1. says

    It will be AMAZING if he really does it. Scary, because if we were to lose the White House and there is any data suggesting it was over this issue…that would suck! But it would be so emotional if he actually does endorse marriage equality. (I suppose the professional haters would just say, “What took you so long?”)

  2. Emmy says

    It seems to me that his endorsement of marriage, if he does, would feel forced.. seeing as how the media really dug into him this week about the issue.

  3. Johnson says

    I’ve seen several sources that said the event was scheduled for 1:30 PM ET on ABC. It’s now 2:07 PM ET and it never aired. Looks like Obama chickened out at the last minute. This is hugely disappointing, but not unexpected.

  4. Gary A says

    It’s not a live interview Johnson. It’s scheduled to be on GMA tomorrow morning, but I’m sure portions of it will be leaked/released today.

  5. Leo says

    *Has nightmare vision in head of Obama losing election and this being blamed for it*

    *Predicts commenters saying “stop clutching your pearls”*


  6. KT says

    First off, I seriously doubt he is coming out for gay marriage in a pre-taped interview. I could be wrong but I doubt it. Secondly, if he does, why the f**k would he wait until AFTER the NC vote? Imagine the big difference if he came out for gay marriage on MONDAY? I’m with Pam Spaulding on this – I don’t give a crap right now.

  7. Daniel says

    I read the pundit’s quote “I think the people around him all felt there was going to come a time where he needed to do this” as a subversive way of saying “We’re noticing a drop in campaign donations from the gay community.” Although i’m sure his campaign chest is wealthy, there must have been some eyes in the party noticing the drop of “gay dollar”-contributions in their collection.

  8. says

    …………….anyone else noticing that some gay folks on here utterly have their fingers crossed that he DOESN’T support it? After all, once he does how on earth are you poor souls going to be able to say “he doens’t care about gay people?”

    oh well. not my mess. one more benefit to being a proud liberal.

  9. Kieran says

    I’m sure he’ll say the same thing that he always has – that he believe same-sex couples deserve equal rights and protections, but won’t come out and say that means full marriage equality.

  10. Malaysian Ho says

    If he loses the election over this, then it is just 1 more regular citizen supporting marriage equality, meanwhile the Mitt and Co will begin to put gays on the crucifix.

  11. BGKev says

    I’m hoping he doesn’t not because I want to say he doesn’t care, but because I want him to win re-election, and the fact is his supporting it is likely a net loser in the election right now. The people who hate us outnumber us significantly and the people who are not us but jsut like us don’t care enough to make this a litmus test issue, so it won’t sway their vote. This has the potential to take a lot of the evangelicals who can’t bring themsleves to vote for a Mormon and were planning to sit out the election out to the polls. And then Romney gets to pick the next couple of Supreme Court justices, and DOMA is safe, and Prop 8 gets upheld. And a victory that was probably about 5 years away gets pushed back a generation.

  12. ryan says

    I’m delighted and energized by this unexpected news.

    I feel he will win reelection on national security, health care and the economy, but I have to say this is a brave new world at last.

  13. dms says

    I don’t get it. The morning after a landslide defeat, 61-39, in NC, Obama will stand on an the losing side of an emotional issue. For what? Obama doesn’t make laws. Congress does. And to have a president taking the losing side of an issue that will surely galvanize conservatives, how will this help get him reelected?

    And if we don’t get him, we get mittens who has made his hatred of gays plenty clear.

  14. anthony says

    He better endorse SSM…….

    As a Yankee and married to my husband of 23 years..but who is counting…OYE

    More importantly IF ANY PERSON has a heart and viewed:
    Gay Man Marks Anniversary of Longtime Boyfriend’s Death with Devastating Account of What’s Happened Since: VIDEO

    There can be NO EXCUSE not to comfort and secure peoples lives. This is America.

  15. Pedro says

    @Ryan, you are delusional. All the data shows that he is tied with Mitt, and the economy and healthcare is a net loss for him. If he does this, it’s over! Say hello to President Romney. You people are completely divorced from reality.

  16. Polyboy says

    President Romney and a Tea Party Congress and Supreme Court.

    I hope those psychological carpenters get those closets ready. It’s going to get idological in teh ole USA.

  17. anonny6 says

    Do not let this backfire on Obama. If he comes out in support of marriage equality, we need to really work to get him a second term. Voting, time and/or money people, that’s what it will take. It will be a huge move if he does, politicians aren’t exactly known for being brave or risky. So lets all be brave and start believing in hope again.

  18. Malaysian Ho says

    For someone who has been married for 23 years, meaning you are at least 40 year old. You either let your emotions take over your reasons or you re very bmud.

  19. George says

    Might be trying to bait the Republicans into overreacting (as they love to do) and turning this election into one ALL about social issues, taking Romney’s “strength” in the economy off the table and hoping his Mormonism freaks out enough evangelicals? A risky move. But it could pay off.

  20. says

    This will definitely take some of the sting out of yesterday, if it actually happens. If it doesn’t, after all this speculation, it’ll be putting salt into the wounds.

    Let’s get it done, Mr. President! We can win on this issue today — if we have strong leadership!

  21. Aaron says

    ThinkProgress has confirmed that ABC will be airing segments of Obama’s interview on local ABC affiliates across the country at 3PM Eastern. (In 5 minutes)

  22. Jollysocks says

    I didn’t need to President to do this before the election, but if he does, all of you better shut the hell up and get behind the man and his decision RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW. I would be really surprised if he did this today — and if he does it would seem he personally can’t stand keeping the facade up — but IF HE DOES — there’s no “why did he do this” or “he’s gonna loose reelection” — there is only “Mr. President, we are 100% behind you”

  23. anthony says

    Dear Malaysianho–

    I am way over 40 and as much as I surprised that SSM HAS become an issue OVER Many Many other issues– I am facing the fact that a line has been drawn in the sand and NOW this issue needs to be resolved once and for all.

    I NEVER expected in my lifetime I could be legally married in CT. Yet it’s only Stare recognition.

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