standard fare, the same criticism we have of ALL gay GOP members including the LCR itself. Nothing new there.

    That Grenell acted like a high school mean-girl on Twitter and had to delete nearly his entire online presence to hide the catty barbs he engaged in instead of substantive criticism is his fault and no one else’s.

    And if he’s so brilliant why did the Bush Administration’s foreign policy stink so bad?

    But make no mistake, the Christian Right has the Romney campaign by the b*lls, gripping them through Willard’s magical Mormon underpants. The Evangelicals don’t like Mormons, considering them a non-Christian cult. (Even a stopped clock is right sometimes.) So the Evangelical vote which the GOP has always been able to count on isn’t assured this time around, as demonstrated by the online protest by Liberty Univ students against Willard giving their commencement speech this year. So it was the criticism of Grenell by Bryan Fischer and other Christian Right figures that had Romney scared.

    So blaming “the Far Left” is just typical LCR spin and they know it.

    In a way it’s good because that fear of Religious Right criticism is going to keep the Romney campaign from “shaking the Etch-A-Sketch” and tacking more to the center for the general campaign. They’re stuck with trying to keep the fundies happy and that doesn’t appeal to voters in the center of the political spectrum.

  10. St. Theresa of Avila says

    It’s hard to wonder if this was all part of some ham-handed master plan by Romney, Inc. Surely they knew something like this would happen. Surely they could have found a less controversial right-wing gay if they’d simply wanted “diversity”. I’m so worn out from the surreal primary I can hardly take a stab at what it might mean…maybe it help reifies some right-wing sense of order (teh gays iz bad, teh gays cause problem fur campaign, teh good gays resign…I don’t think the average Republican brain functions at a much higher level than lolcats) …while at the same time making Romney himself seem like a “fair” conservative who wouldn’t exclude a gay hire “simply on principle”. Which of course is a joke…but someone out there might be stupid enough to be duped by it.
    It goes back to concept of quantum Romney. He will fully take advantage of anything that allows him to appear like one thing to one group of people, and another thing to another group of people.

  11. kit says

    Let me make sure I understand this: Some people on the left criticized him for working for Romney because Romney is hand-in-glove with far right wingnuts who hate gays and want to discriminate against them. These people on the left questioned why a gay man would want to work for people who hate him. The far right wingnuts did in fact hate him, vilify him, and make such a big deal out of his sexual orientation that he was forced to resign in order to placate them. And then the LCR says that it was the left who hounded him — for predicting (correctly) that the right would hound him. So pointing out to someone that haters hate him is the same as hating him. It’s a surreal world.

  12. Ealan14 says

    Bryan Fischer is business as usual. YAWN!! But I really wish I could understand the LCR and GoProud. Why don’t they understand that they can be as conservative as they want, but it won’t ever matter- the Republican party will NEVER, EVER give them a seat at the table. Being gay will always trump their politics and it flies in the face of the GOP’s most basic fundamental view: that gays are evil. How many times are they gonna make excuses for why its okay to deny them equal rights, or allow themselved to be the local whipping boys for the GO? How many times can they overlook stuff like this or chalk it up to “doing what’s best for the Romney campaign.”? This is so pathetic.

  13. Paul B. says

    Well, thank you repubs for bullying some professional psudo-gay into submission. We didn’t want him in there that’s for sure, so in a way the fools got him out of the way for us and at the same time showed the world their true colors.

  14. Terry says

    Keith got it exactly right. For Cooper to suggest that Grenell was “hounded” by the Far Left is laughable. The homophobia that came out following the announcement of Grenell’s appointment most assuredly did not come from the left.

  15. chad says

    DMS, good comment!

    Has Romney himself made any public statement about this issue? You know, the leader? The guy who should be setting an example?

  16. Matt26 says

    If this is an act for “pro-family”, what is “anti-gay” activism?
    I don’t understand, why any LGBT person would like to work with people like them.

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