1. timothym says

    Listen to the song “Ocean” off of the album New Wave. It’s beautiful, and contains the lyric “If I could have chosen, I would have been born a woman.”

  2. Sam says

    Before The Ocean, he also did “Searching for a Former Clarity” that, if anything, was 100% about HIV/AIDS and could definitely be read as honoring Freddie Mercury. It’s an absolutely amazing and heartbreaking song!

    I always suspected from his music he may be gay or that he had some personal and direct connection to the GLBT community. I’m very happy for him to come out as TG and hope him nothing but success and happiness!

  3. Coffee&Chicory says

    Brent, I have listened to this song about 30 times since reading the article in the rolling stone and I don’t even like punk rock. The song is just incredibly beautiful.

  4. gogo says

    I LOVE her solo stuff, and Against Me!’s earlier work. i saw her perform solo last month on the Revival Tour with Chuck Ragan, and had no idea that she identified as trans. that song linked above is SO good.

    if you’ve ever been to an Against Me! show, you know that there are literally hundreds of shirtless, sweaty, young, heterosexual, punk, white males singing along, slam dancing, and hanging on the lead singer’s every word. Hopefully, with Laura’s brave announcement and transition, this will open up their minds about trans folks and what they’ve been taught to believe about gender.

  5. Thomas says

    I wonder how she will deal with the hormone situation effecting her voice. Wont it mess with her vocals?

    Either way, rock on Laura Jane Grace.

  6. Sam says


    Someone needs to put down their deluxe edition Madonna album and actually go out and listen to other music.

    I saw them way back in 2005 (ugh even saying that makes me feel old) and I’m not surprised at all. More power to her.

  7. says

    Wow–I think this is the first time I’ve read only positive and supportive comments when a TG issue comes up. And hats off to this site for using the proper pronouns in the report, unlike a number of other sites that have also been covering the announcement.

  8. Yuki says

    I’ve honestly never heard of them, but if they’re as big as Rolling Stone says, I’m quite glad she came out publicly! Good for her, and good for promoting acceptance. :)

  9. Dusty says

    I’m a big Against Me! fan (with the exception of that last crap album) and this trips me out to no end. Looking forward to see what comes next though.

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