1. Sucks says

    I don’t like this song at all. Very plain and generic. Why can’t she do something like Aphrodite, Like a Drug, or Nu-di-ty again?

  2. Jeff says

    Chris, you’re just one of those stans who loves whatever shyt Kylie puts out just because you want to support her. But any fan being honest with themselves knows that this song is boring and does not stand out in any way. It’s totally disposable and there’s no hook.

  3. Andrew says

    As a die-hard, long-term fan (since ’87) I’ve grown bored of the music-by-numbers she’s been doing since Aphrodite. Off to listen to Impossible Princes and Kylie Minogue again.

  4. James says

    It’s amazing how flat she can sound even with a double tracked vocal playing over her actual voice.