Gay X-Man Northstar’s Wedding To Be Announced On ‘The View’?

XMenSaveTheDateDespite the fact that we all know that gay X-Man Northstar will soon marry his boyfriend, publisher Marvel has remained cagey on the details.

That will most likely change tomorrow, because the ladies of The View will be making a "major Marvel announcement" that "will have everyone talking," Bleeding Cool reports.

Meanwhile, DC Comics publicity veep Courtney Simmons spoke to ABC News about their "reintroduction" of a known character as gay and said the hero will be "iconic."

“One of the major iconic DC characters will reveal that he is gay in a storyline in June,” she said.

This lends some credence to speculation that the new gay hero will be Superman from Earth-2. Yeah, there are parallel worlds and parallel Supermen. It's a comic book, so they can get away with it, but DC had better not go too far. We know all what happens then.

As for the recent spate of gay characters in comic books, Matt Kane from GLAAD remarked to ABC: “DC and (archrival) Marvel are recognizing that there is an LGBT audience that has been reading their comics for years. When creating these fictional worlds it’s important to show the full diversity.”

Curiously, Kane's last name is the same as lesbian hero Batwoman's alter ego, Kate Kane. Coincidence?


  1. ichabod says

    To let my geek flag fly, Kate Kane (A.K.A. Batwoman) is named after Batman’s creator Bob Kane.

  2. Ronny says

    Well,as they’ve already killed off the Superman of Earth 2, I’m doubting it will be him.

  3. says

    I got my first comic book around the age of three. With five older brothers I became the hoarder of the family saving the comics my brothers no longer wanted. By 4/5 I was an avid reader and that reading help to propel me a grade in school and taught me how to build a story line. Today our son is an avid electronic (as well as hard-copy) comic reader. He’s five and has a reading, writing and drawing level above his other kindergarten classmates – even takes Archie to school on his iPad for class reading. As a kid I would have been thrilled to see a gay comic character – I thought I was the only kid who was “queer” and felt very much an outsider. A gay comic character would have said I wasn’t alone.

    I applaud Marvel and DC comics for ‘coming of age’ and admitting gay people/characters are a major part of our world. I encourage all readers to involve yourselves and your kids, nieces, nephews and god-children in the world of comics.

  4. carl says

    Don’t think it will be a Superman, and Batman would be too obvious. “Green Arrow”, the protector of liberal causes, springs to mind.

  5. KP says

    My guess – it will be someone popular enough that non-fans can recognize the character and not quite popular enough that if DC receives any push back from fans the character can recede back into the woodwork – maybe Tim Drake or one of the Flashes. However, I do not imagine there will be much push back, considering how popular comic LGBT characters such as Batwoman, Hulkling, Wiccan, and Kevin Kellar are.

  6. JSAInfinity says

    Well, the Superman of Earth 2 just died, so that wouldn’t work very well. And before he died, he was mourning the loss of his true love, his recently deceased wife, Lois Lane.

    I am betting on the Flash or Green Lantern.

  7. Jay says

    Billy Batson, teenage alter ego of Shazam/Capt. Marvel is a popular guess right now. He’s been bullied and has a secret he hides from everybody he knows. The metaphors are all there…

  8. Hotter Perry says

    Jimmy Olsen. Cute, spunky, and easy to please.

    It does say “One of the major iconic DC characters”, not DC Comics superhero.

  9. anon says

    Superman was an alien, making his sexuality something like “exosexual”. If you consider him a superior life form then he might be a “zoophile”. There is also much speculative science regarding the dangers of trying to mate with Superman.

  10. says

    9yr Old disabled boy announces gay heroes big companies follow;–cnn-new-york-times.html

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    What you imagine can NOT be more important nor interesting than Reality. Look at “THE HUNGER GAMES”–in the FUTURE bad things happen? What about right here and now? Like Modern Day slavery.

    George gets it and hated jail-he did it because we can not tolerate DARFUR and these human rights violations. GAGA understand this-still it’s unfair to expect adults to do it alone. .

    Inhabitants of Earth open the Pandora’s Box to THE UNIVERSE. Worse THE RANGERS are saddled with the unpopular idea that heroes seldom prevail and its your mission to rise up against impossible odds. George said Darfur was his ‘biggest failure” yet it’s what meaningful people respect him for. Look at Lady GAGA having to defend Gay people. Hey GAGA one of my heroes was “BORN THAT WAY.’ The Rangers are the real world, African, Latinos & Asian & Indians. There’s THE BIG BANG MACHINE, HYPER NOVAS & THE PLANET X -all real. With the backdrop of THE RANGER-CORE having nano-technology suits from The Lost Dimension and have incredible and fun powers facing down foes that would make comic book villains cringe-perhaps even faint.

    Most stories are predictable; when’s the last time an ending surprised you? Just because you take on a fight does not assure success. Anyone that expects this to be a kiddy comic book better go buy the comics that the adults are writing.”

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    I’ve been through a lot in the last year–but as The Rangers forge ahead I go with them.

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  11. bill says

    Hey Aeylias,

    Just want you to know i CHECKED OUT YOUR SITE AND WOULD LOVE TO ORDER YOUR BOOK-The Ranger-Core-can I get it on–


  12. Tony says

    Northstar has been gay for awhile don’t know why this is news. Angel in the original X-Men was gay thats was in the 60’s.I guess this wedding’s the 1st time they’ve heard of gay superheroes but it’s nothing new.

  13. sal mott says

    Gay rights right on! i check out the ranger-core site and I for one am a fan ! Go Ranger core and super smash comixzs!!!! Kids got guts!

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  16. sally cole says

    The ranger-core looks awesome! good job for covering so much–I am glad the whole industry SEEMS to be doing a real about face!