1. SteveC says

    This man is advocating genocide.

    To burn his church down and eliminate him would be a matter of self defence before he starts building his concentration camps.

    Shame on CNN for giving a platform to this genocidal maniac.

  2. Jack M says

    There’s only one step between saying that gays should be killed and actually doing it. So, we are that close to becoming like Iran and other countries who put people to death just for being who they are.

    Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce the American Taliban!

  3. AJ says

    You are giving this nut job too much credit. His side is losing. Expect them to amp up the crazy. And expect more of this. It’s a shame that the media focuses on these line weirdos and not all those out there that are making positive steps.

  4. SteveC says

    This maniac says that the LGBT community should have nothing to fear from him?

    He he should fear the LGBT community.

    If he thinks we are going to sit idly by while he starts lobbying for concentration camps, he is very much mistaken

  5. grench says

    Closet case if I’ve ever seen one. By the way, I can’t sleep with a man as I’d sleep with a woman–the anatomy is completely different, in case you haven’t noticed.

  6. Fenrox says

    Ok, So off “topic”, Is there an amount of money this site could be getting through donations to get rid of these horrible ads and social readers?

  7. BB says

    This is a follower of Jesus? To calmly suggest that the government should kill a segment of the population (based on a line in a 2400 year old text, no less) borders on criminal. Echoes of Bosnia? Rwanda? Nazi Germany? Evil lives among us, people.

  8. Dale says

    Leviticus are laws created by man to govern man controlling the masses and the treasury. These were NOT handed down from god. The 10 commandments were given by god. No where in the big are gays condemned.

    In the new testament, Jesus gave us the beatitudes from the sermon on the mount. No where in the 8 beatitudes does it mention the persecution of gay people.

  9. VDUFFORD says

    So many of these nut cases out here its kind of shocking.This has been on the local news in Kansas and poorly reported on.There seemed to be no comments from the LGBT perspective,just this morons views.

  10. Brian Pittman says

    I have lived in East Central KS all my life and now thanks to Gestapo wannabes like this I am considering moving to a state that is a lot more tolerant and friendlier towards the Gay Community. This state is going down the tubes ever since the Right-Wing elected Sam Brownback as gov. The state gov’t wonders why every community in KS has lost people over the last 10 years…Well here is one reason why. People like him, several of our politicians, and ol Freddy Phelps make me sick to call myself a Kansan and to live in the same region of KS as those cretins.

  11. SteveC says

    Dale: “The 10 commandments were given by god.”

    Um no they weren’t.

    They were compiled by whichever fiction writer wrote that segment of the bible.

  12. Patrick Bingham says

    I think they are focusing on these stories more as a conversion method for pro-gay rights rather than anti-gay sentiments. By focusing on the religious zealots as the ‘other’, it allows for the mainstream to lend a sympathetic eye towards the gay community. People have become so areligious that fewer and fewer people will accept this sort of rhetoric as appropriate. We saw similar hostility in the south on the cusp of civil rights in 1964. Maybe now it’s finally our time? The vocative crazy could be the last stage in getting equalities on all fronts…

  13. Swiminbuff says

    I actually think it is a good idea that the media focusses on these extremists. It shows the rest of society what hate looks and acts like. I doubt too many people would want to be identified with these extremists.

  14. PING! says


  15. Miguel says

    The bible demands the death of people who work on sunday.It demands the death of disobedient teenagers.It demands the death of adulterers etc.It is amazing how people can believe in this and think that it’s okay.It’s not okay.It’s insane.God does not exist and the bible was written by primitive ruthless men.

  16. says

    dear Christians, every time you quote from Leviticus you are actually making a statement that Christ “failed” in his “sacrifice on the cross”

    just thought you should know that.

    in other news, this man has a lot of skeletons in his closet. we all know what i’m talking about.

  17. Paul B. says

    Well, it took him about 24 hours to start back-pedaling…what a surprise. Thank goodness for U-Tube. I get the feeling that there isn’t anything some crazy person won’t do for a few minutes of fame….even this.
    Of course we give it to him. On the flip side, I wonder how many good christians he alienated with these awful remarks…regardless of his motives. Give them rope…watch them hang…themselves of course!

  18. FunMe says

    These BIGOTED lunatics seem to all come from these 2 HATE groups:

    BAPTIST church
    Fundamental church

    Yup, the American Taliban.
    Time to start putting the pressures on these NOT Christian haters by yanking their tax-exempt status, starting federal investigations for inciting violence against GLBT Americans and suing them for various violations.

  19. FunMe says

    These BIGOTED lunatics seem to all come from these 2 HATE groups:

    BAPTIST church
    Fundamental church

    Yup, the American Taliban.
    Time to start putting the pressures on these NOT Christian haters by yanking their tax-exempt status, starting federal investigations for inciting violence against GLBT Americans and suing them for various violations.

  20. SayTheTruth says

    Giving such a NAZI a mere minute to express his crazy hatred is encouraging more ignorant nuts to feel entitled to spew their madness and convert that filth into “an opinion deserving of being heard”. Nope.

  21. Dave says

    In truth, wingnuts like this do us all a service by making the fringe minority religious right look like total loonies. It generates sympathy for the LGBT community amongst more normal majority mainstream citizens. Go wingnut, go!

  22. Paulette says

    How ignorant that some “religious” people pick a part out of the Bible, and choose to take it literally! The Bible was written so long ago and has had so many translations. The laws back in biblical times were based on what the profits of the time were saying, and were often based on dreams. What this guy is saying is justt plain stupid! And what should scare us all is that “religious” people like this guy is teaching children this stuff!

  23. says

    here’s the reality – it’s people like this man, and the Santorum’s of the country, the Bachmanns, the Palins, the Ted Robertsons, the Gallaghers, the Brian Browns who are responsible for the deaths of people like Tyler Clementi.

    Dharun Ravi’s bratty bigotry would have meant nothing to Clementi in a culture and country that is not overwhelmingly anti-gay – the problem is not the insecure ignorant young people , the problem is the legion of grown-adult bigots keeping bigoted culture alive and well.

  24. says

    My my, so many opinions, so few Christians. Those who actually look into the sermon that Pastor Curtis Knapp of the New Hope Baptist Church in Seneca, Kan preached will see that while he is pointing out something very specific in scripture. He is not advocating that homosexuals be hunted down and killed, only that a righteous government would impose the death penalty for homosexual behavior. Now taken by itself that does seem outrageous. But the fact is that a righteous government would also have the death penalty for adultery and fornication as well as several other crimes.

    But here is the problem. For a righteous government to exist, it would have to have been established by a righeous citizenry, hard to come by in the best of times, and certainly impossible today. This is one of the arguments against the death penalty for who has the moral authority to pass such a sentence?

    God does of course, but even as we say that, history is replete with examples of man attempting to usurp God’s judgement seat. So where God may judge righteously, man should tread lightly. We must also remember that God, whose judgement is to be feared, has provided a remedy by which we may completely escape so terrible a judgement, through the shed blood and cleansing sacrifice of his Son Jesus the Christ.

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